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This character is based on the main antagonist in Lewdnar's The Sculptor
"I will kill, slay and shape society for the appeasement of Kosmos. But when will it be enough?"
―The Sculptor in a conversation with the Ghost of Kosmos, c. 428 BCE
The Sculptor
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Biographical information

c. 440s BCE
Argolis (disputed)


420s BCE
Atoll Point, Paros Island

Political information

Cult of Kosmos

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Appears in

The Sculptor

The Sculptor of the White Marble Islands was a Spartan general residing on the island of Paros, the sister-island of Naxos. He was a member of the recruitment-branch of the Cult of Kosmos, a branch named Defenders of the Cyclades. He was the sage of the Paros emissaries, being the leader of the group.

Upon the arrival of the Sculptor and his acolytes, he entered a years-long conflict with Nikias of Paros. In the end, Nikias and his son were ambushed by the Sculptor's acolytes. Nikias told his son to flee, taking an arrow for him to the chest. Nikias still survived, and was kept at the Atoll Point for half a year until he escaped with the help of misthios Kassandra. She had been hired by the daughter of Nikias to avenge him and bring an end to the Sculptor's reign of Paros.

Upon his death, the Sculptor had ruined Paros. It would take a long time for the polis to recover from the corruption and wars orchastrated by the Cult of Kosmos.


Early life[]

Little is known of the Sculptor's past until he was snatched up by the Cult of Kosmos. According to his guardian within the Cult, Chrysis, when she introduced him to the Ghost, he had wandered to her temples in Argolis. When she met him, he talked with the argolisian dialect. She took him under her wings, and wanted to train him to be the Cult's new weapon. Because she saw him as a mere tool, she didn't gave him a name. She allegedly only called him "the child".

When Chrysis found Alexios, the Sculptor was neglected and handed over to the Heroes of the Cult. Along with the warriors, he became a skilled fighter. He preferred the use of a mace.

During his many adventures with the members of the heroes, he made a fascination with clay. Statues felt abnormal to him, and he wanted to emobdy this fear to his victims. Developing his sadistic side he inherited from Chrysis, he made friends with Phidias to make relastic statues. He still added a touch of strangeness that made them feel not right by the observer. It was at this time he dubbed himself "the Sculptor", presumably being called "the child" all the way up to this point.

Peleponnesian War[]

A decisive blow[]

Having known no other life than with the Cult, being raised by the blood-thirsty Chrysis and the merciless Heroes, the Sculptor was used as a weapon on both sides of the war. The Ghost needed a weapon she could control – as she felt she had lost the control of Deimos – and so, she made use of the Sculptor wherever she needed a battle to sway in her favor to keep order in the Greek world. She did not look kindly on his passion for sculpture-making, found it an effective weapon when she needed to emphasize a message to her enemies.

When the members of the Cult was being slain by the Spartan misthios Kassandra, the Ghost saw an opportunity to create a New World Order in Greece. She therefore established the Defenders of the Cyclades. She wanted to bring the war to an end, and needed a swift victory that could end the war and the Cult in one calculated move, and in the same time have an already-established Order in the shadows of the society.

The Sculptor, working close with the Ghost of Kosmos, had been told of these plans. Even if he was vicious and cold-blooded, he needed to know how he would satisfy Kosmos. He would slay, kill and shape society until it appeased Kosmos, but he felt as if he was without a purpose if he did not know how the deiety would be pleased.

Defender of Paros[]

When Silanos of the Peleponnesian League was killed in 429 BCE, both the Sculptor and the Ghost saw an opportunity to strike. This could be a move to make their ideas a realization. Upon the death of Silanos, the sister-islands Naxos and Paros were governed in partnership by general Nikias of Paros and oligarch Timo of Naxos.

The Sculptor was instructed by the Ghost of Kosmos to regain control of the island. He managed to do so by eliminating the general of Paros, and cutting the ties with Timo. Along with a Spartan commander, the Sculptor apprehended Nikias and his son Linos while they were at the eastern beach on Paros. The commander shot an arrow into Nikias's chest, wounding him. Nikias was then brought to Atoll Point for eternal prisonment.

As the Sculptor began his reign, he became notoriously known for creating little statues of the victims he had killed, sending them to their families.

Along with him, the Ghost had arranged for a handful of new recruits she wanted to test. She assembled a group of men that had the possibility of surpassing the Sculptor should he fail, but would be killed or assigned a new mission should he succeed – being valued by their usefulness.



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