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The Watchman

Lady Concord: "The Watchman is one in his own class"
Assassin: "It's a brig with twentyfive canons!"
Lady Concord: "Don't judge him by his looks"
—Lady Concord and an Assassin discussing The Watchman

The Watchman was a brig that was used by the Templar-turned-Assassin lady Concord during her reign in the Caribbean. The Watchman was bought during the golden age of piracy by the Templar Order, to be used as a smuggler-ship for the Templar Hilary Flint. When it was used by Flint, it carried the name The Red Cross. When Flint died in 1717, the brig was supposed to be destroyed by the Assassin Order. The Assassin Mary Read used this to hunt down diverse Templars along with Anne Bonny. When the Templars executed a purge of the Caribbean Brotherhood in 1770, The Watchman was used to fighting the Templars. When lady Concord turned from the Templars, The Watchman was a perfect weapon to take down the Templars anew. In 1776, lady Concord used the network of Assassins to defend the people of Caribbean. Under the attack of Great Inagua, The Watchman was destroyed by Callum Kerr's La Grande Gazelle.