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Thomas Andrew Rother (1712-1800) was an American Assassin and member of the brotherhood from 1732 to his death in 1800. He became Mentor in 1742 at the age of 30 and held the position until his death. He is an ancestor of Jay Rother.


Early Life[]

Thomas was born on March 9th 1712 in California, to Andrew and Mary Rother. Andrew was also an Assassin, while Mary was a waitress who was originally from New York. Every male in the family was an Assassin, leading to the Rother family being a well-renowned Assassin clan. Thomas grew up on his family's large estate, which was given to them by the master when Andrew reached the rank of Mentor in 1704. His upbringing was relatively simple, and he had no idea about his father's career or the legacy that he would eventually need to uphold. All he knew was that from time to time his father would have to leave the house for business trips and wouldn't be back for a few days, and Thomas was happy with that knowledge.

Learning about the Brotherhood[]

When Thomas turned 17, his father decided to reveal his secret and tell Thomas that he was an Assassin. Thomas took this news well, and realised that it explained why his father would sometimes return from his "business trips" with various injuries, and it also explained the burn scar on his left ring finger. The only thing Thomas wanted to know was when he could join up, and the only words from his father were "soon, Thomas. Soon." Thomas would spend the next few years doing every bit of research he could on the Brotherhood, but he couldn't find much information, as they were highly secretive.

Joining the Assassins[]

On the day of Thomas' 20th birthday, Andrew woke up his son and told him to come with him. He threw him a simple white robe with a hood, as well as some string to wrap around his left wrist. While Thomas was initially confused about this, he knew exactly what it meant. It was time for him to join the Brotherhood. Andrew took him down into the basement of the house, and led him into a tunnel that joined up with the Assassins' hideout, not far from the Rother Estate. Thomas and his father walked along this tunnel until they reached the hideout, where Thomas would find the master and a few other recruits waiting for him. Andrew told his son to walk up to the council of Assassins, then took his seat at the council. Andrew conducted the ceremony, and at the end, gave Thomas his first hidden blade, with a simple leather bracer, and branded his ring finger with the Assassin seal. Thomas was now officially a qualified Assassin.

Early assassinations[]

From 1732 to 1734, Thomas was sent out to assist higher-ranked Assassins in battles as well as being tasked to assassinate minor targets. From these assassinations, Thomas climbed the Assassin hierarchy and by February 1734 had reached the rank of a Mercenary, the fifth rank in the Brotherhood. He had also tailored his initial set of robes, consisting of a basic white outer robe with red trimmings on the lapel and inside of the hood, as well as a black waistcoat underneath, loose black trousers and black leather boots.

Andrew's death[]

Around 1:00am on July 21st, 1734, Andrew left the family estate to go on a mission to track down some Templar guards nearby. When he reached his destination, he engaged the guards in a battle. However, this battle resulted in Andrew being impaled through the chest by a sword, killing him. At 2:20am, Thomas woke, feeling like something had happened to his father. He grabbed his hidden blade and leaped out the window of his room, using his Eagle Vision to trace his father's fading footsteps. When he reached the place his father had died, he found his body, lying in a pool of his own blood. Thomas fell to the floor next to his father's body and broke down in tears. He vowed to avenge his father, whatever it took.

Tracking his first target[]

After months of trying to learn who had ordered his father killed, Thomas finally received a lead in December of 1734. Now donning his father's robes, and armed with his father's sword and hidden blade, Thomas was determined to finally take his revenge. Intense months of training and preparation had honed his skills beyond what he was capable of before, now able to distinguish between targets in Eagle Vision and assassinate from hiding places. Those skills would be well-utilised in his path for vengeance.

Killing his first target[]

On January 17th, 1735, Thomas headed to the nearby royal prison to find his first target, a Spaniard by the name of Ricardo De Leon. Ricardo had been imprisoned for unrelated crimes, but luckily for Thomas this meant that he would not be able to defend himself. After taking out one of the prison guards, Thomas took his uniform and snuck into the prison. Getting to Ricardo would be a difficult task, as he had to act like a prison guard in order to not be discovered, meaning he had to check up on each prisoner individually. Eventually, he reached Ricardo's cell. Opening the cell door, he was instantly verbally abused in Spanish. He paid no attention to this and walked over to where Ricardo was sitting on his bed, and plunged his hidden blade directly in the man's jugular vein.

Ricardo's last words[]

Ricardo: An Assassin? How?

Thomas: I know what you did, Ricardo.

Ricardo: Mierda (shit), I thought I was smart about it.

Thomas: Well, you weren't. The spirit of my father lives on in me.

Ricardo: I accept my fate. I had it coming to me.

Thomas: If you acknowledge any gods, may they be kind to you. Rest in peace.

After killing Ricardo, Thomas placed his body on his bed in a way that made it look like he was sleeping. He took the Assassin pendant that Ricardo was wearing and searched his room for any other reasons as to why his father was killed. He found an old letter under the bed, addressed to Ricardo from someone named Juan. That would be Thomas' next lead.


Now knowing there was more to his father's death than it seemed, Thomas would once again have to prepare for anything. He would spend the next few weeks tailoring robes more suited to his tastes, robes that would serve him for a long time. By February 28th, 1735, Thomas' robes would be complete. This new set of robes was royal blue, with darker blue trimmings on the lapel, along with a brown leather waistcoat and a leather shoulderpad on his right shoulder, connected by a leather belt that went around Thomas' entire torso. This was paired with a pair of loose-fitting brown trousers and brown leather boots, as well as a gold-plated hidden blade on a steel bracer with the Assassins' logo carved into it.

Tracking Juan[]

On March 2nd, Thomas would set out on his quest to hunt down the man named Juan who had sent the letter to Ricardo. The only thing he knew was that the man was a Spaniard and a Templar. Over the next week, Thomas would ask around various places to see if anyone knew who Juan was. His efforts were fruitless. This forced him to reread the letter from Juan. There was one word that stood out to him immediately. "Brother" This was a big clue. All Thomas had to do was find where a man named Juan de Leon was staying. On March 11th, Thomas finally located Juan's whereabouts. He was staying in a house near the port, waiting for a ship bound for Mexico. Now was Thomas' chance.

Killing Juan[]

On the night of March 11th, Thomas snuck into the port, which was guarded by Templar guards. Not a surprise, as Juan was most likely expecting this exact thing to happen. After sneaking through groups of guards, Thomas finally managed to make his way into the house Juan was staying in. Juan was in his room, completely unaware of what was about to happen to him. Thomas quietly plunged his hidden blade into Juan's neck, and set him down in a nearby chair.

Juan's last words[]

Juan: So, Assassin, you found me too?

Thomas: It wasn't difficult. Your brother shouldn't have left that letter lying around.

Juan: That idiota (idiot)! I thought I told him to burn the letter when he was done reading it!

Thomas: Well maybe he should have done that before he was thrown into prison.

Juan: My brother? In prison? I knew he was a fool since childhood.

Thomas: Do you have any other names? Who else was involved in this?

Juan: Those British twins...the Morgans.

Thomas: You did the right thing by telling me their names. May God have mercy on your soul. Rest in peace.