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Thomas White
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Biographical information

March 3 1835, "The Community", Maryland


1907, Chicago, Illinois

Political information

Assassin Order

Real-world information
"I consider myself a 'cowboy assassin.' I look like a cowboy, I speak like a cowboy and I named my horse Cowboy. My weapons? Two of them are made by cowboys but the other, not made by a cowboy. These blades on my wrist are made by the Assassins. "
―Thomas to Abraham Lincoln about his personal opinion.

Thomas White (1835-1907), better known as Tom was a member of the Assassin Order who fought in the American Civil War and becoming a gunslinger in later years.


Early Life[]

"I spent my childhood learning how to fight, shoot and learning the ways of an Assassin. The training was hard but it turns out it was worth it. There were days where I felt nothing but anger towards my father as he was the one who trained my siblings. My father was not surprised about my anger. He said it was "natural" and someday I'll thank him for all the training."
―Thomas writing about his childhood in his memoir.

Thomas was born in a small but stable community of Assassins on March 3 1835, as the first son and eldest child of Carl and Anne White. Thomas grew up in the community along with his siblings and other children and spent his childhood training to become an Assassin. Thomas and the children at the community trained under Carl's supervision, which proved hard and difficult. Unlike the children who followed Carl's instructions, Thomas acted very rebellious toward his father and had arguments which happened rather frequently. In response, Carl made Thomas train a lot harder than expected. In later years, Thomas realized that all the hard training he had done were highly rewarding and his father did the right thing. The father and son would eventually put their differences aside.


One night, Thomas noticed people walking towards the community in a distance. Suspicious, Thomas used his gift and notices the people are coloured red. Thomas immediately informed his father and Carl told Thomas to retrieve his weapons and protect the residents. While Carl and some of the residents handle the enemies, Thomas arms himself and helps the residents hide.

Later life[]



Thomas was born into the Order like all his family and was raised to their beliefs. As a child, Thomas was rebellious and quick to anger which caused frequent problems between him and his father. He heavily disliked the training and was unable to understand about why he had to become an Assassin. As a teenager, Thomas realized the whole purpose of becoming an Assassin and felt ashamed for being so ignorant though was assured it was not his fault for his behavior in the past.

Smart, clever but reckless yet brave, Thomas does not back down a fight and is confident when facing enemies and when fighting, he frequently taunts his oppenents.

Equipment and skills[]

Trained as an Assassin since childhood, Thomas was proficient in the basic skills such as eavesdropping and pickpocketing. Thomas possessed the rare extra-sensory ability known as Eagle Vision. Thomas was a skilled swordsman, fist fighter, freerunner and a sharpshooter as he is able to pick a target easily from a distance. In later years, Thomas was able to dual wield proficiently. As firearms are growing popular in his time, Thomas uses twin Colt 1851 Navy Revolvers with an Assassin insignia engraved on both grips though Thomas kept two hidden blades and a shortsword.

In terms of clothing, Thomas wore a coffee colored button shirt, black trousers, black boots, brown leather coat, as well as a thin red sash fastened with an Assassin insignia. Thomas discarded the use of a hood and instead favors a brown cowboy hat with a feather placed on top.