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Tobias Eversfield
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Biographical information

19th October 1994
Canterbury, United Kingdom

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Real-world information
"A hard fought victory is supposed to be the sweetest of all. No a hard fought victory costs lives. But this fight worth fighting. If we don't fight it, if we don't risk everything then we all fall to the slavery of the Templars. That is why the assassins fight. That is why I fight."
―Toby to Ilona McVey

Tobias 'Toby' Eversfield (1994-) was an British Assassin who operated during the 21st Century. His ancestors include Assassins and Templars both who have found themselves involved in the shaping of the modern era. His ancestors include Oliver Wright, Victoria Allen and Alexander Turner.

Toby's origins into the brotherhood was through chance. At the young age of 6 he discovered his uncle's secret study once discovered by his uncle he unofficially began training alongside him. During the Great Purge, his uncle quickly went into hiding. Noting the need for assassins of the future, Toby was taken with his uncle into hiding where he finished his training in a hidden facility in the Highlands of Scotland. Inducted into the brotherhood formally on his 18th Birthday, Toby was assigned to the Assassin Animus 2.0 project and to date has lived through the lives of three of his ancestors in doing so has witnessed the War of the Sixth and Seventh Coalition, American Civil War and finally the Burma front of the Second World War.

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