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Anyone may use this ability for their characters, but be sure to follow the rules: wiki's and this mechanic's.

"Kill three targets at once. Do note that this techinque is highly limited, and is not of low profile."
―Skill description

Triple Assassination is an advanced assassination technique. As the name suggests, it allows the user to take down three nearby targets at a time.


Triple Assassination can only be preformed when the user has two Hidden Blades, one on each arm, and is currently equipping one-handed sword or dagger, and have it drawn out. The move is initiated by the user running towards the targets, and after gaining enough speed before reaching the targets, execute the "Kill" command.

The move appears as the user stabbing the first two targets, the one in middle and the left, with sword and left hidden blade, respectively. The user then release the sword and activate the second hidden blade, cutting the third and final target. The user then recover the sword from the first corpse.


Due to the move being highly lethal, it has several drawbacks. Firstly, the initiation requires a high-profile setup, so it is not completely stealth. Second, the technique is ground-limited. It cannot be used in conjunction with Air Assassinations, or any other non-ground variants.