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Troy Mercer
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Post-coma Troy
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October 20 1995

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"That woman, she is important to me....I will protect her"

- Troy, after waking up from coma

Troy Mercer is an Assassin who lost his memory due to unknown circumstances and is currently working as a bodyguard to Rochelle Santy and also as an Assassin to the KKK Assassin's. A prodigy of sorts Troy easily learned the ways of the assassin and was already a Master Assassin 6 months prior from his awakening from coma.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Troy's early life aside from his memory of a girl named Rochelle Santy in which he decided to work as a bodyguard while doing his Assassin duties and since the world knows him as a dead man Troy undergone plastic surgery to have a new identity.