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“You cannot even begin to comprehend the true purpose of the human race. Why? Have you ever noticed that people seem to not know what their direction in life is? That they fail to realize their true purpose for living. If only...if only I could guide them. Just like my beloved and I and other members of our society once did, a long time ago…”  

- Edwards to a trusted friend

Truman Edwards was an American businessman and Sage who operated in Detroit, Michigan from the 1870's to the 1890's. The owner of a successful industrial business, Truman was a pillar of the community, and was highly regarded as a generous man by the citizens of the city. His company, Detroit Ironworks, often had numerous American American workers employed within it's factory, which was considered controversial at the time.

However, Truman regarded every worker as equal in his eyes, no matter what race or nationality they were, and this helped him to become extremely popular with those who worked under him.

Although, Truman's focus and attention soon began to drift significantly towards something besides his company . Something that no one else but Edwards was able to understand.

Confiding in a trusted one afternoon during a gathering of the Detroit Club, Edwards began to enigmatically speak of the visions and the voices that he had he seeing and hearing within his mind. His friend sat there perplexed as Truman explained to him that "humanity is not able to comprehend what it's true purpose was" and that he "wished he was able to assist it in being able to do so, similar to what he and his beloved did far in the past" .

Originally believing that Truman was going insane, the businessman tried to get Truman to seek help at a nearby mental institution. However, the pair were soon intercepted by an Assassin by the name of Martin Wymond, who had infiltrated the club in order to search for clues as to the identity of members of the Templars who also had membership in The Detroit Club.

Instantly recognizing what it it was that Truman was, Martin explained to the businessman and his friend about the secret war between the Assassins and Templars, and confirmed that Truman was a Sage of the Precursor Aita. Upon learning all that Martin told them, Truman and his friend both decided to become allies of the brotherhood, as they both agreed that humanity should be allowed to possess their own free will.