Turkish Board of Directors
Turkish Board of Directors
Organizational information

Shamar al-Djin

Leader's title

Lord Director





Related organizations

The Turk

Historical information
Date formed


Date collapsed


Additional information
Notable members

David al-Djin
Ghufran Karimi
Joséph Iscariotte
Marguerite Murat
Shamar al-Djin

The Turkish Board of Directors (also named The Board) was the position given to the leaders of the trading company The Turk. A member of The Board has the supervision of transactions or economic efforts for The Turk.

Positions Edit

Lord Director Edit

There has been only one Lord Director at the Turkish Board of Directors: Shamar al-Djin. In the position of Lord Director, one has the role to make orders and make The Turk grow.

Lord Director at collapse: Shamar al-Djin

Marketing Director Edit

The role of the Marketing Director is to provide with commercial in other parts of the world, and by this: travel around the world and gain money to The Turk.

Marketing Director at collapse: David al-Djin

Director of the Sea Edit

As a Director of the Sea, one are supposed to be the one carrying out the transactions of The Turk. As this type of Director, one has the whole fleet to their disposal – making it easy to achieve their goal.

Director of the Sea at collapse: Ghufran Karimi

Director of Resources Edit

As the Director of Resources, one have the responsibility to obtain resources for the rest of the company. As this type of Director, one are not bound to one location, and has the company's own military force and street gang at his or her's disposal – and use it as it pleases them, as long as resources needed to carry out transactions are provided.

Director of Resources at collapse: Marguerite Murat

Templar Director Edit

Being the Templar Director, means that one needs to make sure The Turk does not go against the Templars' ideals. In this position, one also needs to make sure the Templars' Inner Sanctum are pleased; this means that they are updated on what is going on in their goldmine.

Templar Director at collapse: Joséph Iscariotte

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