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"Cap'ain, Ante Deu!"

-Phrase used by pirates on ships when the USS Maria was spotted in the distance.

The USS Maria when owned under Patrick Maguire

The USS Maria (built 1722) was a legendary French-made U.S Navy second-rate Man of War Captained by Patrick "Dropkick" Maguire of the Sicari Di Bronte Di Templari and Templars in the Americas. It was the flagship of the Sicarus Fleet of the 18th and 19th century. She was also a powerful French vessel although was not a flagship, but a royal convoy. By her sinking in 1817, she was rumored to have sunk at least 387 ships bearing allegiance to the Royal Navy, Spanish Navy, Pirates and the Assassin Fleet.


Golden Age of Piracy[]

Dear Governor Rogers,

Captain Nathanael Joseph Kennedy, myself, write this acknowledging that this letter could be possibly be my last. But, if thine were honest: We could come out of this in existence. HMS Switchblade hath survived typhoons and crapulous privateers. The Mayan Gold must reach thee in Kingston. If we want to eliminate these damned pirates, thou must receive this treasure intact, pure and in British hands. When ye receive this letter- in a mediocre amount of time, I could very well be dead. May God be with ye. Thy Sincerely,

Governor Samuel Caligula Woodes Octavio Rogers

It was time to sail the grand galleon down to Kingston. If they stayed in the middle of the nowhere for much longer, they would be fired. Governor Rogers needed the gold, but did not receive it. Captain Kennedy stood at the wheel, and led the the ship around Great Inagua. The sky was like a second sea, and rain filled the top deck. When the HMS Switchblade turned around Tortuga, the sailors spotted a corvette in the rain. The flag was blue, white and red, and now it had located HMS Switchblade as their next prey. All Englishmen stood by their cannons, and were ready to fire at the enemy. Captain Kennedy gave order to shoot, but the french corvette was fast and nimble so soon their broadsides destroyed the British ship. The British could not prevent their ship being incapacitated. The Captain of the french ship, Jean D'andorre, came up from the lower deck, came forth and neutralised Kennedy. The french ship was struck by a waterspout, and so the captain concluded that he would take the Switchblade and rename the ship the Deus Dimitte Illis. Throughout the Golden Age of Piracy, the Deus Dimitte Illis sank numerous Pirate, Spanish, British, Dutch and Portuguese vessels. She assisted the French Navy in the way of attempting to defeat a famed assassin, Adéwalé. Jean used it to sail to other islands as a trading convoy; she also pursued the naval forts in the Caribbean Sea. Since the Experto Crede did not attempt to capture such forts, Jean D'andorre soon captured them.

Thomas Maguire[]

Jack Sparrow's ship, The Black Pearl

From 1747, Deus Dimitte Illis was regularly attacked by Pirates. It helped many, many ships which were after the Experto Crede, outraged by her slave-friendly ways. The Pirate Republic was tired of the Deus Dimitte Illis' kerfuffle, and gave her a bounty of 100 Spanish Reales. Jack Sparrow, the pirate lord who set the bounty, searched for the Deus Dimitte Illis for many weeks; on a mission to retrieve a Piece of Eden, Sparrow's ship, The Black Pearl, surrounded the Deus Dimitte Illis with three other allied British pirates. Deus Dimitte Illis sank the three of the Pirate ships and the Black Pearl defeated the Deus Dimitte Illis. She boarded the Deus Dimitte Illis, and Jack killed the French navy sailors. The slaves found aboard were liberated and joined the Maroon Rebellion. Now the Deus Dimitte Illis was under the control of the Pirates, given to Thomas Maguire, and renamed the Queen Mary. it then came under command of the Sicarus Fleet.

Thomas captained the Queen Mary for the next twenty-six years, assembling a large, though unknown crew of sailors and she became one of the strongest ships in the Caribbean. During this time, Jack sailed the Queen Mary around the Americas, including several areas which were uncharted at the time. Later on, he learned of a mysterious unnamed island, and lead his crew there. However, once he told his crew of the island's contents, a piece of Eden, the crew were awed and amazed so continued on to the island. Thomas' brother, Patrick grew mortally ill and unexpectedly passed away. Cautious of what could happen to them if they continued, and carefully went on to the island and treasure within.

Tragedy on the Island[]

When they arrived however, many of the crew fell very ill and were forced to go back aboard. Since most of the crew were back on the Queen Mary, only Captain Maguire went ashore. Re-checking the treasure map, Thomas was summoned to the inner caves. Looking around the room, he spotted the Apple and an book cover, which read: Diary of Captain N. Kennedy. Picking up the cover,as if to get a closer look, Captain Maguire died on the spot. Discovering this, they decided to attempt to reclaim all 439 pages of Kennedy's diary, having no luck because of when returning to the ship, they were all dueled and killed by a group of undead, cursed soldiers bearing British uniforms. Although The Queen Mary herself was indeed cursed, she was still one of the most excellent ships in the Caribbean. Due to him being in the general vicinity at the time, Callum Kerr found and escorted the ship to its captain's former home in Ireland, greeting Thomas Maguire's son, Patrick (aged 15 at the time), saying, "Sir, your father would send his regards. God be with you."

Purge of the Caribbean[]

Knowing that he mustn't dishonour his late father, Patrick proudly set sail for the the Caribbean, arriving in 1776. With the purge already in peak (its last year), Patrick met up with some Templar sailors who quickly decided to join his crew, wanting to because of the already numeral myths and legends which had reached them through conversations at public houses. When the sailors came aboard they were simply impressed by the sheer size of the legendary vessel, telling Captain Maguire of their liking of the tremendous ship. The newly-formed crew set off immediately to take down their first target: a large brig of feeble armaments. When Patrick and his crew incapacitated the brig, they discovered it was a French convoy and boarded it. Killing the entirety of the crew in less than five minutes, Patrick euthanized the French captain by giving him a firm dropkick to the chest, therefore obtaining his nickname, Dropkick Maguire. Maguire would go on to sail her impressively well over her last four decades of service. At some point around the war of 1812 and approximately 170 sunken vessels recorded, Patrick had over time made himself a Master Templar and advisor to Angelo Bronte I. . On the evening of the his arrival, his ship was nominated to become part of the U.S Navy and the newly-formed Knights Fleet. Patrick knew that Liam Cormac would never accept a pirate ship in his fleet. Patrick did therefore once more name her under a different name, the USS Maria.

Later Time[]

In the Continental Navy the USS Maria was lead by Patrick Maguire on her routes to other parts of the new worlds, aiding the Templars, Knights Fleet and Sicarus Fleet. The great galleon cleared the way to different parts of the world to spread the Templars' influence. Accidentally, the USS Maria once sank a large ship of the line from Napoli, the Sicarus Fleet's headquarters. Patrick regretted this for life.

One of the many missions Patrick did for the Knights Fleet was to escort a litre of shadow gold from a cove in Cuba, to Great Inagua. Patrick and his newly-wedded 23-year-old wife traveled across the seven seas for a long period until their ship was attacked by the Assassins Fleet, killing her in the process. She put up a legendary fight, one that could be held by ten legendary ships, but with all the shadow gold for the Templars, she had to be moved carefully. The entirety of the Assassins Fleet made the USS Maria suffer from the large fleet's broadsides. The old goliath was no match, and fell to the Assassins' theoretical hidden blade. The litre jar of shadow gold sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and the once almighty, formidable and feared ship was no more than a pile of timber on the sea floor. It later washed up in its correct location of Great Inagua in 1820. it is widely known that Patrick was strangely not found aboard.


Under French Control[]

  • Comte Jean D'andorre (1724-1747)
  • Unknown Sailors (1724-1747)

In the Maguire Family[]

  • Thomas "L'Pre" Maguire, Captain (1748-1774)
  • Patrick Maguire, uncle of Patrick, Quartermaster (1748-1771)
  • Unknown Templar Crew (1748-1774)

Under Patrick Maguire[]

  • Patrick "Dropkick" Maguire, Captain (1774-1817)
  • Unknown Templar Crew (1774-1817)


  • Historically, the USS Maria is far more famous and legendary than both of its Captains.
  • The USS Maria was a 100-gun second-rate Man O' War, unlike its mythical counterpart which was a 200-gun first-rate Ship Of The Line, with a naval ram, which would not be possible.
  • The USS Maria was the first ship of the Sicarus Fleet to do two things: attack a Neapolitan Ship and be captained by a half-Irish immigrant.