"Initially, I condemned all men with pale skin but as I grew I learned that people are not born racist or oppressive but they are taught it. With my mission to liberate slaves over, I have a new enlighten everyone that we are all human beings, that we are all equal and we all deserve to be free, to be at peace. Peace is not something to be forced upon but to be educated. "
―Ugochukwu, 1866
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July 4 1840
Aba, Abia, Nigeria

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American Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Salvation

Ugochukwu (1840 - unknown) also known by the nickname of Ugo was a freed slave and Master Assassin of the American Brotherhood of Assassins as well as a member of the Ngwa people, a subgroup of the Igbo people during the mid-19th century.

Ugo played a major role during the American Civil War, helping the Union Army win many of their battles and ultimately the war. During the war, Ugo also weakened the Templar influence in America during the time period. He is an ancestor of Modern day Assassin Horatio Pierce through the paternal line.

In 1866, an Isu revealed to Ugo that he was a descendant of the human-Isu hybrid Adam.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Ugo was born in Aba, Abia, Nigeria to the Ngwa people.His father was a great warrior, Emeka and his mother was Anwulichukwu.

As a boy, his father trained him in slight combat as well as freerunning and hunting.

In 1848, at the mere age of eight. Ugo asked a fellow villager and hunter, Chenwe to accompany him outside the village and help him hunt for food to impress his father, Emeka. Although, Chenwe knocked Ugo unconscious and kidnapped him.

Chenwe took the young Ngwa to the Bight of Biafra, a principal area in obtaining Igbo slaves. Chenwe sold Ugo to an owner of a slave ship. Ugo was crammed on a slave ship full of African slaves. After 8 excruciating weeks of sailing through Middle Passage, the slave ship arrived in the United States, due to being treated terribly by slavers, Ugo was weak and malnourished.

Life as a slave Edit

Upon arriving on port Ugo was cleaned up, fed and hydrated and sent to be auctioned off. During the auction, not many people wanted to buy a child slave although a man offered to pay high money for Ugo and he was sold almost immediately.

After signing the paper work, the man introduced himself to Ugo as Bartholamew Abrams and asked Ugo what his name was. The frightened and distraught Ugo stated that Bartholomew was supposed to give him a name, Bartholomew rebuffed this and stated that Ugo was not his property and that he bought Ugo to in fact free him. Confused by this, Ugo wanted to know what he meant, Bartholomew promised to explain once they return to his homestead.

At the Abrams Homestead, Bartholomew revealed to Ugo that he came from a Brotherhood of Assassins that dedicated their lives to preserving humankind's free will, including colored individuals. Bartholomew went on to state that the Assassins free and train slaves all over America, Ugo would go on to ask if he didn't agree to become an Assassin would he still free him, Bartholomew confirms that he would. The eight year old, Ugo asks that if he is trained by Bartholomew will he be able to free slaves, Bartholomew confirms this once more. With this information, Ugo asks to be trained as an Assassin.

Training as an Assassin Edit

"I trained for ten years after that, it was hard and grueling but I knew it'd all be worth it in the end. Bartholomew taught me to fight, to read and to write. He also taught me the history of the Assassins and Templars. From learning this, I've come to the conclusion the Templars must be stopped at any cost."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1858
Ugochukwu nineteen

Ugo at age nineteen, 1859

For the next ten years, not only did Bartholomew train Ugo in stealth, freerunning, pickpocketing, eavesdropping and combat but he also taught Ugo to read and write as well as the history of the Assassin and Templar conflict.

In 1858, now a freeman, Ugo and Bartholomew went into the city for supplies. While Bartholomew is in a nearby shop, Ugo waits behind where he encounters two young men roughly the same age as him. They make a snide comment about slavery which he rebuffs by stating he is a free man, the two men not believing this decide to insult Ugo and slaves in general. Angering him, Ugo attacks the two men and enters a street brawl, although because of his 10 years of training by Bartholomew, Ugo easily beat them and broke one of the men's arms. Suddenly, one of the men pulls a knife out but Ugo is ready to disarm and beat this person but the brawl is stopped police. The police attempt to arrest Ugo but Bartholomew stops them and states Ugo is a free man and was trying to defend himself.

Returning to the homestead, Bartholomew scolds Ugo and tells him he won't always be there to bail him out. Ugo states that they were asking for it, they insulted him and his people, Bartholomew takes a huge sigh. Ugo asks what's wrong to which Bartholomew responds stating that he had considered formally inducting Ugochukwu into the Assassins but seeing as he's s still quick to anger and impatient maybe Ugo wasn't ready. Ugo went on to apologize to Bartholomew and promised to be better.

In 1859, after a year of more training. Ugo proved himself to Bartholomew, Ugo was inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood. That same day, Bartholomew showed a list of Templars who opposed the freedom of slaves, the list consisted of Robert S. Garnett, Albert Sidney Johnston, Stonewall Jackson, John H. Morgan and A.P. Hill as well as the Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius, these were to be Ugo's targets if he wanted to free slaves.

Freeing the oppressed Edit

"While I had my targets, they would have to wait. I could not stand by any longer and watch my people suffer and die. I had to help them."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1860
In 1859, while still green, Ugo made it his top priority to free as many slaves whenever he could. Ugo would crash slave auctions, kill the slavers and free the slaves, through Bartholomew and the Assassins Ugo would also provide safe passage for the slaves to flee the State or the country if they wished. Ugo would also infiltrate slave cargo ships alongside other Assassins, assassinate the sailors and leave the ship in the hands of slaves for wherever they wanted to go.

Ugo's actions caught the attention of the abiltionist, John Brown. Brown asked to seek an audience with Ugo, while feeling cautious toward a Caucasian man he met with Brown nonetheless. Brown informed Ugo that he had planned on raiding Harpers Ferry and that he wanted Ugo to help him. Initially feeling unsure of this but with some words of convincing from Brown, Ugo agreed to aid him.

From October 16, 1859, the raid began. Ugo accompanied Brown and his party to the town of Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Brown detached a party under John Cook Jr. to capture Colonel Lewis Washington, great-grandnephew of George Washington. Ugo was apart of Brown's main party which captured several watchmen and townspeople in Harpers Ferry. Ugo and the party needed to capture the weapons and escape before word could be sent to Washington. The raid was going well for Ugo and Brown's men. They cut the telegraph wire and seized a Baltimore & Ohio train passing through. A free black man was the first casualty of the raid. Hayward Shepherd, an African-American baggage handler on the train, confronted the raiders; they shot and killed him. For some reason, Brown let the train continue, and the conductor alerted the authorities down the line. Brown had been sure that he would win the support of local slaves in joining the rebellion, but a massive uprising did not occur, because word had not been spread about the uprising, so the slaves nearby did not know about it. Although the white townspeople soon began to fight back against the raiders, Brown's men succeeded in capturing the armory that evening.

Although after witnessing Brown's decision making, Ugo believed Brown to be incompetent which led him to abandon the raid. On October 19, 1859, Ugo learned of Brown's capture. A few months later, Ugo continued liberating slaves.

In 1860, Ugochukwu met Frederick Douglass an escaped slave and an ally of the Assassins through Bartholomew. Ugo and Douglass fell in well due to their slave backgrounds and education, Douglass informed Ugo of the upcoming president election between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas which Ugo was already aware of. Ugo was a supporter of Lincoln due to his wanting to abolish slavery although he was displeased that he didn't believe blacks should not share the same rights as whites. Douglass believed Lincoln was the right step to freeing the oppressed to which Ugo agreed, because of this Douglass believed that the Templars would try to put a stop to Lincoln and elect someone who would vote to let the Atlantic slave trade continue. Realizing where this conversation was going, Ugo stated that Douglass wanted him to keep an eye on Lincoln in case the Templars would try anything.

American Civil War Edit

Baltimore Plot Edit

"I have discovered a plot, a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. While I do not care much for the man, he is the next step to ensuring my people's freedom. I must find this assassin."
―Ugochukwu, December 1860

In November of 1860. Ugo was assigned an assassination target, upon completing this task Ugo found a letter on the Templar's body, the letter read that the Templars had planned to assassinate the newly elected President Lincoln at his inauguration in February, the Templar's appointed assassin in the letter went by the name of Robert Loch. Ugo returned to the Homestead and told Bartholomew this.

The next day, Bartholomew informs Lincoln via letter that there was a plot to assassinate him at his inauguration. This left Lincoln on high alert, Lincoln decided to take an alternate route to his inauguration and sent letters to his closest confidants including Bartholomew stating that his initial route through Bellaire, Ohio onto Wheeling West Virginia eastward, was subsequently rerouted up through the Pittsburgh vicinity through Pennsylvania, into Maryland and eventually to Washington. Ugo stated that he would tail Lincoln to make sure he makes it on time.

On February 23, 1861. Ugo tailed Lincoln to the train station on the rooftops of the city while also keeping an eye out for Robert Loch, Lincoln reached the train station with no problems although Ugo was still unconvinced of his safety. Ugo hid on the roof of one of the train carriages and awaited Loch, after twenty minutes or so, he finally found Loch making his way to Lincoln's carriage.

Ugo burst through the train window and pins Loch to the ground, asking how he knew of Lincoln's whereabouts, Loch states that the Templars are everywhere and managed to intercept Lincoln's letters. Ugo then tries to assassinate Loch, Loch was a tall and brutish man and because of this he grabbed Ugo's wrist, stopping Ugo from stabbing him and headbutted him. This dazed Ugo and didn't give him enough time to react to Loch's next attack, Loch shoulder barged him into the carriage door which cracked the glass before picking up Ugo by his throat. Ugo attempted to punch Loch multiple times in the face to daze him but to no avail, Ugo then used his Hidden Blade to stab Loch's arm, enraged Loch throws Ugo to the other side of the carriage.

Now free of Loch's clutches, Ugo gathers his breath and pulls out he kukri blade. Ugo attacks Loch, the two engage in a fight that lasts a few minutes with Loch managing to narrowly avoid Ugo's attacks and Ugo having to use his surroundings against Loch. Ugo manages to slide under and between Loch's legs and stands behind him before stabbing him in the back of his throat with his Hidden Blade.

Ugo uses this as his chance to interrogate the dying Loch. Loch laughs at Ugo's futile efforts and states while he and the Assassins have been freeing slaves that the Templars have been planning something big, Ugo asks what this is to which Loch reveals that the Templars have been manipulating the Southern States to secede from the Northern States for years. Ugo asks what this has to do with the slaves, Loch states that the slaves and many other things were used as a way to manipulate the Southern States into seceding, Loch goes on to further say that the Templars plan on using the Confederacy to go to war with the Northern States and in the chaos they will be in control of the American population. After revealing this information, Loch succumbs to his wounds.

Crystal Ball Edit

"I am...confused. A precursor came to me and told me of my destiny...that of partaking in a war, winning it and ensuring my descendant's existence."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1861

In March of 1861. Ugo infiltrated a slave ship, while freeing the slaves he discovered a Crystal Ball. Planning to return it to Bartholomew, it dissolved in his hand and he began talking to a member of the Isu in the Nexus. The Isu informed Ugo that he anchored an important individual, the Isu then went on to explain that a war was coming and that if Ugo wanted to free his people, he must partake in the war and ensure the victory of the North. When he does this, he will ensure that his descendant will be able to fulfill his destiny.

And with this, the Isu vanished and Ugo had returned to the natural plain.

Battle of Philippi Edit

By April 1861, the news of the outbreak of the American Civil War spread across the United States. This news would eventually reach the ears of Ugo, Bartholomew and the Assassins. Between April and June, Ugo and the Assassins joined the Union Army in the war although Ugo's main reason for joining the Union was because of the message from the Isu a month before.

On June 2, Ugo and the Union columns set off to converge on Philippi. After an overnight march in rainy weather, both arrived at Philippi before dawn the following morning. A Confederate sympathizer, Mrs. Thomas Humphreys, saw the approaching Union troops and sent her young son on horseback to warn the Confederates. As Mrs. Humphreys watched, she saw Ugo capture her son and fired her pistol at him. She missed, but her shots began the attack prematurely.

The Union attackers began firing their artillery while Ugo charged into the battlefield, taking cover behind various rocks, this awakened Confederate soldiers from slumber. Those who were armed fired a few shots at Ugo and the advancing bluecoats, then Southerners broke and began running to the south, some still in their bed clothes. Col. Dumont's soldiers entered the town from the bridge but Kelley's column had arrived from the north on the wrong road and were unable to block the Confederate retreat. Col. Kelley himself was shot while pursuing some of the retreating Confederates, but Ugo chased down and captured the man who shot Kelley. The Confederates then retreated to Huttonsville.

Aiding Iona MoartzEdit

"I aided fellow Assassin Iona Moartz. She was searching for something called the Source. Though she did not get the information she needed I offered my assistance if she ever needed it. She is a remarkable woman. I am interested in her."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1861

On June 13 1861, the Assassin Iona Moartz contacted Ugo asking him to aid her in a lead to a Piece of Eden. Ugo agreed to aid her and met with her in the Frontier. Upon her arrival, Iona revealed to Ugo the existence of the Sources of Eden and that a Templar by the name of John Godfrey knew of its whereabouts. Ugo stated that he did some digging and that Godfrey was located at a fort south of where they are.

On the way to Godfrey, Ugo developed an interest in Iona. With the two both being former slaves and members of the Assassins, only she could know of his struggle and how he was feeling, Iona seemed to be the one of the only people, other than Bartholomew, he had an affinity for. Iona went on to comment of how she was aware of Ugo's work liberating the slaves and partaking in the current Civil War, she lamented that she wished she could be doing the same only that she had to search for the Source. Ugo went on to say that someone had to do it but if it wasn't him he'd be glad if it were her to liberate slaves in his stead.

The two eventually arrived to Godfrey's fort. The two hid in some bushes and noticed that slaves were being used for labor in the camp, Iona noticed that Ugo was visibly irritated by this and told him she will be fine obtaining the information from Godfrey, Ugo realized that she was telling him to go and liberate the slaves. Iona then snuck off in the direction of Godfrey's quarters, Ugo then snuck his way to the labor camp and stealthily assassinated the guards guarding the labor camp. Ugo told the slaves to be silent before making sure the coast was clear, he then broke the slaves' chains and told them they were free.

After this, Ugo noticed Iona leaving Godfrey's quarters. Iona informed Ugo that Godfrey was dead, Ugo asked if she got the information she needed to which Iona declined. She went on to say the only information she obtained was that the Source was with the Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius and that he was out of the country searching for a precursor site. This led Ugo to come to the conclusion that not even the other Templars are aware of his whereabouts.

Before parting ways, Ugo wished Iona all the best in her search and that he would contact her if he discovers anything new as well as telling her to contact him if she needed his aid once more. Iona thanked Ugo for aiding her and told him to continue being the hope for their people that no one else was, she kissed him on the cheek before leaving. From this moment on and for the first time in his life, Ugo was infatuated a woman.

From 1861 to 1865, Ugo and Iona kept in contact via letter and met up from time to time.

Battle of Corrick's FordEdit

On July 13 1861, Ugo aided the Union army in the Battle of Corrick's Ford mainly to assassinate one of his Templar targets Robert S. Garnett. Ugo led the charge to overtake Garnett's rear guard in Cheat River. Garnett personally directed the rear guard of the Confederate skirmishers in order to delay the Union attack. He soon withdrew to another ford a mile or two farther away. The running skirmish resumed and as Garnett again prepared to retreat, a Ugo stealthily air assassinated him from a tree, killing him instantly.

With their commander dead, the Confederates fled. A friend in the Union Army recovered Garnett's body after the battle. He was the first general officer killed in the Civil War and the first Templar target killed by Ugo.

Battle of ShilohEdit

A year later on April 5 1862, the Union army requested aid in the Battle of Shiloh and informed him that Albert Sidney Johnston would be there. Ugo rode to Hardin County in the morning on April 6 where he met with Major General Ulysses S. Grant. Suddenly a massive surprise attack from the Confederates was launched on the Union army. The Confederate assault, despite its shortcomings, was ferocious, causing some of the numerous inexperienced Union soldiers in Grant's new army to flee to the river for safety. Ugo and the other remaining soldiers fought well, but were forced to withdraw under strong pressure from the Confederates, and attempted to form new defensive lines.

Eventually, the Confederate assault began to slow down due to the resistance by Ugo and the other Union soldiers. To their luck, due to disciplinary problems as the army overran the Federal camps. The sight of fresh food still burning on camp fires proved too tempting for many hungry Confederates, and many broke ranks to pillage and loot the camps, putting the army on hold until their officers could get them back into line.

Ugo informed the higher ups that he would be advancing to the Confederate camp and would kill Johnston, maybe that would weaken the Confederate's efforts. Ugo did just that, he advanced to the camp and killed any Confederate soldiers in his way, Ugo infiltrated the camp undetected and spotted Johnston on his horse. There, he noticed that Johnston had been injured prior from a gunshot, Ugo scaled a nearby tree advancing to Johnston's location via the trees and assassinated him on his horse. With Johnston dead, Ugo fled the area and returned to the Union camp.

Upon returning, Ugo continued to aid the Union for the rest of the day and into the next. On April 7, Ugo helped deliver another Union victory.

Assassinating Stonewall JacksonEdit

"Iona and I reunited. She was as beautiful as ever. We both succeeded in our respective tasks, Iona found a lead regarding the Source and I assassinated Jackson. Iona is going to Mexico to further her search, I hope I will see her again soon."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1863
Ugochukwu portrait

Ugo's portrait, commissioned in 1867.

In May 1863. Ugo travelled to Virginia to assassinate his Templar target Stonewall Jackson. In Virginia Ugo encountered Iona, he was thrilled to see her as the two hadn't seen each other in two years. Ugo asked Iona what she was doing in Virginia to which she revealed that Jackson knew information about Cornelius and the Source of Eden, Iona then went on to ask what Ugo was doing in Virginia. He told her that he was there to assassinated Jackson, Iona then suggested they work together on this to which Ugo agreed.

The two decided to split up and look for information regarding Jackson's whereabouts. Ugo went to a local tavern where he eavesdropped on several conversations between locals and Confederate soldiers, he learned that Jackson had sustained injuries in the Battle of Chancellorsville and that he was in Thomas C. Chandler's plantation named Fairfield.

Ugo and Iona rendezvoused with each other and compiled their information, Ugo revealed that Jackson was wounded and that he was located at a plantation named Fairfield but he didn't know where that was, Iona went on to say that she had learned that Jackson was located in Guinea.

The two then made their way to Fairfield in Guinea on horseback. Arriving at the plantation, the two snuck their way to Jackson's quarters, assassinating Confederate soldiers on the way. Ugo and Iona found Jackson bed ridden and missing an arm with a sickly appearance, Iona suggested that Ugo put Jackson out of his misery swiftly. Without a word, he activated his Hidden Blade and assassinated Jackson which woke him up, Jackson in his delirium caused from the pneumonia he was suffering cried out "Order A.P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front rapidly! Tell Major Hawks"—then stopped, leaving the sentence unfinished. Iona went on to ask where Obadiah Cornelius' whereabouts is, recovering from his delirium and wanting to clear his conscience revealed to the two that Cornelius was on an exhibition in Mexico, searching for a precursor Temple that held a Source of Eden.

After revealing this, a smile of ineffable sweetness spread itself over Jackson's pale face, and he said quietly, and with an expression, as if of relief, 'Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.' and passed away peacefully.

Ugo and Iona exited Jackson's living quarters. Ugo knew that Iona would be heading to Mexico next to which she confirmed, Ugo wished her luck in her hunt. Iona hugged Ugo and reassured him that they would still write to each other and with that she left to prepare for her journey in Mexico. Ugo watched Iona leave as he began to realize he was falling for her.

Assassinating John Hunt MorganEdit

"It's been a year since I assassinated Stonewall Jackson. Over the past year I have been aiding the Union in this war...but it feels as if I'm neglecting my duties to liberate my people. I am so close to eliminating the Templar presence in this war, so close to ending this war and I am so close to freeing my people for good."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1864
Despite his great successes Ugo had not eliminated the Templar influence on the American Civil War—though he was close. By May 1864, Ugo was hunting down his Templar target John H. Morgan. He had learned of his various raids, trying to bring down the Union army though they were futile. Ugo travelled to Kentucky in search of Morgan through a lead he gathered.

Ugo then began hunting confederate soldiers trying to gather more information on Morgan's whereabouts. By September 1864, Ugo's search led him to Greenville, Tennesse where Morgan was to plan another raid in Greenville but Ugo surprised him and assassinated before he could follow through.

With his dying breaths, Morgan called Ugo a fool stating by killing him that Ugo was aiding the Templars. Confused by this, Ugo demanded to know what he meant which led Morgan to state that he had become a liability to the Templar cause due to his for charges of criminal banditry and that he had been expelled from the Templar Order. Morgan, out of revenge was going to plan more raids to interfere with the Templar's scheme of winning the American Civil War.

Ugo would go on to state that if even the Templars would abandon him, then it's his fault as much as theirs and that he would eradicate the Templar influence in the war through means that do not endanger innocent men and women. Morgan laughs weakly at Ugo and states that through all of Ugo's years as an Assassin, he's still naïve before dying.

Third Battle of PetersburgEdit

"After five years, I have my final target. Once he is dead, the war will not be far from over."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1865

In 1865, during the Siege of Petersburg Ugo had learned of A.P. Hill's final Templar target to eliminate the Templar's influence in the American Civil War. Because of this, in April Ugo travelled to Petersburg to take part in the Third Battle of Petersburg. Ugo was greeted by Ulysses S. Grant, George Meade and Edward Ord where they informed him of the plan of attack. 

The next day on April 2, Ugo aided the Union Army during their breakthrough, advancing through the trenches. West of the Boydton Plank Road, Ugo tracked Hill into the woods parallel to the Boydton Plank Road. Hill, realized that Ugo was the Assassin that had assassinated his brethren over the past five years. Knowing that he wouldn't come out of this alive, Hill ordered Ugo to "get it over with". 

Ugo then went onto jump onto Hill's horse and assassinate him. Hill's aide George W. Tucker fled from Ugo. Before dying, Hill tugged on Ugo's arm telling him to listen closely, the Templar wanted to clear his conscience before death. Hill informed Ugo that Cornelius' expedition in Mexico was over as he had discovered the Source of Eden some days prior which led Ugo to ask if this were true, why hadn't Cornelius returned and assumed control over America with the Source. Hill went on to say that some years ago, the Templars had heard rumours of a Precursor Site called the Factory which the Precursors used to genetically engineer the human race and finding a way to access that could give the Templars control of humanity. Ugo asked where this was, Hill told Ugo that Cornelius believed the Factory to be located in Africa. Ugo was thankful of Hill's confession and before he died, he told Hill "Iaa na ndokwa" which translated to rest in peace in Igbo. 

The end of the American Civil War Edit

"It's finally over. My people...they're free and the war is over. The journey has been hard and filled with tragedy, but for my people's freedom. It was worth it...My people are free."
―Ugochukwu's journal, 1865
With the deaths of Robert S. Garnett, Albert Sidney Johnston, Stonewall Jackson, John H. Morgan and A.P. Hill dead, the Templar influence in the American Civil War was weak therefore lowering morale in the Confederacy. Bartholomew congratulated Ugo on his success, stating that the war would soon be over without the Templar influence although Ugo knew his work was far from over. Ugo then went on to tell Bartholomew of the Source of Eden and the Factory stating as long as Cornelius still lives, no one is safe.

Understanding this, Bartholomew suggested Ugo reveal this news to Iona and that they should go to Africa in search of the Factory. Ugo did just this and sent word to Iona stating that he knew of Cornelius' location and that they should go there to put a stop to him once and for all.  

A few days later, Ugo and Bartholomew learned of Abraham Lincoln's assassination at the hands of Templar-affiliate, John Wilkes Booth. Twelve days later, Ugo alongside some other Assassins killed Booth. 

On June 19, slavery in the United States effectively ended when 250,000 slaves in Texas finally received the news that the Civil War had ended two months earlier. This was the second happiest moment in Ugo's life, seeing his life's work finally complete. 

By June 23, the Confederacy had surrendered and the American Civil War was finally over.

Final stand against Obadiah Cornelius Edit

Journey to Africa Edit

Anwulichukwu: "Ugochukwu ... nwa m nwoke, nwa m nwoke, i laghachiwo m ...( son, my son, you have returned to me..)"
Ugochukwu: "Mama ... otu ụbọchị m akwụsịbeghị iche banyere gị (Mother...not a day passed where I stopped thinking of you)"
Anwulichukwu: "Ị gwọrọ obi m tiwara etiwa (You have healed my broken heart)"
—Ugochukwu and his mother upon reuniting, 1866
Iona returned from Mexico. Iona asked Ugo what was so urgent that she had to leave Mexico, Ugo revealed to Iona that he knows of Cornelius' whereabouts and of the existence of the Factory in Africa. Iona attempted to leave for Africa on her own although Ugo insisted he go with her, she accepted and the two left for Africa urgently.

Due to the harsh winds, Ugo and Iona were confined to the sea for 13 weeks. During this time, the two grew much closer and Ugo learned of Iona's past with her being of mixed heritage and born into slavery, never having the luxury of a proper childhood which led Ugo telling Iona of his story.

Upon arriving in Nigera in January 1866, Ugo realized he had a chance to visit his village. He told Iona of this to which she understood and stated that she would try and locate Cornelius' whereabouts in the meantime. Ugo travelled to his village, although none of the villagers recognized him until he announced who he was. The villagers were ecstatic to see Ugo again and were proud to see he had grown into a fine warrior. Ugo was happy to see them but he was focused more on his parents, the villagers directed Ugo to his mother's hut.

At first Anwulichukwu did not recognize her grown up son but eventually due to her mother's intuition she realized who Ugo was. Tearfully, she hugs her son stating he had finally returned to her and has healed her broken heart, Ugo returns the gesture tearfully stating he had missed her so. Ugo asks where his father, Emeka, is to which Anwulichukwu went on to state that after Chenwe had kidnapped Ugo Emeka discovered of this treachery and killed Chenwe but was heavily wounded in the process, Emeka died with a broken heart.

This news hurt Ugo but he was happy to see his mother again nonetheless. Ugo spent a few days helping out across the village while also telling Anwulichukwu of the Assassins and Templars and that he had worked so hard to liberate the slaves and succeeded, Anwulichukwu was so proud of him. Iona finally returned and met with Ugo at his village stating she had found no leads, excitedly Anwulichukwu greeted Iona, commenting on her beauty and asked if she was Ugo's lover to which both Ugo and Iona nervously declined. Ugo and Iona discussed the Factory's location in front of Anwulichukwu which made her realize that the location they were discussing was also a point of worship for their village. After hearing this, Ugo asked if she could take them to the Factory.

Final confrontation in the Factory Edit

"Chineke nọnyeere gi, Ugochukwu. Laghachi na m n'enweghị nsogbu. (God is with you, Ugochukwu. Return to me safely.)"
―Anwulichukwu, 1866
Anwulichukwu led Ugo and Iona to the Factory where they discovered the entrance was already open realizing that Cornelius was already ahead of them. Entering the Factory, the two Assassins discovered the Factory's defenses were operational further implying that Cornelius was inside the precursor site. Ugo and Iona navigated their way by freerunning their way through the facility's ever-changing and disjointed architecture.

Ugo and Iona then confronted Cornelius. Cornelius used the Source to create duplicates of himself, similar to Al Mualim and Ezio Auditore da Firenze and used the duplicates to attack Ugo and Iona individually. While the two fought for their lives against the duplicates as well as avoiding projectile attacks from Cornelius and the Source, Cornelius went on a monologue stating that the Factory was used by the Isu to genetically engineer humans and that it holds the key to controlling humanity as a whole, he went on to state that while the Assassins have a noble goal of freedom that it is misguided and sends an invitation towards chaos.

Ugo, while still battling the duplicates went on to state that his actions during the American Civil War loosened the Templar's influence and ensured his people's freedom and told Hill that the Assassins were never anarchists, they support democracy, not the abolition of order and government. Iona then went on to state that the Assassins goals have always triumphed while the Templar's defeatist ideology can only get them so far and why they haven't won the Assassin-Templar conflict yet.

After the debate of Assassin and Templar ideologies, Ugo and Iona finally managed to Assassinate Cornelius.

Hiding the Source Edit

After Cornelius' death, the two Assassins took the Source from him and decided once more that it would be safer hidden away from humanity. Ugo and Iona made their way deep into the Factory to hide the Source, the two placed the Source in a locked box where no one would find it. After completing this, a holographic recording of an Isu member congratulated both Ugo and Iona of their accomplishments and stated that Ugo shared much similarities with his ancestor Adam. The Isu also commented that now with his people free and the war over, Ugo has ensured the existence of his and Iona's descendant.

The two then suddenly realized that the Isu calculated the probability that Ugo and Iona were to have offspring, inherently realizing it was literally their destiny to have children the two no longer let their feelings for each other hold each other back and kissed each other passionately, starting a relationship between the two.

Later life Edit

Ugo and Iona returned to America with Anwulichukwu where she would live with Ugo at the Abrams Homestead, Ugo and Iona would go on to marry in 1868. After liberating the slaves and helping end the American Civil War, Ugo was granted the rank of Master Assassin and he gave himself a new mission: to educated everyone on the properties of equality, freedom and peace during this time he also learned the true meaning of the phrase "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" and that it wasn't something to follow but merely something to understand.

In 1870, Anwulichukwu passed away which left Ugo devastated as he had only reunited with her only four years prior but his wife, Iona helped him through the pain. A little over a year later in 1871, Bartholomew also went on to pass away but in his will he left the Abrams Homestead in Ugo's name, Ugo was heartbroken as Bartholomew was like a father to him.

Although happiness would find Ugo as in 1872, Iona found herself pregnant with their first child. In late 1872, Iona gave birth to a baby boy and the couple named him Bartholomew Moartz, out of respect for his mentor. Five years later in 1877, Iona gave birth to their second child, Adaugo Moartz.

In 1882, Ugo and his son were seen training outside the Abrams Homestead implying that Ugo had begun training Bartholomew as an Assassin. His daughter, Aduago impatiently asked her father when she would be able to train and be able to climb things like her brother to which Iona stated that one day she will learn but it will be her teaching Adaugo, not her father. Ugo then went to embrace his family, feeling that after a life of tragedy and hardship he had finally found happiness.

Legacy Edit

Alongside the Assassins Adéwalé and Aveline de Grandpré, Ugochukwu and his actions went down in the history of the Assassins as one of the greatest slave liberators ever while also stating, he was one of the few living incarnations of the Creed.

Ugochukwu's elimination of the Templar leaders in the American Civil War was one of the contributing factors to the Confederacy's surrender and the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade.

Personality and characteristics Edit

As a young boy, Ugo was a cheerful child full of life and energy that brought a light to his village and family. Although, after being kidnapped and sold into slavery against his will and being indoctrinated into the Assassins, Ugo grew up with a strong desire for justice and deep hatred for the Atlantic slave trade. The Assassins goals and view of freedom aligned with Ugo's desire to free his people and the Templars ideals of creating peace through enslavement makes Ugo believe they need to be stopped.

Ugo is cautious and reserved toward causation individuals even if they are sincere in their kindness toward Ugo and the opposite with people of color, Ugo is more open with them despite if their intentions are sinister. He was also an eager and impatient man, as during his training he desired to go out into the world and free slaves despite not having completed his training, despite this Ugo was nonetheless devoted to the Creed.

Although seeming ruthless and cold-hearted, he could show a warm, sincere and gentle side to the ones he cared about and trusted.

As he grew older, Ugo became less cold to Caucasian individuals upon realizing that racism was taught rather than being born with it and made it his life's work to educate equality and peace to others. Ugo had matured to a point where he understood that "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" was something to understand and acknowledge, rather than follow.

Equipment and skills Edit

From a young age Ugo's father, a hunter and warrior, taught him to hunt, freerun and combat. After being bought and freed by the Assassin Bartholomew Abrams, Ugo's skills improved greatly as he was taught stealth, freerunning, pickpocketing, eavesdropping and combat as well as to read and to write.

An experienced brawler, Ugo was proficient in hand-to-hand combat, able to engage multiple opponents simultaneously with minimal effort from training with Bartholomew as well as experience from street brawls against racists in his teenage years. Due to the era's restriction on open weaponry, Ugo utilized an arsenal of hidden tools including his dual Hidden Blades, a kukri blade, revolver and throwing knives.

It was stated by many individuals who had witnessed Ugo in combat, including the Assassin Iona Moartz, that Ugo's speed and endurance was considered inhuman as when he fought with ruthless efficiency he could kill multiple enemies in seconds and Ugo's endurance allowed him to shake off attacks that would incapacitate an ordinary human or any other Assassin

Ugo also possessed Eagle Vision.

Romantic lifeEdit

Ugo first met Iona when she asked for aid in finding the Source of Eden. From the moment he met her, Ugo felt an affinity for her and was interested in her, the two kept in contact via letters for 2 years after their first meeting. After their second meeting, Ugo began to develop feelings for her and longed to see her again but he did not allow his feelings for her to get in the way of his mission.

When the two travelled to Africa, while on the transport at sea for 13 weeks. Ugo's feelings for Iona grew even stronger and Iona eventually began to feel the same about Ugo. The two entered a relationship after assassinating the Templar Grand Master Obadiah Cornelius. The two eventually married and had two children which would lead to their descendants Arnold and Horatio Pierce.

Trivia Edit

  • Ugochukwu is an African name of Igbo origin. Its literal translation is "God's Eagle". Keeping in tradition with Assassin's Creed protagonists being named after avians.
  • Ugochukwu stood at 6'0" and weighed 185lbs.
  • Ugochukwu shared similarities with his ancestor, Adam. Both born into races that were enslaved and both rebelled against their oppressors to fight for their people's free-will.
  • Ugochukwu has the highest Isu DNA count among Horatio's ancestors.
  • Due to Ugochukwu's high Isu DNA count. It is nigh impossible for an ordinary person to view his genetic memories.
  • It is believed the Ngwa people took part in cannibalism. Although during Ugo’s life in Igboland, he never ate another human.
  • Ugochukwu did not like Lincoln but he did believed Lincoln was the first step to ensuring his people's freedom.
  • As an 8-year-old, Ugochukwu only spoke Igbo and was taught English by Bartholomew, an American man. Therefor whenever Ugochukwu spoke English, he would speak with an American accent.
  • If Horatio killed slaves while exploring Ugochukwu's memories, he would be desynchronized.
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