Ulrikke Olden, note later as Ulrikke Olavsdatter was a Norwegian Assassin operating in the city of Trondheim – leading the bureau – during the 18th cetnury.

Ulrikke Olavsdatter
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December 1745


23 September, 1773 (27 aged)
Trondheim, Denmark–Norway

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Norwegian Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Templar

Biography Edit

Little is known of Ulrikke's past, Ulrikke Olavsdatter was born of Templars Tessa Lindanger and Olav Olden. When Ulrikke was only 3-year-old he was kidnapped by the Norwegian Assassins who trained him as an Assassin. Here, she soon climbed up the ranks and became an Assassin leader. She were soon stationed in the city of Trondheim.

Once stationed in Trondheim, Ulrikke recruited a small number of men and women that sympathized with the Order. She soon pointed out a successor and began to train him, despite his age of 5. The lad's name was Ulf Tollefsen – but little did she knew what would become of him.

In 1773, Ulrikke was told she would be accompanied on an assassination of a bishop. The order was given from the Mentor himself, and Ulrikke obeyed. The ones that would accompany her – and her fellow-Assassins – was Assassin leader Ingrid Dermasdatter and a newcomer named viscount Enok Jytte. After the arrival of the Assassin leader and her apprentice, Ulrikke had already placed the now 9-year-old Ulf with an Assassin-brother in another city. She felt Ulf needed a bit variation, see how other Assassins operated and acted.

The reason for the assassination was that Ulrikke had discovered the bishop's close relations with the Templar Order. Activity also showed that high-ranked member of the Dane-Norwegian had visited him. He was undoubtedly a member of the Templars after her opinion. The Assassins had hired some members of the Sami people to "do their stuff" in front of bishop Gunnerus. During this, Ulrikke would take the books and the intellectual work while Ingrid – disguised as a Sami – would kill him by giving him some poisoned flowers. The poison would cover the hand, and it would get into his body through the skin. Hours later, the poison would get to the heart and make it stop beating.

When the day came for the assassination to take place, Enok Jytte had already met with the Templars Kosygina and Gunnarson – a man and woman who now planned to protect the bishop, and kill the Assassins in this attempt. During the attack of the bishop, Ulrikke managed to steal the books and walk away from the area. Ingrid knew it was her time to strike and did as the plan was. But a bit away from the bishop, Ulrikke was suddenly taken by surprise. Kosygina went up to her and stabbed her in the stomach. Gunnarson walked up from behind and pulled out his dagger. He sliced her neck. Ulrikke had not planned for this and screamed. At same time, Kosygina sliced Ulrikke's chest.

Last words Edit

  • Ulrikke: "Who are you two?"
  • Kosygina: "Olga Kosygina, Templar."
  • Gunnarson: "Taran Gunnarson, soon-to-be Master Templar."
  • Ulrikke: "You … You are the ones who standing close to bishop Gunnerus."
  • Kosygina: "Indeed, we are."
  • Gunnarson: "And I am the one who's standing really close to him. He is my uncle."
  • Ulrikke: "Uncle or not. Gunnerus is a man who have close ties with the Templars. He is poisoning the plans the Assassins have set for this country."
  • Gunnarson: "What plans? You Assassins are nothing but mere killers who is trying to stand in the way of the Templars – the faction who try to guide the mankind to their rightful place. My uncle was nothing but a puppet for the Order. We influenced him, we gave him what he needed to carry out his studies. He want to enlighten the people of this nation, and you want to kill him just for that?"
  • Ulrikke: "I don't want to argue with a Templar. Your eyes are too blinded and too clouded to understand the meaning of life. The meaning of what it means to be a human. A human should not be guided by an invisible power."
  • Kosygina: "Even so, it's better for the world to be aided in it's course by Templars with visions – rather than by the Assassins, only aiming to find another target to kill."
  • Ulrikke: "Your arrogance are magnificent. It will destroy you both."

Ulrikke succumbed to her wounds. Kosygina and Gunnarson took the books she had stolen.

Memory corridor

Memory corridor

Trivia Edit

  1. Ulrikke is a Norwegian and Danish form of the German Ulrich – which the latter meaning "prosperity and power"
  2. Olavsdatter is a patronymic surname of Scandinavian origins meaning "daughter of Olav".
  3. During the "last words"-scene, Kosygina and Ulrikke spoke Norwegian – Kosygina had learned the language from her time with the Swedish Templars.
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