Hi everyone.  I'm Zombiehunter115, or just simply ZH115.  I'm new to this wiki, but not new to Assassin's Creed.  I've been playing since Brotherhood.  I do have a question.  I realize this is a fanon wiki for Assassin's Creed.  I was wondering what that means.  Like, I know what a fanon wiki is, but I was wondering if it was anything like another fanon wiki I'm on.  I'm also on the Nazi Zombies Plus wiki, and on that wiki you're allowed to just click "Create A Page" when you get an idea and you can share it.  While on another wiki, it's required that you have pictures before you make your page.  On this wiki, which one is it?  If it's the first one, then I look forward to creating with you all.  Thank you.

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