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Summary of Assassin's Creed The Rebellion - Origin Edit

Prologue - The Day Wrath Had Born Edit

In the year of 1873, summer, Taal, Philippines, a group of Spanish Templars attacked a small community in the near shore of Taal Lake. The people who were living peacefully in the area assumed as members of the creed, whose purpose was to stop the Spanish Templars from their tyranny. Although they were outnumbered and outgunned, they gave the Templars a brutal fight. But they failed to defend the village in the end. Almost all the members of the citizens living in the area killed, beheaded, executed.

The Sinurog, the village chief was beheaded in front of his comrades too. The Templars showed the citizens whoever opposed them will end up like him. His head was being posted in a fence afterwards .The templars made sure that there were no survivors of the massacre.

However, one Spanish templar who had a heart-warming and God-fearing behavior saved and hid a child from the crew when they leave the place. Even though it was against their creed, he took the child with him.

Chapter 1 Rebirth of the Last Indio

19 years later, the child named Juan La Friege was a talented Illustrado (Spanish-Filipino) who studied at Madrid, Spain. One sudden moment, a group of Spanish students bullied a half Filipino and half Spanish student. He saved him by giving the bullies a lesson. He then asked the young man if he was alright. For the payment of saving his life, the young man named Elisto introduced him to the Propaganda movement named La Liga Filipina founded by Jose Rizal. He and Rizal became friends. Rizal taught him fencing and boxing. Several days later, he then met Antonio Luna who blamed Rizal for taking away his crush from him. Not too long, they began to apologize to one another when it was settled.

When Juan went to the capital where he met Antonio Luna once again. He asked him to come with him to do something dirty job. After the mission, they went to Paris where he introduced him to his younger brother Juan Luna. Antonio got an idea when he realized La Friege had a good psyche. He challenged him to play a horse fight and climbing buildings. Whoever wins would get a free ticket to Theater. Eventually the protagonist, Juan La Friege, won the fight.

Chapter 2 End of Peaceful Worthless Time

On the 6th of July 1892, he found out that Jose Rizal being captive as prisoner in the Philippines. Because he deeply respected and cared his best friend, he decided to take action. Thus, he asked some help from his other friends but no one wanted to give a hand. He felt disappointed and he moved quickly in the Philippines together with Elisto. But they were lack of funds to go to that country however, he received a letter from unknown man telling him to met him in Munich, Germany.

Several weeks later, he and his friend, Elisto, encountered Ferdinand Blumentritt who sent him the letter in the restaurant. He was one of friends of Rizal. He told them that Rizal was in the Dapitan. He was too desperate to do something to help Rizal from the captivity. He asked Ferdinand for help but he told him he needed to know if he was worthy to do so.

Mr. Blumentritt gave him a quest to infiltrate the place to steal an important document in the Munich Museum. After he finished the quest, he then gave him another quest where he needed to send the document he stole to his comrades in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. He gave him a pendant as a sign for his comrade to recognize him. He did what he asked and went to the destination.

Chapter 3 The Blood Pack of Ophirian

He then met Jacob Frye but in a hard way. They fought one another and eventually he managed to convince him that he was the one sent by Blumentritt. They talked to one another. Jacob's apprentice named Jack came and asked him to come back to London because of the urgent business need to take care of. Before they leave the place, he asked Juan to come with him in the secret chamber. From there, Jacob commenced the ceremonial ritual for him. He gave him an another pendant of Assassin's creed, told him the secret code of their guild and their enemies. Afterwards, he then gave him a bag containing passport and money. He told him he was part now of the creed and he needed to defend it at all cost.

Juan received a letter from Blumentritt and he then moved there. One sudden moment, Juan La Friege encountered a young boy in the street slapped by his uncle through his head. He then stopped the man and saved the boy. He asked the name of the boy and the young boy introduced himself as Adolf Hitler.

Chapter 4 Return to Land of Ophir - Land of Pearl

It was the only way to save Rizal. The Spanish Templars were being angry with Rizal's books. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He asked where can he find it. Thus, Ferdinand told him that the creed can be found in the Rome, Italy.

One year have passed, and the man become an assassin. He moved in the Philippines and searched for the Creed known as Katipunan. It was secret Assassin's Creed Association founded by Andres Bonifacio. The two seems become friends due to their same preference and ideology about the country. Then he told him that Jose Rizal is still alive and keep fighting by writing for justice. Then for the secret service, the young man accepts every mission that he could help.  

Chapter 5 First Assassination

4th of August 1896, The Supremo called a meeting with his colleagues. One of the people who arrived is the young Emilio Aguinaldo and his regional comrades from Cavite. Some of them look disgusted at the face of Batanguenos and other regional comrades. One of them, a young Pedro Janolino, tries to intimidate Juan however, his attention turns to his leader.

Chapter 6 The Death of the Hero

Chapter 7 Templars strikes back

Chapter 8 The Last Farewell

Chapter 9 The Betrayal


Juan La Friege fights until he finally defeats his father. However, his love for him prevails over his revenge for his family. This makes him catch by surprise from the men of Spanish Templars Master named Giovana Realidad who is hunting him down for the past few months. His foster father requests her to let him live which she accepts and so, the young Juan La Friege is arrested and sent to Guam's dungeon under her surveillance.

He promises to himself that he will find out who sold them out.

Leaving Biak-na-Bato on December 24, 1897, Aguinaldo and eighteen other top officials of the revolution, including Mariano Llanera, Tomás Mascardo, Benito Natividad, Gregorio del Pilar, and Vicente Lukban were banished to Hong Kong with $400,000 (Mexican peso) by December 29. The rest of the men got $200,000 (Mexican peso) and the third installment was never received. A general amnesty was never declared because sporadic skirmishes continued.

Summary of Assassin's Creed The Rebellion - Rise and Fall of First Republic Edit

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