"If I am supposed to serve a cause, I serve my own. "
―Vendela Magdalene to the former Dane-Norwegian Grand Master
Vendela Magdalene
Vendela Magdalene
The Architect
Vendela as a 34-year-old Templar leader
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17 November 1740
Copenhagen, Denmark–Norway


24 March, 1815
(aged 74)
Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark

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Assassin's Creed: Templar
Assassin's Creed: Changes
Assassin's Creed: Ashes

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Lena Heady

Vendela Agathe Fredrikson Magdalene was a Danish aristocrat and Templar that operated in Denmark–Norway during the late 16th century, and the early 17th. She was the sister of fellow-Templars Fridtjof and Noah Fredrikson.

Grand Master of the Dane-Norwegian Templars and the lady-in-waiting of the Danish Queen in the latter's time as monarch; and later served as the advisor of Frederick VI of Denmark. She was the architect of the Norwegian Templar-takeover, and used members of the Templar Order to keep her – and Denmark's – interests in Norway at hold.

During the Seven Years' War, Vendela's father – Fridtjof – sided with the British. He was stationed in Copenhagen's local barracks before he was sent over to Sweden to kill a general named Greger Vanger in 1758. Later came the news of Fridtjof's death, and Vendela swore to not just sit home and mourn. She wanted to do something more. And so she did.

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Brought to life at the dawn of 17th November in 1740, Vendela was the second child of Fridtjof I and Regina Magdalene-Fredrikson. She was the younger sibling of Fridtjof II, and the older of Noah Fredrikson. She was three years younger than her older brother. When Vendela got her little brother, she was three herself. The family had been friends with the Aarhus-family, a long row of counts and countesses of the county Aarhus. Their son, Gudbrand Aarhus, would be a perfect spouse when the time was right.

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Already at the age of 17, Vendela was married to Gudbrand – who were 19 at this time. The wedding took place at the Aarhus chapel, with the all of the local nobility and rich families coming to see it all. After the wedding, the feast was taken to Aarhus-palace. At the palace, Vendela and her new mother-in-law talked about politics – something that was not usual chit-chat for women in that era. The Seven Years' War was setting in for Scandinavia. Denmark wanted to be neutral, but their neighbour, Sweden, did not wanted the same. The rumors of a general named Greger, wanted to send troops to aid the Austrians.

When the night was coming, the new-wedded was meeting each other at the bedroom. Vendela's lady's maid had been at the room, helping Vendela out of the extent dress of hers. When Gudbrand entered the room, Vendela was dressed in a nightgown. A short gesture made the lady's maid disappear from the room. Gudbrand walked up to Vendela and fondled her. She accepted it, and the new-weds went to the bed. The night was spent with passion minute by minute. When the sun was shining through the curtains, Vendela commented to her husband: "For a brief moment, it felt strange to have a man sharing bed with me at this time of hour, but then I realized I was married to a member of the Aarhus-family – and the luckiest woman in whole Denmark–Norway."

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  1. Vendela is a form of Wendel – an old short form of Germanic names beginning with the element Wandal meaning "a Vandal".
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