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"There is nobody that can help us other than ourselves. Your 'God' can't help you. Its upto you to help yourselves. Only the true God can help you, but only when you recognize your flaws and accept them. Mankind has altered the reputation and powers of God. The original God's philosophy was that only you can help yourself, not He. You can see him as a Mentor, as someone who can inspire you to solve your problems. So stop worshiping and start identifying and perfecting your flaws and achieve your goals".


Vero was an Assassin at the time of the Renaissance. A strong atheist, he didn't believe in the false God that was spreading these days and only believed that only we can help ourselves. He was not born into the Brotherhood, but was in fact a Templar. He possessed the most advance form of Eagle Vision, through which he distinguish between enemies, friends and civillians quite easily, could see which path his target came from and which path he would take and also he could see through buildings. He could also tell when a person was lying.

Early Life

Vero was born to a wealthy merchant in Venice, who soon became bankrupt. He ran away from home after he discovered his father was planning to sell him. He found peace in atheism and soon joined the Borgia,inspired by their quest to unite Italia under their rule, unaware of their Templar allegiance.

The Discovery

Vero participated in many of Cesare's campaigns and even saved his life. As a result, he was inducted into their Inner Templars group. He served fully, but when he realised their true motives, he wanted to leave, but knew they wouldn't let them leave without killing them. He played along with them while at the same time looking for the Assassins.

Induction Into The Brotherhood

He was inducted into the Brotherhood around the time of the battle of Forlí. He opted for training and sent Cesare letters about his supposedly ill health as an excuse. When his training had finished, he successfully went back to the Inner Templars group, but this time as a spy.

The Piece Of Eden

Vero acquired an Apple of Eden when he went around the known world in his quest to further the cause of Assassins. This Apple was very powerful and allowed him to do many things like-

  • He could hide his memories from anyone who he would have deemed unworthy.
  • He was immune to the effects of other Pieces.
  • He invented the formula for a futuristic weapon and armor, more powerful even then that we have today.


  • He made the plan with Rodrigo Borgia to poison the apples, although there is no evidence of his role.
  • He successfully 'convinced' the cardinals to not appointing a Borgia-backed Pope.
  • He helped Ezio in many ways when he went to hunt Cesare, like keeping a horse ready for him.
  • He stored a armour for his 'worthy' descendants, which was in fact Clay Miles.


Vero's real time of death is unknown, although it is said that he head died around Ezio's time of death. He lived so long because of his Apple Of Eden, which convinced him to write a journal and acted like an animus to allow him to access his memories anytime.


  • He was the first known user of the Hidden shoe blades. He installed them on both of his feet and sent the formula for construction of one hidden shoe blade to his student,  Zhu Jiuyuan.
  • Double hidden Blade
  • Hidden Guns
  • Fast Poison Darts
  • Rope Darts
  • An earlier version of the Hookblade
  • A large no. of swords and axes as well as daggers and scimtars and blades and knife.
  • Apple Of Eden
  • Bombs
  • Crossbow
  • Gun
  • A alternate to the machine Gun
  • Fists


Vero was in fact the most agile, strong and able and intelligent Assassin.

He was the only one who established complete control over his Piece Of Eden.

He was an ancestor to Desmond Miles through the paternal line.

Some time before his death, Juno asked him to send the Apple Of Eden to 'someplace far beyond the reach of any man deemed unworthy by you'. He sent it to the planet Mars, as Juno told him how.

Vero never used his armour or weapon that was constructed using the Apple but stored them for his 'worthy' ancestor.

Clay Miles was the only person who could use Vero's armor and weapon as well as his Piece Of Eden. He was also the only one who could access his memories through the Apple or the Animus.

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