"I have done many terrible things in my life, but I havn't spent my long and miserable life by hunting down my enemies as much as you have, my dear. "
―Victor Jensen to lady Concord, June 1770
Victor Robert Jensen, brother of Hope Jensen, was a Swedish Caribbean Assassin that operated in the Caribbean during the Purge of Assassins. He operated from Kingston, where he served as a crime-maker. In this way, the Assassin Order managed to control the streets of Kingston – and in this way: keeping the Templars from gaining control once again. He was killed by lady Concord in 1770 however – and Kingston fell to the Templar Order and their allies.
Victor Jensen
The Officer
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April 1728


June 1770 (aged 42)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

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Julian Casey

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born in the otskirts of the city of Stockholm to poor peasants, Victor and his family was oppressed by the local owners of the land. When the family one day celebrated Christmas, the landowner approached the farm. He had decided to claim the gifts that the peasants were bound to give him. When the landowner abused Victor's mother – since this was in his rights, and could therefore not be punished by this – the family decided to leave the farm. They sought their luck in the city of Stockholm. Thye found it, and left the Thirteen Colonies.

Life in America Edit

Approaching the city of New York, Victor Jensen was raised by his parents under the roof of a poor building. Victor's sister, Harriet, was born in 1732. Some years later, Victor and Harriet lost their mother. They were placed in New York City orphanage – where they were supposed to learn a modest living. Later Henrietta was adopted by a German couple who – surprisingly – also carried the name Jensen. The couple decided to rename Harriet to Hope. Victor was not adopted – the couple could not afford a second child.

At the age of 13, Victor fled the orphanage. The leaders did not care of Victor's absence and let him take care of himself. Victor disappeared from the records, never to show up again. But at some point, Victor had to be adopted by Rhona Dinsmore. The records of the harbor in Tampa Bay can tell that Lady Lamps – the ship of Rhona – was stationed here one day. And when the time came for leaving, the captain had taken a young man with her. The shiprecords tell that the man's name was Victory Dinsmore. Therefore it is very possibly that Victor had got his name from the word victory and his last name from the captain: Rhona Dinsmore.

Assassin training Edit

Being trained by the Havana-overseer Rhona Dinsmore, Victor Jensen was soon to be a high-ranked member of the Caribbean Rite of the Assassin Order. He was learned in the ways of the secret cult by day, and was trained by night. The Templars or other persons that acted on behalf of their cause, was still active – but they had chose to act at night. The West Indies was free from the Templars' clutches for now, but the Order still tried to "enlighten" the citizens of Caribbean. It was up to the younger generation (Victor and Delaware) to stop them. The two Assassins, Victor and Delaware, began to develop a relationship Rhona was too old to do so. In 1751 he was sent to Martinique to track down a voodoo-witch. He returned after some months, failing the mission.

Alejandro Torres

Alejandro Torres (1711–1754)

One of the Templars that tried to get a foothold in the city of Havana, was Mater Templar Alejandro Torres. He had arrived in 1754, accompanied by Templar Juan Antonelli  – and had hired mercenaries to carry out the Templars' dirty-work. After hunting down the mercenaries and the Templars' puppets, Victor managed to locate the Templars' stronghold: Castillo Morro. The Castillo were defended by the Spanish soldiers, and therefore heavily guarded. Victor and Delaware lay a plan on how to infiltrate it.

Some days later, the Assassins made their way to the fortress. Approaching Castillo Morro, Delaware told Victor to stay his blade from the soldiers: they were only paid by the Templars, but that he could eliminate the mercenaries. Many of them were hired by the Templars because of their beliefs in the Templar cause. The Assassins spread up and began to climb the fortress.

After taking out the snipers, Victor triggered his eagle vision and looked over the yard. He could hear the Spanish-talking soldiers over all, but his targets stood out from the rest. As he could tell, Alejandro and his associate talked about a sort of weapon that could fire hundred shots at one time. Victor did not care for this. He walked along the ledge of the fort before he saw Alejandro leaving the area, escorted by a group of brutes and other skilled soldiers. Victor gave a signal to Delaware that she was to follow Alejandro; he would deal with Juan Antonelli. Delaware understood and slipped down the wall.

La Mort

Juan Antonelli (1699–1754)

Juan Antonelli was talking to an officer when he saw the shadow of someone that jumped on him. Juan drew his sword and stepped back. Victor missed delivering the deathblow. Juan cried out for help. Victor killed the soldier Juan had talked to and walked up to the Templar. Suddenly Victor heard a shot, and short time after a pain in the shoulder. Not all of the snipers had been killed. Now they used the gun slits to fire at Victor. Juan laughed when he saw Victor fell to the ground. Victor managed to arise however. One shot could not bring him down that easily. He raised his pistols and fired at the laughing Juan – who had began to leave the yard, thinking Victor was dead. The shots went into the back of the Templar. Juan screamed and fell to the ground. Victor walked up to the man and activated his Hidden Blades. Juan turned around and shot Victor. The bullet hit his left shoulder, missing the heart. Victor took himself to the shoulder. The snipers that targeted Victor from the gun slits, now fired again. The noise had also made the soldiers in the fortress being alerted on the situation. Officers, soldiers and brutes made their way into the yard. It had to be dozens of them! Juan ran from the scene, screaming in Spanish: "Guards! Assassin! Help! Raise the alarm! Stop him!" The shots still rained over Victor when he was chasing Juan, with the soldiers in his heels. The Templar had chose to flee out of the now open gate, and Victor pursued. Out of the fortress, Victor ran. He could follow Juan to the world's end if he needed to! But the soldiers breath him in the neck. He took up some smoke bombs and threw them on the ground. The smoke bombs forced the guards to stop. Now the Assassin could use the chance to kill Juan. He turned again and Juan was just a few meters ahead. Victor reloaded his pistols and pointed them at the Templar. He fired. The Templar fell. Victor walked up to Juan, and bowed over him. He extended his Hidden Blade and lead it to the throat of Juan Antonelli. Thick, red liquid ran like a river down Victor's blade. The world slow down.

Hernan Velasquez

Victor was in a room. It was dark, only lightened up by candlesticks. But still, it seemed to come some sort of glow from every substance of the room. It shined like silver or just something blue. When he saw the Templar Cross all around him, Victor was horrified. He had never experienced this when he had killed others victims! Victor heard voices outside in the corridor, but there were no places to hide. The door opened. A young Juan Antonelli came into the room, approaching the table. He saw directly at Victor. The Assassin ran towards the Templar, trying to stab him again. Instead, Victor fell through Juan. He arisen from the floor. He had to create noises, but Juan were only interested in his two friends that had accompanied him. One of the men was a young Alejandro Torres, the last one was a man with a large black robe and hood. On the shoulders a red cross was showing what faction the man supported. "I tell you again, gentlemen, that my company will stay to your services – after I get what I want from you," Juan said. The hooded man nodded to Alejandro. The man walked behind Juan, while the hooded man spoke in riddles. At some point, the man said in Spanish: "I would rethink the answer – especially in the condition you are now." Alejandro had placed a knife to Juan's throat, without him noticing. The hooded man with the crosses drew a sword and pointed it at the heart of Juan. "Do you swear to uphold the principles of out Order, and for all that which we stand?" The image froze. Everything became darker, but a new room opened. Victor ran towards it. What was this witchcraft?

Juan Antonelli was in a room with Alejandro and three other Templars. Alejandro was the one who spoke, but Juan was right beside him. They were both much older. "The plan is clear, my friends: we have kept the Assassins busy by tracking down our puppets and less important members. Our friend in the Brotherhood, Camille Clary, will bring us information about the olding lieutenants of Assassin Mentor Claude Dimanche. Rhona Dinsmore, Upton Travers, Opía Apito and are all symbols of the Creed. We get rid of them, the Assassins will tremble. They will understand that the Templars have returned, and now stronger than ever. Furthermore, Upton, Antó and all the other lieutenants have enjoyed the fruits of love. They have four sucessors. We need to take them all down." A woman at the meeting asked in Spanish: "Do we have their names yet?" Juan handed over a letter to Alejandro. "Certainly, Margarida. Their names are: Ruby Travers, Condor Apito, Songui, and Delaware Dinsmore. Your roles, my friends are to track them down. Now as the Assassins have revealed themselves, it is easy to find them. Me and Alejandro will track down the Dinsmores in Havana. For now, return to your hideouts. Camille will contact us all when she have more information to give us. Are we ready to carry out the orders of our Grand Master?" Everyone in the room nodded. "Very well. May the Father of Understanding guide us." The Templars placed their hand at their heart and spelled the same words as Alejandro. The image froze. Victor felt himself floating. He began to flew over the image of Templars, that also began to disappear. What happened?

Thick, red liquid ran like a river down Victor's blade. What just happened? Delaware soon approached Victor. She told him that Alejandro was dealt with: she made sure of it. After Victor told Delaware what he just had been witness to, she brought Victor to her mother. Arriving the Assassin bureau in Havana, the Assassins was stunned to see Rhona sit in her chair. She did not even moved when her daughter entered the room. Rhona's 66-year-old body had crooked. It was first now Delaware realized how old her mother actually was for the time period she had lived in.

Caribbean Purge Edit


With the information Victor had got from Juan, spent his time to track down the Templars that operated in the shadows of the Caribbean Sea. After arriving in Kingston in 1759 – he had spent the past five years in training and defend Havana for more Templar plots – Victor became traveled to the bureau. The Master Assassin of Kingston, 46-year-old Songui, had sent a letter to Victor some weeks ago. It was written that he knew of a Templar plot that was to be carried out by Eric Johnson. The Assassins' informants could also tell that Eric had ties to Margarida Estanyol, a high-ranked Templar. This is what Songui knew, but Victor knew that if Eric had close ties to Estanyol, than he was undoubtedly one of the Templars in Juan Antonelli's memories. Songui could tell Victor that Eric was to be found in Fort Charles. Songui told his son and wife to guard the bureau whilst he and Victor was to bring down the Templar in Fort Charles. What happened there is a mystery however. In Victor's diary it is not told what he did there, and no records from these days can be found. History tells that Eric died first in 1778. That means he did not die at the fort. The pages between Victor tells he will attack the fort and to a page where he writes a beautiful woman he have met, have gone missing. But this can be said after the likely failed attempt on killing Eric Johnson:

Rogue gang

Songui left Kingston with a group of Maroons. He left for Cuba to train the Taínos, and left Victor in charge of Kingston. Victor trained a gang of men and women that was tasked to control the streets of Kingston – defending it from the clutches of the Templar Order. He ruled over Kingston with peace. When he had heard of his sister's death in 1759, Victor had taken the idea of a gang to honor her person, goals and ideas. Ha had suggested this to Songui, and they had started the building of the gang.

In 1770, the Templar Rite of New Orleans had started a hunt after the Caribbean Brotherhood and their followers. The had engaged a woman that carried the name lady Concord to hun them down. This was however not discovered before Victor Jensen was killed in Fort Charles June 1770. Victor had been in the cells of the fort, interrogating some captured Templar allies, when a gang-member told him that Victor's lieutenant wanted an audience with him. Out in the courtyard, Victor and four other members of the gang, saw the lieutenant – accompanied by a woman dressed in black. Victor wanted to know what all the fuss was about, but in the same second the woman threw the lieutenant aside and drew her sword out of her sheath and stabbed Victor through the stomach.

  • Victor: "Who are you?"
  • Concord: "I am lady Concord. And you are Victor Jensen, am I right?"
  • Victor: "Unfortunately, I am."
  • Concord: "Then I have done my duty. You were the first one, Victor. Now awaits the rest of the Brotherhood."
  • Victor: "You think killing one man can stop the Brotherhood of Assassins? My death will accomplish nothing, Templar-dog."
  • Concord: "On the contrary. Your death will grant the people of Kingston a chance to find their way: to understand their meaning – and role – in a human's life. Under your leadership, Victor, you lead an anarchy of gang-members that only wanted to exploit these good people."
  • Victor: "You really think I lead an anarchy? Or are you told to believe these words? Trust me, young lady, the Templar Order are using you – like many other before you, and across the centuries. You're just another puppet. The Templars don't really care about you, they only care about control, domination and manipulation; and when they have reached their goal, you will be nothing but a forgot memory.
  • Concord: "That's not true. The Order have been the Masters of Peace for ages. Without them, the world as we know it, never would've exist. And without the Assassins, the world would not be locked in a hidden war."
  • Victor: "You have such a pride, Concord, that you cannot even see when you're wrong. "

Victor succumbed to his wound.

  • Concord: "I believe in the Templar cause, Victor. You chose the wrong cause."
Memory corridor - Victor Jensen

Memory corridor - Victor Jensen

Concord rose from the corpse of Victor Jensen. The same second, Concord used her weaponry to flee the Fort, but with gang-members in her heels – plus five Assassins. When Concord reached the shore, she was accompanied by Shay Cormarc and a few of Templars and crew-members from the Morrigan. They did all managed to fight the gang-members and Assassins off. Shay tasked two Templars to guard Kingston with their lives, and turn the city in the hands of the Templar Order.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

The Jensen-family

Assassins Edit

Caribbean Assassins

Victims Edit

The victims of Victor Jensen

Armory Edit

The weapon armory of Victor Jensen

Trivia Edit

  1. Victor is Latin in origin meaning "winner" or "conqueror". Ironically his services for the Caribbean Brotherhood never lead to a victory
  2. The ship that Victor approached in Tampa Bay, Lady Lamps, is a reference to the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale – who is also known as The Lady With The Lam.
  3. Victor, Juan and Torres dies in the same month, but with 16 years in difference.
  4. Victor could partly Spanish, and could almost fluent English. He had learned English during his youth in the Colonies and from the Dinsmores. He had learned Spanish from other members of the Assassin Order.
  5. Victor had the possibility to enter a memory or the memory corridor of his victims. He could not control it however, but in his memoirs Victor writes: "It seems that the gods and goddesses of this earth choosing to show me these memories when I need them the most."
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