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Victorius Juventus
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Biographical information

August 9, 22 B.C.
Rome, Italy


February 27, A.D.
Judea, Jerusalem

Political information

Assassin Order
Roman Empire

Real-world information

"The Assassins know better than this Acanthus! You must stop! Now! The Templars are losing the fight! Take note of that! Nothing is true to the Templars, but control is all that matters to your order!" - Victorius trying to reason with Acanthus.

Victorius Cyrus Juventus (born: August 9, 22 B.C.) is a Roman Assassin and a Roman soldier for the Roman Empire (basically one of the Roman Empire Assassins.) Victorius is the son of Roman Soldier Maximus Juventus and Silvia Juventus. He was born to the Empire of Rome when they took over Africa, Asia, Europe and areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Victorius used to worship Caesar but is now believing in the Jewish religion (practically Christianity since he believes in Jesus). Victorius is secretly a friend of Jesus Christ who the Romans oppose. In the Crucifixion of Christ, Victorius played a big role. He was in the scenes of when Jesus was whipped, carrying the cross, being nailed and being crucified. Victorius is a skilled Assassin but also a lover towards Flora Lepidus. Flora was Victorius' girlfriend. Victorius is also an ancestor of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He was also an ancestor of Desmond Miles and William Miles.

Early Life[]

Victorius Juventus was born on August 9, 22 B.C. to Roman Soldier Maximus and Silvia Juventus. He is the younger brother of Pietrus Juventus (who later on moved to Ireland when Victorius was 7 years old). When Victorius was 16 years old, he heard the news of the King of the Jews. Victorius and his father were in Herod's Temple that time. Both went inside King Herod's chambers and asked why he was so angry. Herod responded that the "King of the Jews" has been born to bring salvation to the world. When Maximus told Victorius to wait outside of the Temple. When he waited outside, he saw a star. He thought he was hallucinating. Then Victorius stared at it in Curiosity. Then Maximus came out of the Temple and said to never speak the word of the new born "King". On the next day at night time, he was guarding the temple. While he was guarding, he heard Herod shouting. He ran to Herod's chambers and said "What happened?". Herod then told Victorius to tell every Roman Soldier to go to Bethlehem and kill every baby boy at the age of 2-3. Victorius nodded. When he went outside the temple, he saw three men on horses following the same star he saw on the other night. Victorius followed them without being spotted. It leaded to a barn like shelter. He was hiding inside hay and he saw a baby in a manger. He said to himself "The King of the Jews". He saw the three men give Gold, Frankensence and Myrrh. Victorius then came out slowly and went outside of Bethlehem. He smiled.

Then he saw Roman Soldiers coming forward. Then he acted as if he wanted to kill them, he then said "Over here!!!". Then the Romans ran in. Behind Victorius was his father, Maximus. Maximus gave Victorius his sword. Then Maximus went in a shelter and killed three babies. Victorius put his sword in his scabbard and went outside Bethlehem. He then started running back to Judea. While he was still walking, he saw behind him, a man, a woman, a baby and a donkey. They stopped and saw Victorius. Victorius walked up and told them that he comes with no harm. Victorius asked their names. They said: Mary and Joseph. He asked the baby's name. Mary said Jesus. Victorius then looked at the baby and said to him: You are the King of The Jews. Then they went back to Nazareth. Victorius then came back to Judea with Roman Soldiers behind him. They went Herod's Throne Room. Maximus then came up to Herod saying that not even one baby was alive. Herod slowly started laughing and then he died slowly. Herod Antipas then said that he holds the throne now. Victorius carried Herod's body away and buried it inside an empty tomb outside of the temple.

Assassin Resigning Life and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ[]

Victorius was 57 years old and decided to retire before he reached 60 years of age. The Brotherhood accepted his resignation and so he left. Hannibal, Victorius' leader and mentor, said that Victorius can keep his hidden blades. After he left the Brotherhood, his wife, Flora, told Victorius that Jesus will be sentenced to death. Victorius was shocked. He ran to the Roman Temple and saw Jesus coming out with his wrists chained, his neck chained and only wearing under clothing and sandals. Jesus wrist chains were chained to the pole and later his neck chain was taken off. Then he saw Mary, Mary Magdelene, and John come beside Victorius. Then Jesus looked straight at Mary. Then he smiled and then looked at Victorius. Victorius started to have tears coming down. The first whip was lashed, Victorius started to become scared. The 39th whip was lashed, Victorius was balling his eyes and then when the 40th whip was lashed, he started to sob more. They unchained him and took him back to his cells.

Victorius wiped his tears away and a Roman soldier recognized him. He said to Victorius to climb over the wall to see Jesus in his cell. Victorius climbed over and went inside his cell. When he went inside his cell, his cell was empty. Jesus with his clothes on is shivering. Jesus noticed Victorius crying. Jesus said to Victorius this must happen. Victorius nodded. Then five Roman soldiers come in the cell. The Romans recognized Victorius. One of them gave Victorius the crown of thorns to place on Jesus' head. It pinched Victorius' fingers a little. Then he told Jesus that every king needs a crown. He placed it on Jesus' head and the thorns went inside his skull and blood started coming out. Victorius opened his mouth in shock with tears coming down as he placed it. Jesus was moaning in pain when it was placed on his head. Then they placed a purple cape on him and mocked him saying "All hail the king of the jews", then they took him outside and took off his purple cape. Victorius left immediately. Victorius then climbed over the wall and appeared like he was a citizen. Then Pilate commanded the soldiers to let some of the Jews in. Victorius went in with them. Then Pilate said that Passover has officially begun and on Caesar's behalf, one prisoner will be free under their choice. Barabbas came out and then Jesus came out. When Mary saw Jesus, she was crying. Victorius then put his head down in sadness. Then everyone said Barabbas to be free. Victorius then yelled once "Jesus!!!" while Mary, Mary Magdelene and John said "Jesus!". Barabbas was then set free and Pilate asked the Jews what they should do to Jesus. They said Crucify him. While the three said Spare him. Then Pilate washed his hands and said Crucify him.

Victorius then was in the audience and saw Jesus carry his heavy cross. Then fell for the second time. Then Jesus looked up and saw Victorius. Victorius was crying. Victorius bended down and said "My friend. Forgive me.". Jesus then said "You are already forgiven. I know you were forced to do this". Then a Roman called for Simon of Cyrene to help him carry the cross. He did. When they made it to Calvary. Victorius was there. Then the Romans saw Victorius and offered the honors to nail him on the cross. Then Victorius bended down got his hammer and looked at Jesus in sadness. Then he kicked the nails away and took off his hidden blades. He put them on Jesus' hands and feet and nailed them. Victorius was crying everytime he nailed them. The Romans were shocked when they found out he was half Assassin. Then the Romans pulled up his cross. After Jesus' seven cries on the cross, he died and a thunderstorm and earthquake occured. Then Victorius said "This man was truly the son of God". A few years later, Victorius' grandchildren become Assassins.

When Victorius is 83 years old, he dies of blood cancer.

Victorius is then named as a hero of Ancient Rome. His statue is located the Temple of Jerusalem, where he was raised to become a Roman Soldier by his father.


  • Hidden Blades
  • Roman Saber
  • Roman Dagger
  • Double Sharp String Whips


  • If Victorius were on the Romans side (including the Roman Empire Assassins) and did not actually know Jesus and opposed him, he would have assassinated Jesus, however, he was a secret ally with Christ himself.
  • Victorius traveled to the Roman occupated Ireland to visit his older brother Pietrus.
  • Victorius was friends with Herod the Great, Malthace, Pontius Pilate, Augustus, Herod Antipas, King Herod's children, but later became an arch-nemesis to his former mentor Tiberius Caesar, after he betrayed his family.
  • The rivalry between Victorius and Acanthus mirrors the rivalry with Connor and Charles.
  • Victorius kept his assassin identity from his friends, the romans, his family, and last but not least, Jesus. The Romans then realized that Victorius was an assassin during the nailing of Jesus on the cross, when Victorius kicked the nails and took off his hidden blades and nailed it on Jesus' hands and feet.
  • Victorius is both Ezio and Desmond's ancestor.
  • Victorius so far is the one of the first Roman Assassins and from the Brotherhood in general.


  • Assassin Outfit: Black and red robes, a golden-white buttoned shirt, a silver roman armor, a gold roman assassin belt, black gladiator skirt, black pants, and black boots.
  • Roman Outfit: Golden-White Buttoned shirt, red roman pants, and black boots.
  • Soldier Outfit: A roman helmet, silver roman armor, red top, red cloth, black gladiator skirt, armored bracelets, red cape, brown roman sandals, armored knee pads and a scabbard.
  • Gladiator Outfit: A roman gladiator helmet with a black gladiator skirt, a brown roman belt, armored bracelets, a scabbard, brown sandals and armored knee pads
  • Servant Outfit: White top, white cloth, black boots, armored bracelets and a red cape.
  • Charioteer Outfit: Silver roman armor, black top, black gladiator skirt, armored bracelets, black boots and a red cape.
  • First Assassin Outfit: Red robes, red top, white cloth, black boots, red roman pants, assassin belt and a red cape.
  • Judea Outfit: Black top, black cloth, brown sandals and a dark blue cloak.