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"When facing ridicule in your life, don't let it wound you. Learn from it, and better yourself. Rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. If it was able to help me, then it should certainly help you."
―Vienna Victoria Dorian reflecting on her early hardships as Mentor, August, 1911.

Vienna Victoria Dorian (1866-1956) was a Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood, from the years of 1888 to 1932, and co-Mentor from 1901 to 1932, alongside her brother Cavan, where they were known as the Two Scousers. She is the daughter of Master Assassin Alana Rose Dorian and Albert Andreas Richardson, an owner of a shipping company in Crawley. She is the granddaughter of legendary British Assassin Juliette Marie Dorian and the great-granddaughter of Master Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre. She is of British, French, Welsh, German, and Russian descent.

Early Years and Assassin Beginnings[]

Vienna Victoria Dorian was born on July 1st, 1866 in Liverpool. She was the first twin to be born to seamstress and Master Assassin Alana Rose Dorian and Albert Andreas Richardson, due to the hospital in Crawley being overcrowded. Naming customs within the British Brotherhood meant that the first born child would take the mother’s first name. Eight minutes later, her brother Cavan would be born. The family would move back to Crawley after a few months so Alana could continue with her dealings with the Assassins. When Alana was away, Vienna and Cavan would spend time with father and grandmother, Juliette, where the young twins would listen to stories of their grandparents and great-grandparents around the world. Vienna and Cavan would hear tales of the Dorian family’s successes from England, France, the United States, Greece, and the Ottoman Empire. Vienna would cite these stories as her greatest influence to become an Assassin, along with Alana’s stories of the Templar atrocities committed throughout England and the world.

Tragedy would strike when Vienna was two years old, as her father Albert was killed by a severe case of Typhoid Fever. Alana’s good friend Maria Williams brought Vienna and Cavan to London shortly after the city’s liberation to visit their mother to inform her about the news. Vienna and Cavan would even spend time with Queen Victoria herself and would meet Jacob and Evie every time they came back to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

When Vienna turned ten in 1876, herself and Cavan began their training as Assassins. On the way back to London from Munich, Alana would educate her twins on the origins of the Assassin Brotherhood, starting with Bayek and Amunet and how they operated from the shadows, also stopping temporarily in Paris for Alana to visit her uncle Francois and her cousin Gabrielle. They would also stop in India to briefly visit Evie and Henry Green, and learn about Fear Tactics on their way back to London. When they returned to London from Munich, Vienna and Cavan were trained by Alana and Jacob Frye in the ways of free running, stealth, and combat, where they would practice different attacks on dummies and free run throughout the rooftops of the ever changing London. Alana observed that Vienna was the perfect blend of stealth, combat, and free running, while Cavan was more well versed in combat scenarios. Upon receiving the rank of Master Assassin in 1887, Cavan heeded his mother's advice and enlisted in the British military while Vienna stayed in London to assist her mother in combating the biggest threat to the British Brotherhood.

Master Assassin[]

Vienna’s career as a Master Assassin began with a bang as in October of 1888, as word reached the flat of Alana and Vienna that two more prostitutes were murdered in a brutal fashion and that the Assassin that was investigating the murders, Jacob Frye, was missing. Sensing that Jacob was in immediate danger, Alana and Vienna made their way over to the Whitechapel borough to Jacob’s lodgings. Vienna felt that there was a sense of ‘impending danger and dread’ as they made their way throughout the borough. Both Vienna and Alana could feel a sinister presence watch their every step as they walked towards Jacob’s lodgings. Upon their realization that Jacob’s lodgings were locked, the pair made their way over to ally Frederick Abberline, who was stationed in Whitechapel. Inside, Abberline brought up the fact about Jacob’s disappearance and the fact that he had never seen a method of killing in this manner since he’s worked with the Assassins. Alana promised that she would look into the manner and bring the mysterious killer to justice. Returning to her flat, Alana wrote to Evie in India, while Vienna was instructed to keep her eyes peeled on any leads that could lead the Assassins in the direction of the Ripper.

Vienna Victoria Dorian, c. September 1888.

Hunt for the Hangman[]

Vienna received a note from her mother, stating that she believes that a hangman who is executing innocent civilians may be in league with the Ripper. Alana tasked her daughter with assassinating Jordan Billingsworth by any means possible, and to report to Evie of her successes. Vienna opened the door to Alana's office. Before her was a lot of information on the Ripper and his possible associates. After reading all the information she needed, she exited the office to see Evie Frye sitting on the couch. Evie asked where Vienna was going, to which Vienna replied that she was going to investigate a lead on her target. Evie asked who it was, to which Vienna informed the older Assassin that it was Jordan Billingsworth she was after. Evie rummaged through her suitcase and gave Vienna a fear bomb to help her during her mission. Vienna thanked Evie and exited Alana's apartment. Vienna approached the driver of a carriage and asked him for a ride to Spitalfields in Whitechapel. He told Vienna that it wasn't safe for her to be there. Vienna reassured him that she would be fine. He asked Vienna if she wanted to go to the market or the slum. When Vienna said she was going to the slum, the driver was going to protest but stopped when Vienna hopped in the front seat and just told him to go. He heeded her request and took her to Spitalfields.

Arriving at the slum, Vienna thanked the driver for the safe passage. Entering the slum, Vienna could feel another set of eyes on her as she made her way towards a shop that was owned by Billingsworth, aptly called Billingsworth's Rope and Rope Accessories. Since no one was inside, Vienna broke the door down. The interior was a dusty mess, with a table with some papers on it. Most of them were mere correspondences, some were diagrams. Among them was a note from some of the Ripper's Rooks saying that if he was looking for some rope, they would be in Michel Reuge's vault to sell. With the hope of another lead to follow, Vienna left the slum and found a carriage to take her to the Vault.

Vienna arrived at the location of the sewer that led to the vault. Quickly descending down into the tunnel, Vienna could hear voices coming from the vault at the end of the tunnel. Arriving at the vault, Vienna could hear four men talking among themselves. Knowing that they would be a threat, Vienna threw a smoke bomb and a fear bomb towards them, encasing them in a smoke screen of fear, a tactic she would be later credited with inventing. After dispatching of the Rooks, Vienna investigated the vault and underneath a pile of rope Vienna found out that Billingsworth was hosting an execution at Black Swan Yard along the River Thames. Billingsworth was going to be there, so Vienna was going to pay him a visit.

Vienna in action, October 1888.

Arriving at Black Swan Yard, Vienna took to the rooftops, and surveyed the area. She spied her target standing on the gallows, giving his speech before a crowd and a line of prisoners. Vienna performed a Leap of Faith to get to ground level. She wondered about how she was going to get to her target, until she thought of blending in with the prisoners and strike at the gallows. Her plan worked until the two guardsmen caught wind of her presence, taunting her with a trip to the gallows. The pair shoved Vienna away aggressively. Vienna ignored them and ducked their attack, running up the railing and leaping towards Billingsworth, hidden blade extended. She successfully assassinated him with a blade through his heart. A dying Billingsworth called Vienna out for killing a hangman who was just doing his job. Vienna retorted at the fact that he was protecting the Ripper's ego, to which Billingsworth replied that it was none of her business. Before he could answer anymore of his questions, he passed away from his wounds. As the crowd took care of Billingsworth's men, Vienna quickly escaped the scene and returned to her mother's flat in the Strand.

Vienna returned to Alana's flat to Evie's delight. Evie asked Vienna how the mission went. Vienna informed the older Assassin that she succeeded in her mission by blending in with the prisoners to get close to her target. Evie praised the young Assassin for how she handled herself before saying that she was going to Scotland Yard to meet up with Abberline and Alana. Vienna asked if she could tag along, but was shut down by Evie, who said that Vienna had done enough for today. Disappointed, Vienna went to bed, knowing that she succeeded in assassinating one of the Ripper's henchmen.

July Incident of 1903[]

In July of 1901, Vienna was appointed to become the next Mentor of the British Assassins, a mantle both her grandmother Juliette and mother Alana had previously held, although her mother still had some control over the Brotherhood. Her first couple years in charge were lackluster and uneventful until the summer of 1903, when the Gauntlet, a powerful Piece of Eden, was stolen from the Sanctuary. Arriving at the Sanctuary in Crawley at around 1:30am on May 8th to investigate the problem, alongside Count Marshall Williams and fellow Master Assassins. Shortly after 2am, her mother showed up, curious as to what was going on with the Gauntlet. Vienna informed her mother that it was missing and that her, Marshall, and a group of a few more Assassins will hunt down the culprit and recover the Gauntlet. Her mother insisted that she be a part of this mission due to her lack of adventure since she retired two years prior. Vienna again informed her mother that she will handle it alongside Marshall and Valerie Williams. After Noah ushered her mother out of the sanctuary, Vienna returned to her Crawley flat and planned what was next for her and her group of Assassins.

The mission got put on hold for a couple months, due to a lack of evidence and the trail going cold.. Suddenly, a knock came on her office door. Vienna got up to open the door and was greeted by the sullen appearance of Count Marshall Williams, who had a letter in his hand from his brother, Caelan. Vienna opened the letter and read the letter. She deduced that it was from the Gauntlet thief, and her mind immediately began to race at the fact that the thief himself could be in London or Crawley. Vienna began to rattle off several locations that Maria had an attachment to, much to the ire of Marshall, who blasted Vienna for not coming to the conclusion that the thief was luring them on a chase, criticizing her Mentorship skills. Ignoring Marshall's comments, Vienna decided to tag along with Marshall to go to Berkshire and Horsham before going to London. Valerie, Marshall's daughter, was to accompany them as well. Vienna rejected Valerie's company and informed the duo that she was going to investigate around Crawley before moving on to London.

Vienna as she appeared in July 1903.

After no luck in Crawley, she made her way back to London and immediately began their investigation. Upon arrival, Vienna took the time to read the letter she had received from her mother, which was to inform the younger Mentor that she had made her way to London to investigate herself as she was longing for the thrill of adventure once more. Vienna was a little annoyed, but she could understand why she did so. She figured she would go back to Jacob's lodgings and vent to the older Assassin about how she felt. On her way there, she bumped into Marshall and Valerie, who informed her that they were skunked in Horsham and Berkshire and returned to London to investigate the Williams Residence. Vienna agreed to accompany the pair there, asking them several times if her mother would be there, with Marshall reassuring that she would be. Arriving at the residence, the pair went upstairs to Maria's room to see that someone had gone through it already. Vienna saw that the only thing that wasn't destroyed was Maria's wedding dress. Marshall was informing Valerie that Maria got married at St. Paul's Cathedral, which Vienna boldly exclaimed that Maria and Erwin got married in the Cathedral. As they were preparing to leave, they were distracted by the door creaking open, followed by her mother barreling through the door. The trio crowded around the former Mentor, who informed everyone that she had just killed Xavier, and that he stole the Gauntlet. Marshall questioned Alana about it being Xavier. After Alana explained everything, Marshall still didn't believe them. Alana aggressively kicked him away before throwing the Gauntlet at him. Vienna crouched beside her as she began to sob. Through tears, Alana apologized to Vienna, telling her that she should have listened. Vienna accepted her mother's apology and forgave her of her mistake. The trio helped Alana to her feet and helped her out of the building, where they fetched a carriage to take back to Crawley.

Vienna would arrive at Alana's flat in Crawley three months later with Cavan to see their mother in a trance-like state, with the Gauntlet of Eden on her wrist. Just as Cavan placed his hand on his mother's shoulder, she came to, informing the two Assassins that by way of the Gauntlet, she saw a future where Maria was alive and one where Alana was happy. Changing the subject, Vienna informed her mother that she wanted to move the Assassins to her hometown of Liverpool, and extend the reach of the British Brotherhood to the north, which was approved by Alana. Shortly after, Marshall came to the flat with Valerie, insisting that she wanted to move the Assassins to Liverpool just so she could support Liverpool Football Club, and again insisted that she move them to Manchester, where the better football club was. A few laughs were held before Marshall supported Vienna's move to Liverpool, and would leave with the Dorian-Richardsons to Germany to meet with Caelan the next day.

A few weeks after the incident with Xavier, Alana traveled to Germany with Vienna and Cavan to meet up with Caelan and his children Quin and Grayson to inform the interim German Mentor about what had happened back in London. Discovering that it was Xavier who had been killed, Caelan unleashed all his fury on the former Mentor, saying that there could have been another way to save him and that she shouldn't have killed him. Vienna attempted to break it up, only to be stopped from doing so by Quin, who confronted Vienna by saying that she had no business intervening on their fight, and later criticize her skills as Mentor for failing to prevent her mother from confronting Xavier. Quin's comment visually angered Vienna, which led to the two butting foreheads and exchanging words, nearly getting into a full-scale fight, during which Vienna called Quin a hermit. The fight was eventually broken up by Cavan and Marshall. Alana and Caelan later mended their friendship, but Vienna and Quin parted ways with a severe dislike for each other. Vienna would begin the move to Liverpool upon their return from Germany. Shortly after their return from Germany, Alana agreed to fully step down from her role within the Brotherhood, passing on full control of the Brotherhood to Vienna. Cavan would join his sister's side as a member of her Council in 1907.

Xavier's burial was only known to the Dorian-Richardsons and the remaining members of the Williams family, where the Dorian-Richardsons smoothed over relations, despite tensions between Vienna and Quin. Although there were tensions between Vienna and Quin, Vienna remained good friends with Valerie Williams.

World War I[]

In June of 1914, Europe was plunged into the depths of war as Gavrilo Princip, an assassin working for the Black Hand, shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo. Vienna sensed that something big was going to happened, and the Archduke's assassination proved her suspicions. Realizing that Germany was attacking France, she thought that Erich Albert, a high-ranking German Templar could be within the ranks of the German Army. Vienna immediately tried to enlist, much like her brother Cavan, but was rejected due to her being a woman. In between attempting to serve again, Vienna escorted Alana to the town of Brighton so she could keep her mother safe from the chaos in London. Annoyed with the fact she couldn't enlist, Vienna returned to Liverpool. She cut her hair and disguised herself as a man named Eric Richardson, who was Cavan's older brother. Vienna was accepted into the ranks of the British Military as a medic alongside her brother Cavan in the British Expeditionary Force. Vienna was immediately thrust into action as a medic, where she was tasked with stitching up bayonet wounds and removing bullets from wounded men for the first few months of her time on the front lines. Vienna would write back to her mother and fellow Assassins in London, telling them about the horrors of trench warfare and life in the trenches.

On Christmas of 1914, Cavan had claimed he spotted Albert from afar during a temporary truce shared by the Allied and German soldiers. Navigating her way to the crowd and exchanging greetings with fellow soldiers while Cavan went to play football. Vienna approached Albert in a trench, and exchanged a ration with him, talking with each other about their lives in Germany and how meaningless the war was. All this changed when Vienna observed his Templar ring on his left hand. Confirming that she had her man, she flicked out her hidden blade behind her back and successfully assassinated Albert, taking his Templar ring as proof of her kill. After the truce ended, It was found out that Vienna was the one who killed Erich Albert during the truce. Despite being thanked for killing the general, Vienna was given a dishonorable discharge for her conduct and returned to England. Upon her return to England, she stopped in Brighton before returning to Liverpool to discuss her time in the trenches and experiences on the front lines with her mother and the Frye twins. She would return to Liverpool in January 1915 to lead the Assassins through the war.

In late August of 1915, Vienna received a letter from her husband Arnold, who was living in Istanbul, about how the Ottoman Government was rounding up ethnic Armenians in the city and throughout the Empire. Fearing for her husband's life, Vienna bid farewell to her mother and brother, which temporarily left Cavan in charge of the British Assassins. Arriving in Istanbul after a week-long journey, Vienna was greeted by an Armenian Assassin, Arto Malakian, who informed Vienna that he had something to show her out east. Approaching a stable, the two Assassins grabbed a horse each and began the long excursion out to the east. After a nine-hour journey, the two Assassins arrived at Lake Hazar. To Vienna's horror, she saw several thousand dead Armenians floating in the lake. Worried that her husband was among the dead, she activated her Eagle Vision, and was shocked to see that Arnold was among the dead floating in the lake. With tears flooding her eyes, she dashed down the mountainside and dove into the lake, swimming among the dead bodies to retrieve Arnold's body. Arriving on the shoreline, Vienna broke down into tears, caressing Arnold's body as she mourned. Vienna and Arto would later give him a proper burial in Istanbul. Returning to the Assassin Headquarters, the same one Ezio Auditore visited, Vienna began a several-month-long plan to bring the architects of the genocide of Armenians to justice. Despite Vienna leaving for Liverpool at the end of the year, the Armenian Assassins succeeded in bringing the perpetrators to justice in 1921 and 1922 in Berlin, Germany.

In August of 1916, Vienna caught wind of a possible German spy ring within the heart of London. With the intent of getting rid of this threat to Britain, Vienna tasked young Master Assassin Lydia Frye with traveling to London to bring an end to the spy ring. Despite Lydia's inexperience as a Master Assassin, Vienna had the utmost faith in Lydia because she played a role in training the young Assassin herself. Two months later, Lydia wrote to Vienna, saying that she succeeded in ridding London of the German spy ring with the help of the Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, and that she would like for her Mentor to come to London to discuss things with her in person. Vienna and Lydia would live in her mother's flat in the Strand for the brief time she stayed in London for the duration of the war. After the Armistice of 1918, Vienna was present in Paris with Lydia for the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th of June 1919. Vienna wasn't pleased at all with the treaty, which blamed Germany entirely for the war, stating that the treaty was going to anger the German people and destroy their economy, as well as saying that Germany didn't start the war. Vienna stated that it was Austria-Hungary that started the war by their actions in Serbia.

Encounter with Xavier in Brittany[]

Sitting in her office in Liverpool, an apprentice came to her with news out of Germany: It was the shocking fact that Xavier Baudin was still possibly alive. Curious, she traveled to Newcastle and boarded a cruise ship destined for Bremen. Upon traveling to the outskirts of the city to Osterholz Cemetery, she came upon a shocking revelation: Xavier's grave was empty. While she was investigating, a fellow German Assassin informed her that they have been tracking his whereabouts for years and that they believe he was out somewhere in Brittany in France.

Training Elizabeth Baudin[]

Four years after the war ended, Vienna received a letter from German Assassins Valerie and Quin Williams, stating that they have recruited a new apprentice in London named Elizabeth Marie Baudin and she was in London and that they want to arrange a visit with her, her brother, and mother. Vienna agreed and arranged a meeting for the six of them at Alana's residence in London. Vienna and Cavan escorted the German Assassins up to Alana's room, where she was sitting in her winged back chair. Informing that Elizabeth had arrived, Alana turned around and paused, beckoning her to come closer. She placed her hand on the young woman's cheek and announced that her, Vienna and Cavan would carry on with Elizabeth's training. Alana and the Two Scousers would train Elizabeth in London until she earned her Rank of Master Assassin in July of 1925.

Upon the announcement of Elizabeth becoming a Master Assassin, many Assassins discouraged the fact that a Baudin was just inducted into the British Brotherhood. An apprentice even attacked Elizabeth but was restrained by Valerie and Cavan. This forced Vienna to release ordnance to the British Assassins stating that no lethal weapons were to be brought to training exercises or else they will be confiscated.

Feud with Quin Williams[]

The feud between Assassins Vienna Victoria Dorian and Quin Otthild Williams began out of the ashes of he July Incident of 1903 at a meeting in his home in Bremen. After Alana and Caelan exchanged their discrepancies, Caelan was accepting of Alana's reasoning, but was rather angry, which led to his son Grayson suggesting that taking him out for a walk should cool him down. During their verbal argument, Vienna attempted to break up the fight between the two older Assassins but was pushed aside by Quin, who stated that Vienna had no business breaking up the fight and that she couldn't even prevent her mother from fighting Xavier as the Mentor of the British Assassins. After Grayson and Caelan Vienna and Quin butted heads, where Vienna told Quin to actually contribute to the Brotherhood instead of being a hermit who does nothing but hide. Quin shoved Vienna angrily, only for the two women to be broken up by Marshall, Alana, Valerie, and Cavan. Marshall, Valerie, and the Dorian-Richardsons left Bremen to return to England, only to return for Xavier's funeral a few weeks later. Once again, Quin and Vienna were distant from each other.

The Assassins patched things up over how the July Incident was handled after Xavier's funeral, maintaining a business relationship between the two families, but each of them frequently criticized each Assassin's Brotherhood for their respective ideologies. Quin strived for Assassins and initiates to exercise their free will and choose what they want to be taught, whereas Vienna was rooted more in the traditional aspects of the Creed. The two Assassins would always reiterate to their respective Brotherhoods about how their ideologies would be the correct ones to teach, which would annoy the two women. Vienna and Quin would mend their differences at a Conference of European Assassins in 1914, before joining in solidarity with each other to help bring World War 1 to an end. Post-war, Vienna allowed Assassins of the British Brotherhood to choose which teachings an Assassin could follow, which earned her a lot of respect in the eyes of Quin. Once Vienna stepped down as Mentor, Lydia Frye continued the tradition of allowing the Assassin to choose what they wished to be taught. Vienna and Quin eventually buried the hatchet in retirement, and remained good friends until they passed away.

Later Years[]

With both Vienna and Cavan retiring from active Assassin duty in September of 1932, a power vacuum opened up, with several Assassins wanting to take their place, due to Lillian and Joshua having commitments in Sweden and Italy respectively. Vienna and Cavan ultimately decided to merge the Canadian Brotherhood with Britain's, effectively making Lydia Frye the Mentor of the British Assassins, ending 74 years of Dorian family leadership. Upon her retirement, Vienna and Alana accompanied Cavan in moving back to Liverpool. The two siblings would reconvene a year later in order to lay their mother Alana to rest beside Juliette in the Dorian Family Crypt in Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Vienna would continue to watch over Lydia as she led the British Assassins through the Second World War, lending her wisdom to Lydia and and a young Isabelle Allard and Vivian Cadieux during the London Blitz while they stayed at Lydia's flat, visiting them from time to time to give them advice. Vienna briefly kept an eye on the Apple of Eden Isabelle had recovered from Hitler inside the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin before Lydia returned it to the Sanctuary in Crawley after the war. After the war, Vienna would return to Liverpool to find out that Cavan had passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 87. Vienna would live under the care of her children until she passed away in her sleep in the early hours of August 31st, 1956. She was 90 years old. She is buried beside her mother and brother inside the Dorian Family Crypt in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

Personal Life[]

Growing up, Vienna was more of a bookworm, studying the books written by her mother and other Assassins of her time. She was also an avid reader of the works of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, even meeting the two men to praise them on their works.

Alana described her daughter as a "Ready, willing, and capable Assassin, who is more than worthy to fill in my shoes as Mentor."

When Vienna took up leadership of the Assassins in 1901, her mother would frequently help her solve her problems. This would draw criticisms from fellow Assassins such as Count Marshall Williams, who stated that Vienna was "too inept to lead a major Brotherhood of Assassins" and that "she shouldn't rely on her mommy to hold her hand through tough times." Vienna took the criticisms to heart, and after the July Incident of 1903, Vienna matured and developed strong leadership skills over the years, moving the British Assassins to Liverpool, and leading them through the Great War alongside her brother, Cavan and her Council.

Vienna with her mother Alana and brother Cavan, c. February 1888.

Vienna was incredibly close to her brother, Cavan. They would spar with each other in training and study theory together. Once Cavan enlisted in the military in 1888, Vienna would always write to her brother of the happenings going on in England while he would write back to her of his experiences in his battles and expeditions. Cavan cited Vienna's letters as the main source of him getting through his expeditions and battles. Vienna also supported her brother's political career, supporting the Labour Party, although Vienna was a little more on the revolutionary side.

Vienna met Arnold Ross, the man who would become her future husband, in 1885. They would marry in 1890 in two separate ceremonies: One in Liverpool, and one in Yerevan in Armenia, due to Arnold's Armenian heritage. Vienna would give birth to two children, a son Joshua (Born April 9th, 1891) and a daughter, Lillian (Born June 16th, 1893). Both children would go on to join the British Brotherhood, with Joshua serving time on the front lines during the Great War while Lillian was a nurse back home in Britain. Arnold would be back in his homeland of Armenia during the time of the Armenian Genocide, where he would lose his life in 1915. Heartbroken, Vienna traveled to Yerevan to meet up with the Armenian Assassins in September 1915, to bring Talaat Pasha, Bahaeddin Sakir and Cemal Azmi to justice for their crimes against humanity. Briefly taking over the Armenian Assassins, she stayed until the end of 1915 where she tasked the Armenian Assassins with assassinating the architects of the genocide, no matter the cost. They ultimately succeeded in bringing them to justice when three members of the Armenian Brotherhood, Soghomon Tehlirian, Aram Yerganian and Arshavir Shirakian successfully assassinated them in Berlin in 1921 and 1922 on her command.

Weaponry and Talents[]

As an Assassin, Vienna possessed a variety of weapons and tools that she would effectively utilize over the course of her career. On her for weaponry, Vienna wielded an Obsidian kukri, a gift she received upon earning the rank of Master Assassin, and a cane-sword. Vienna would wield either one or the other, depending on the mission. She also had a Master Assassin Gauntlet, equipped with a golden Hidden Blade, symbolizing her status as a Master Assassin.

For tools, Vienna employed the use of throwing knives, smoke bombs, fear bombs, and poison darts. Once again, Vienna would equip certain tools for certain missions.

Vienna was also known for her incredible skills in using social stealth to her advantage. Vienna was able to blend in with crowds effortlessly in order to get closer to her target. If her position was exposed, Vienna would use her skills as a freerunner to evade would-be pursuers.


  • Vienna was also an avid seamstress, much like her mother. She crafted her Master Assassin outfit within the span of a year, and crafted both her children's apprentice robes.
  • Vienna was also known for her distinct Scouse accent by fellow Assassins, due to her birth and growing up in the city of Liverpool.
  • Under her robes, Vienna wore a necklace bearing the Liver Bird, honoring her city of birth.
  • Vienna was a devout supporter of Marxist economics, even writing to Vladimir Lenin during the Russian Revolution of 1917.
  • She was a devout supporter of football, choosing to support Liverpool FC.
  • Vienna was not very fond of Neville Chamberlain's policy of Appeasement, stating that his actions 'directly started the war'.
  • Vienna's looks and appearance were inspired by Canadian curler Emma Miskew.
  • The stand at Anfield known as the Anfield Road stand is sometimes referred to as the Vienna Victoria stand by some Liverpool citizens.
  • Artworks on this wiki page were done by Timaeus (timayonnaise on Instagram) and i_am_the_vigilante on Instagram.