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Vincenzo Guida is a member of the Modern incarnation of the Italian Brotherhood

He is the Protagonist of both games in the Guida Duology (AC:Imperium and AC:Outbreak[WIP])


Birth and Early Life(0-17)[]

Vincenzo is the Son Of Italian Assassin Massimo Guida and ordinary citizen Roberta Giuliana. His childood is pretty uneventful, if not for an Absentee father. Never the strongest boy in the classroom (though not the weakest either), he made up for it with more than average mental skills. And while he does her the words "Assassin" and "Templar" every once in a while, he was denied any sort of explanation Until he was 17

Assassin Life (17-Ongoing)[]

Introduction (17-18)[]

Vincenzo was Introduced to the Brotherhood ehen he was 17, but wasn't allowed to join quite yet,to his disgrace. Things startet to change in the following months: he understood his father's rare presence and they could speak of the subject more freely. This is until the young man was allowed to have an initiation once he became 18.

Infiltrating Abstergo (18-20)[]

With his skillset not the best for on field action,especially combat, he was assigned with the infiltration on Abstergo industries.
His job was to get hired,collect intel, and report. But without the studies necessary to be accepted into the bigger, pharmaceutical company, he went for the Entertainment section, initially as a technician, then climbing up the workplace positions up to tester. This is where he was firstly introduced to the Animus project.

The Animus[]

Vincenzo's first real project was relieving the memories of a Hidden one Member by the name of Milvius, the Dna taken from traces on his spear, and his tomb unopened

As a consequence, he's got "bleeding effect" training, and the relative allucinations. While this goes on, however, he learns that the Templars are once again looking for the Mask of Eden(WIP). So he made more than sure that the assassins would be there to stop their enemies.

However,there was still the problem of the purpose of the mask. Nor templars nor assassins had any idea of its functions or power, and the brotherhood refused to test it out of fear of any negative side effect. On the other side, the assassin holding the relic only made the templars more fierce in their hunt

The 2020 Outbreak []

His second, and most recent Animus test was his actual ancestor Master Assassin Paolo Guida(WIP), from the Plague outbreak in Italy in the 1620-30s. But as they say, history repeats itself, and another pandemic had reached Italy by the time Vincenzo had to get in the machine

As a consequence he was forced to work at home,which slowed progress with his mission and, most importantly made him stuck with his parents. And if hiding one person's secret life is hard, hiding 3 is even harder.

And so, Vincenzo gets found out, and the whole family is forced on the run. But determined as he is, he keeps using his portable Animus to explore more of his Ancestor's Memories.

The chase ends with Vincenzo's arrest, the Mask stolen, and the family's hopes of survival are dramatically put on the line. But soon enough vincenzo escapes from prison and heads for Milan to seek revenge on Templar Granmaster Andrea Venzi(WIP). He ends up Assassinating the man and taking the mask back to the Bureau, where it's kept safe.

Skills and Equipment[]

Most of his skilled are learned trough the bleeding effect of Milvius' memories. As a consequence, their fighting styles are pretty similar. Vincenzo's weapons of choice are usually a Knife and a silenced Pistol. He was also Granted a hidden Blade