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Condor: "Well, it seems our ways have crossed once again."
Viviane: "So it seems, but not for the better."
―Condor to Viviane, before a battle

Viviane Vault (also known as Willy Salt or simply just Vault) was a female transgender American Assassin that operated in the Thirteen Colonies, alongside her Master: Piloqutinnguaq Shikoba. She was a high-ranked Assassin, and feared by many members of the Templars. She was removed from her place in 1758 however, due to have betrayed the Assassin Order.

Viviane Vault
Viviane Vault.png
Biographical information

c. September 1730
London, United Kingdom


18 March 1758 (aged 27)
Albany, New York

Political information
  • Assassins (1753 – 1757)
  • Templars (1757 – 1758)
Real-world information
Appears in

Condor Apito's journal


Early life[]

Born and raised in the high society of London, Viviane Vault was – to quote her father's journal – 'a disgrace to the clan of the Vaults, and the family's black sheep'. Viviane had always dresses herself in colors and clothing that suited more for a man than for a woman. Viviane's mother described her daughter in her memoirs as 'a girl way out of her time, not obeying the laws that the society had set for a female'.

Tired of her family's and the society's laws, Viviane turned to a life of crime. She left her home, leaving only a note behind. Her family never tried to contact Viviane when she left their home. Viviane and her friend worked at the docks, robbing men and women in the borough of Westminster. Now dressed as a man, and under the name of Willy Salt, Viviane was wanted in the whole western part of London.

One day, Viviane – or Willy Salt – robbed a man from a ticket that to bring the man to the city of Boston. She used the ticket in 1750, and went to the Colonies. She had broken all of her ties in London, and took a job at a printer's shop. She ran in errands for the shopkeeper, and helped him printing news.

Joining the Assassins[]

Three years passed, and soon Viviane came in contact with a Native Man named Piloqutinnguaq Shikoba. He was a Native that tried to enlighten the citizens of the colonies about the Natives troubles and injustice. Viviane told Shikoba that she would talk to her master. The truth was that her master had died the past year, but he had given Viviane the shop – this was written in his testament. After talking to herself, discussing the statements and outcomes, Viviane came to an agree. The following week, papers and news about the Natives were printed all over Boston.

Shikoba returned to Viviane's household, stating that the articles was a great success. He wanted her to join a cause he believed in – and that she would too. He presented himself as an Assassin and for what he and the Assassins stood for. Viviane felt it hard to believe that secret companies controlled the world in the shadows. She refused, but after some persuasion from Shikoba, Viviane agreed to aid the Assassins. So, in late 1753, Viviane Vault joined the Assassins' ranks. She sold her establishment in Boston, and joined Shikoba in his headquarters in Albany in the River Valley.

The Valley-Templars []

Viviane was sent to deal with Templars all across the Colonies – and sometimes across the Colonies' borders. And so, the years passed. But in 1757 she became more distant to The Creed. It is unknown why, but the most reasonable is that she was influenced by a Templar. In 1757, Viviane joined the Templar Order – but not officially. She joined the Templars, but she did not left the Assassins publicly. In this way, Viviane could spy on them. Although, the spying-part was unnecessary: her leader, Shikoba, had joined forces with the Templars as well. But, in this case, Viviane was Shikoba's second-in-command.

The Templars had gained control in the River Valley, but these Templars was crucial and villainous: the world would be better without them. Grand Master Kenway gave Viviane and Shikoba orders to kill Francis White, Tracey Bandoleer, Stewart Oxide and Helen Scott-Astire. In late 1756, Viviane and Shikoba asked for an Assassin from the Caribbean Mentor, Claude Dimanche. The Templars had gained control in the Colonies, hunting down other Assassins. In order to seemingly follow the Assassins still, they needed to act discreet. In 1757, Claude Dimanche sent the Apito-siblings Condor and Yasmin to Albany – Shikoba's Headquarters.


In 1758, with the death of Scott-Astire, the Apito-siblings soon got news about Viviane's and Shikoba's true allegiance. Viviane was on patrol in the city of Albany with some mercenaries when they were attacked by two dark-skinned persons. Viviane's mercenaries was easily taken care of. But Viviane knew this was the Assassins. She used a smoke bomb to escape the area. Running back to the Albany Headquarters, Viviane yelled for assistance. She told the gang-members that Condor and Yasmin were turncoats needed to be stopped. Arriving at the base, Viviane told Shikoba that their lives were in danger. When Shikoba did not reply with anything but silence, Viviane repeated. Nothing. The Assassin turncoat now saw the blood that had been to a little pond. When Viviane turned the corpse, Shikoba had been brutally murdered with a knife. Viviane closed the eyes of her friend. The door closed behind her. Of course! Condor Apito drew his machete. Viviane drew her sword. After a long battle, and disarming of each one of them, Viviane stood all defenseless. Condor used his weapon to deliver the deathblow on Viviane by stabbing her in the stomach.

  • Viviane: "How many kills, Condor?"
  • Condor: "Today: two Templars – and they are the only one that matters."
  • Viviane: "The only that matters … You have grown the last year."
  • Condor: "I have, and you have crumpled."

Viviane succumbed to her wound.

  • Condor: "Rest in peace, traitor."






  1. Her first and last name starts with the letter V, like Batman's Vicki Vale
  2. Viviane Vault is partly inspired by AC: Rouge's Le Chasseur, and partly by the AC: Syndicate Ned Wynert (aka Henrietta "Netta" Mary Wynn)
  3. Viviane's date of death – 18th of March – is the same as Grand Master de Molay