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"If I had a choose to save my country or save my family, I have choose first"
―Vsevolod Golitsyn
Vsevolod Golitsyn
Vsevolod assassin.png
Biographical information

1480, Nizhny Novgorod, Anciet Russia


1567, Novosibirsk Khanate

Political information

The team of Ivan the Terrible (earlier)


Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: The Bright Sun

Voice actor

Steve Blum (Eng) Михаил Тихонов (Rus)

Vsevolod "Yariy" Golitsyn (рус. Всеволод "Ярый" Голицын) - a warrior of the Ivan the Terrible team, who went over to the side of assassins at the age of 28 and founder of Russian Brotherhood of Assassins. He is an Alexander Nevsky descendant and also Alexnder Pushkin and Dmitry Pavlov ancestor.


Early life.[]

Born in the family of peasants Mariya Golitsyna and Vladimir Golitsyn. Mother is milkmaid, and father is mower man. They loved their son, but sadly they couldn't spent so much time together. Vsevolod was a white crow, he didn't follow the herd, and always had his own opinion.

One day his mother died, and father started to drink much alchohol. He continued to working, but on holidays always became drunk.

When he became a 18 years old young man, he understood that he want to became a defender of his motherland, so he told his father about this. But Vladimir said that he will be a peasant like his parents without any questions.Vsevlod became very angry, and he answered that he will going to the army, despite father's directions. After the Vsevolod said that, his father grab his ear, locked him in the hayloft, and shout: "You will continue our family kind, whether you recon it or not!". But lately Vsevolod escaped from the hayloft and ran to enter the troops

The member of the team.[]

Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod.

Vsevolod went to the Kremlin, there was a place for acceptance into the army. When he enter the commission item, he said that he want to join the army, but then employer asked: "What can you do useful for us???" Vsevolod didn't answered, because he didn't know himself. Employer said, that he is not suitable, so all the best and goodbye. Howewer Vsevolod answered: "I won't get out from this place, untill you accept me into the team". Employer was shocked, he isn't expected this answer. After few seconds employer answered: "I said get out!" and Vsevolod said: "Only after you". The face of the employer became red, he hit the table and shout: "Security!!!".

The two big mens with armor and helmets, approached Vsevolod, grabbed his arms and threw him to the yard. He stand up, shooked off and looked to the stable, which was on the backyard of the commission item house. He going into the stable, found the fabric flap, lay down on it and started to sing "Where is my dear dissapeared???" very loud, by the way his skills in the singing was awful.