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"At one point he was one of the most wanted amongst the assassins hit list. Then he was their most trusted ally and quickly one of the greatest in their ranks. Walter took and took, learning the hard way by losing mostly everyone he cared about. But in the end, he showed he had some humanity and made amends for his deeds and misgivings, and stepped into the anals of Assassin legend."
―A 21st century Assassin historian on Walters's life

Walter Thomas Alder (c.1759/60 - 1798) was criminal and mercenary turned Assassin of the British Brotherhood in the mid 1790s until his death 1798 when he sacrificed his life to keep the Templar Order from retrieving a piece of Eden.

He was born in London, to parents with an obscure background. At the age of 10 he began attending a school where he met and befriended James Pansen, Collin Yarlows, and Lucas Nickinson, his four closest and trusted friends. After graduating from his education he and his friends enlisted in the British Military joining in the Revolutionary War but defected within the year becoming criminals and mercenaries for hire out of disillusionment for a cause they were made to believe was the right one but they had chosen the fact neither side was right and became neutral, forming a group based on personal gain and glory.

They took jobs of trafficking cargo to bodyguards for important nobles, and took up expeditions seeking arcane and ancient lore of the old pre-courser race, discovering temples, and the four friends made many great memories. But it was not to last. In early 1780, Collin began coercing with Templar Order feeding them information to slowly undermine his own friends and helping them gain more power, and eventually in late 1781 his double agent status got one Walter's lover Angelica Sanders killed, when she was pregnant with his child, and betraying them to the templar grand master Haytham Kenway for information about the Grand Temples wearabouts having found it on one of their expeditions. This led to Lucas being killed, and James being imprisoned for life, Collin joining the Templar Order, and Walter being left for dead, but he survived his grave injuries.


Early life[]