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Biographical information
Born 1458
Osaka, Japan
Died 1512
Osaka, Japan
Political information
Affiliations Chinese Assassins

Indian Assassins

Akimoto Clan

Washimaru Akimoto(1458- 1512) was born to a pair of Japanese assassin parents during the Muromachi period on August 2nd 1458 AD in Osaka Japan. He killed many at large Templar captains during his time with the assassins and traveled all over Japan and some regions of southeast China, carrying out missions for the Japanese Assassins. When he resigned from the assassins he moved to Adari, India where he joined the Indian Assassins for four years. While working with the Indian Assassins Washimaru met a young Indian woman named Akash Advani. In his older age he married Akash and after three miscarriges the couple finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Suhagi Akimoto, who was trained by her parents until she reached a suitable age to be inducted into the Order. In the year 1512 Washimaru met a young man claiming to be the son of a man Washimaru had worked with when he was with the Japanese Assassins. The young man brought news that Washimaru's friend had passed away three weeks ago. Washimaru traveled back with the man to Osaka to attend the funeral. While at the funeral a group of Templars Attacked the assassins and in his old age Washimaru was too slow. He took a dagger to the back and died instantly.


Early Life[]

In Washimaru's period of youth he was rebellious and independant as well as indignance towards the poverty and sadness of life that the Templars caused. As a child Washimaru's parents were rather wealty and had him train with two different senseis every year until he was ten, one to train with weapons and the other to train martial arts forms. By the time he was ten he had a great mastery over several different fighting styles and several different weapons. When he turned twelve Washimaru was inducted into the Order and made a novice level assassin.


Washimaru served as a Shogun twice in his life to two of the greatest Chinese Emperors. Eventually he went back to the assassins for two years. He retired after two years and departed for India.


After ariving in Adari, India, Washimaru met a young woman named Akash. While Akash showed him around the town two templar gaurds recognized her as an assassin and she took off. She felt bad for leaving Washimaru behind until she realized that he was running alongside her across the rooftops. Afterwards, Akash took Washimaru to her Mentor who liked Washimaru and thought that he would be a great asset to their branch after having the experience of already being an assassin. Washimaru joined the Indian Assassins and worked with them for four years helping them topple corrupt governments and righting wrongs.

Later Life[]

After three miscarriges the couple gave birth to a beuatiful baby girl named Suhagi Akimoto. She was named Suhagi, meaning lucky, due to the fact that the couple beleived that this child would be yet another miscarrige. Akash was killed by a Templar named Raj Majeet when Christopher Columbus came to India to work with Washimaru. At a funeral for an assassin he worked with in Japan a small group of Templars attacked but being old and slow, Washimaru did not see the knife that ended his life.

Equipment and Skills[]

Washimaru was adept at freerunning and many forms of unarmed combat such as ju-jitsu, kung fu, and Wushu, as well as being trained in the use of some baisic weaponry.

Washimaru wore two hook swords on his back, kunai knives and shuriken in his belt, a Hachiwara, a dagger with a small prong, strapped to his left calf, and a hidden blade worn on his right arm. He also weilded a knife and chain with a steel ball at the end that he used similarly to how Connor Kenway used his rope dart.


  • In Japanese, Washimaru's name means bird.
  • Washimaru never attended Samurai school, which was traditional for young boys.
  • Washimaru never wore two hidden blades or a hookblade.