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In Assassin's Creed: Turbulence, as a special agent, Jonathan Griffon has access to a large variety of weapons at his disposal as he accomplishes missions to gain trust of the different fighting factions. He overall has a choice from eight categories of weapons (one temporary and cannot be stored in inventory) and may choose four to suit his missions.


Due to the weight system introduced in the game, the player is prompted to think carefully about what to carry with them in relation to the missions they are carrying out. A basic principle is to always have less weight on Jonathan than the maximum he could carry, as the less he carries the more mobility and stamina he has and the more quickly he could get out of situations. Precision is always prioritized before firepower, as there will often be heavy weapons to use temporarily if situations get sticky. Although it is not required, it is strongly advised that the player always bring a melee weapon, due to the general light weight and much higher melee damage compared to the hidden blade.


During Inflitration missions, the player is usually not required to kill targets and free-running is heavily emphasized, thus it is important that they player retains as much stamina as possible (recommended at 25% load before Advanced Infantry Training), since the player would not be able to unlock Advanced Infantry Training before Level 15, which is usually unachievable before Sequence 4, it is strongly advised the player to upgrade the Reconnaissance Training early on to improve original stamina, which would give Jonathan the ability to carry 30 load without losing stamina instead of 25, just enough for a Bowie Knife, an HDM Pistol with 21 rounds and a MK.IIS version of the Sten with 150 rounds. During mid-game, assuming players have liberated Stronghold Aramaki, it is suggested that the player mainly equip the De Listle Carbine due to its light-weight and integral suppressor. If the player has The Jade Pendant of the Twin Fish expansion, during late game it is advised to change their weapon to the Experimental version of the Gewehr 43 as it is semi-automatic and comes with a scope. If not, then it is advised to retain the use of the De Listle or the A1S variant of the M1 Carbine as they are similar in stats, with the M1A1S heavier but packing more punch than the De Listle.

Suggested Loadout:

Early Game:

Melee: Bowie Knife/Bayonet

Sidearm: Hi-Standard HDM

SMG: Sten (MK.IIS variant)

Categories and Weapons[]


Name Rarity Damage Parry Range Cost Modifiers Requirements
Bayonet Common 1 1 1 N/A N/A Default at game start
Machete Common 2 1 1 100c N/A Can be picked up on german soldiers in Jade Pendant of The Twin Fish DLC
Cavalry Sword Common 4 3 2 500c N/A Can be picked up from nationalist officers in game
Shin Gunto Common 4 2 3 525c N/A Can be picked up from Japanese officers in game
Da Dao Common 5 2 2 600c N/A Can be picked up from communist officers and soldiers in game
Bowie Knife Rare 3 2 1 N/A +10% stabbing damage Unlocked after Sequence 2

Side Arms[]

Name Rarity Damage Mg.Sz Range Pentr. Cost Modifiers Requirements
Nambu Common 1 8 6 1 300c N/A Can be picked up from Japanese officers and tank crew
Luger Common 3 8 6 2 450c N/A Can be picked up from nationalist tank crew
M1911 Common 4 7 5 3 550c N/A Default at game start
Type 26 Common 3 6 6 2 400c N/A Can be picked up from Japanese officer
P38 Common 3 8 7 3 500c N/A Can be picked up from nationalist or communist officer
TT-33 Rare 2 8 7 2 600c +15% Hip-Fire Accuracy Unlocked after Sequence 5, Only purchasable at military supply shops
PPK Rare 3 7 7 3 600c +5% Crit Rate Can be picked up from Wang-wei officers, Unlocked after Sequence 4

Browning Hi-Powered

Model 10

Hi-Standard HDM