"If I don't try, I won't succeed – and if I cannot, no one can. "
―Wei Yan Wong to Phoxidas
Wei Yan Wong

Wei Yan Wong

Wei Yan

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c. 79 BCE
Ganyu, Han Empire


February 47 BCE
Nile Delta, Ptolemaic Kingdom

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge
Assassin's Creed: Changes
Assassin's Creed: Origins
Assassin's Creed: Civilization

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Angela Galuppo (Changes and Origins)

Wei Yan Wong (also known as The Falcon) was a Chinese-born Egyptian gladiatrix during the reign of Ptolemy XIII, who fought at the Cyrene Gladiator Arena. She wielded Oriental styled swords and inhabited unique fighting techniques. Her brother were also stationed at the Arena, and the two were known among the other gladiators as The Twins, but separately The Duelist and The Seleucid.

Wei Yan Wong were also a member of the Order of the Ancients, serving as their private hitman – and the lover of The Jackal, Lucius Septimus.

Wei Yan is an ancestor of Yusuf Acre on the maternal line.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born to Jia and Ming Wong in the city of Ganyu during the reign of the Han dynasty, Wei Yan and her twin brother – Bai – were destined to become fishers. Both of their parents were fishers, and the twins were not meant to be something else.

The Tangs Edit

The Wong-family were subject to Yijun Tang, leader of a family that had a foot inside of the royal court. Wei Yan and her brother were one day visited by the Tangs – Yijun and his two sons, Zhou and Tu Chao. The men let the horses stand by the road while they came down to the siblings. "Where are your mother?" Yijun asked. The twins did not wanted to answer, but when one of the Tang-brothers tried to hit Wei Yan, Bai said: "She is inside our house."

Yijun thanked Bai and left the siblings. Wei Yan and Bai felt uneasy in presence of the Tang-brothers. Suddenly, Tu Chao punched Wei Yan to the ground. Bai was standing there perplex for some seconds before he were punched unconscious to the ground. Wei Yan tried to get over to Bai, but Zhou grabbed her and dragged her to some bushes. The last Wei Yan saw before being dragged into it, was Tu Chao laying Bai on the back, taking off his shirt.

Wei Yan were placed on her back, trying to break free from her attacker. She refused to stop protecting herself, even if Zhou told her not to. First when he pulled out a knife and placed it on her throat, Wei Yan stopped. "Good girl," he said. Zhou opened her dress by using the knife. The man's desire could not stop him from harassing Wei Yan.

After the abuse, Wei Yan could not move – she felt ashamed and destroyed. She fell unconscious. First when the stars began to shine at the sky, she awakened and tried to get back to the house. When she saw it, Wei Yan was devastated: it was completely destroyed. Wei Yan only stood there for some moments, before recognizing her brother. He had also come back to himself – watching the house. They walked up to it, holding their hands.

Ming's throat had been sliced, Jia's head had been crushed by someone. His killer must've had taken his head and hit it to the wall several times. Wei Yan hoped only that her father had been killed by the hits, and not by blood loss – watching Ming being raped.

The attack Edit

A half year later, the Tangs were sailing down a river – accompanied by lovers, not their wives. Four soldiers protected them. The boat was long, and were steered by using a stick to navigate. The men and women laughed while they partied – but it stopped when Wei Yan and Bai Wong jumped from a tree and down on the boat. All of the people screamed, but the lovers fled by jumping into the river and swimming to the riverbank. The Tangs ordered their soldiers to kill the peasant-siblings Wong – while they personally followed their lovers, jumping into the river.

Two of the soldiers were going for Wei Yan, the other two for Bai. None of the twins carried weapons. Wei Yan had been trained well however by The Warrior. The soldiers rose their swords and try to strike her down, but Wei Yan rolled over to their back, rising quickly. She grabbed one of the soldiers and fought the other by holding one of them and using her free arm to control the soldier's fighting arm. After striking down the latter, Wei Yan placed the soldier's head under water, drowning him. Successfully in doing so, Wei took the swords of the soldiers: two Oriental styled swords.

Turning over to her brother, she saw Bai had obtained a long axe and some bombs. The twins turned to the riverbank, seeing the Tangs still swimming. Wei Yan and Bai jumped out in the river, following them.

Running after the Tangs, Wei Yan and Bai pushed away branches and stepped over sticks. When the catched up on the Tangs, Wei Yan attacked her abuser: Zhou. Tu Chao were attacked by Bai. Wei Yan's opponent defended himself with two daggers. Grabbing one of them, Wei Yan were able to throw it into the back of Yijun Tang. Zhou was distracted by his father being cut down. Zhou used his other dagger to stab Wei Yan in the side, running over to his father. Wei Yan were stopped for a few seconds, regaining focus quickly. She took out the dagger and threw it into Zhou's neck, killing him.

Wei Yan turned over to her brother, witnessing him throwing the bomb at Tu Chao. The bomb exploded, and a fire was killing the one who had raped the her brother. Running off in the forest as a torch, Wei Yan and Bai walked up to the dying Yijun Tang. Wei Yan turned him over on the back, pressing the dagger deeper into his body. While Wei Yan pulled out one of her newly obtained swords, her brother used his to threaten the father of the two rapists. Standing over the man, the twins impaled the man.

Yijun: "Curse you! Killing me for only a taste of revenge!"

Wei Yan: "No, not revenge – justice."

Yijun: "Don't make laugh! It is as simple as this: you wanted to end my life because of something I did."

Bai: "Why did you do it?"

Yijun: "What? Eliminating the Emperor's concubine? Sending ships the Emperor didn't know about to destinations he was never will know about? Obtaining artifacts for my master? … Or killing your parents?"

Bai and Wei Yan: "The murder of our parents!"

Yijun: "Oh, your mother was a high-ranking member of your fold, and your father their supplier. They were nothing more but fishers, but your mother began searching for something she was not going to meddle with. An artifact. She were not supposed to get it – no one should get their hands on that artifact, not even my brothers-and-sisters-in-combat. Your father was a supporter of her cause, supplying her and her allies with fish and were a smuggler when he had time for it."

Wei Yan: "So, you and they were natural enemies – "

Bai: "Yet, the question stands: why did you rape us?"

Yijun: "I told my sons to make sure you did not intervened. I did not wanted more murders than was necessary. However, I now understand that I should've ordered them to kill you both. I guess that the war we fought would end quite different with your death half a year ago. Foolish of me."

(Yijun succumbed to his wounds.)

Wei Yan: "You should've killed us a long time ago."

Bai: "But now, we will hunt down your brothers and sisters – with ours' at our side."

Memory corridor - Yijun Tang

Memory corridor - Yijun Tang

Kneeling by the corpse, Wei Yan picked up a necklace with a V-formed insignia.

Assassin's Order

Rong Hsu's fortress Edit

The Warrior sat at her room, writing her family's history when the door opened. Wei Yan and Bai walked in – throwing the necklace to The Warrior. Catching it with her free hand, The Warrior said: "I suggest master Tang have been dealt with." Wei Yan walked over to a statue of Buddha, lightened by candles; her brother answered: "We made sure he suffered – so with his sons." The Warrior smiled, placing the necklace with the three others: necklaces belonging to Mu Pan, a Master Assassin; Qiang Zhang, an ally of the Brotherhood who supplied them with shelter across China; Zhu Chen, the Emperor's bastard and the Mentor's closest friend. Now Yjun Tang. The Warrior was pleased with her assassin-hunters. She rose from her place and walked over to the balcony at the palace. Assassin-turncoat Zedong Zan was training recruits down at the bailey: "You have done well in hunting down these Assassins and their allies. Your next target is Rong Hsu, the Emperor's secret agent in the field. My informants tell me that she have taken the silk route to the far West – i don't know why. I want you to infiltrate her estate in the outskirts of Shanghai. The estate operates as an Assassin den. Find out whatever you can and bring the information to me." The two Templars nodded and left the room.

Taking a horse from the Templar hideout to the Assassin den, the trip from Fuyang to Shanghai took four days. Upon arriving what looked like the Assassin den, Wei Yan and her brother began planning. They would infiltrate by night, when the Assassins were going to sleep. Wei were smooth and acrobatic than her brother, so she would kill the Assassins while he would infiltrate Hsu's sleeping chambers. If a fight broke out, Wei Yan were quick enough to fight her out of it – Bai were strong enough to fight his way out of it. He did not have his fire bombs with him however – he had given these to the Templar scientist Gang Yu for him to understand how they worked, and how they could be mass-produce. Wei Yan and her brother decided to split up, covering more ground from start.

Climbing up the walls of the fortress, Wei Yan did not take long before killing the first Assassin – sneaking up to him. She grabbed him by his shoulder, placing herself in front of him. Whilst falling to the ground, Wei Yan forced him under her – strangling him. Wei Yan took the Assassin's bow-and-arrows and a dagger, and ran up to a tower. She aimed for other archers – killing totally seven. After bringing down the archers, Wei Yan climbed down to the courtyard, killing one by one with the dagger. When she were going to cut the throat of the commander, a huge brute, Wei Yan were grabbed by the throat. She wanted to scream – mostly because of the shock of being discovered than over being attacked. The man rose from his bed, throwing her three meters away. She landed on her hands, managing to executing a roll-over – landing on her feet – pulling out her swords from the back.

The man was dressed in an armor of three-layered leather, and wielded a long sword. Two female Assassins dressed in thick leather-armor and metal-masks – who had shared the tent with him – took their weapons, ready for attacking Wei Yan. The rest of the camp's Assassins had been murdered – in the courtyard at least. Wei Yan awaited for the attack: the Assassins should attack first, then she could begin her fight. It didn't take long before one of the females ran towards Wei Yan – but were quickly killed by Wei Yan, slicing her chest in two. "Your turn, commander Guiying," the remaining female said. The commander screamed in anger before running up to Wei Yan. "For Fen!" Wei Yan jumped over Guiying; she heared steps from behind however and ducked – dodging the Assassin's strike. The woman fell over to Guiying. "Your'e alright, Jing?" The woman nodded. Wei Yan grinned: "Time to die, Jing and Guiying."

The commander ran up to Wei Yan, but she jumped over him again, slicing his back. Jing ran up to Wei Yan, but she spinned around and cut up the leather-armor of the woman. Now attacking, Wei Yan ran up to the two, kicking the commander in the chest, jumping over to Jing. The female Assassin screamed in agony as the assassin-hunter placed her sword within her head. The Assassin fell to the ground, with the commander remaining. "The last one standing, I see." Guiying lifted his sword and mocked her: "A coward will just stand by; a warrior will attack me." Wei Yan sank dropped sword, stating: "And a hunter kill the prey." With a quick movement, she pulled out the dagger and threw it into the left side of the commander, aiming for his heart.

Just as Wei Yan took back the dagger, she heard a window shatter. She saw at the chambers of Rong Hsu. Bai, her brother, jumped out of the window – followed by arrows. He somehow managed to doge them all. Wei Yan ran up to Bai and they left the fortress. "What have you found out?" Wei Yan asked. "She's collecting an artifact for the Mentor – a relic left by Those Who Came Before, as it reads. She will fetch it from the library in Alexandria from a man named The Sicilian." The two ran up to the fortress' walls, climbing down out of it.

When they ran from the building, they suddenly heard the gates open and turned. The remaining Assassins came out, riding on horses. "Are you in condition to fight?" she asked. "Where there is smoke, there is fire," he answered. Wei Yan pulled out her swords, ready to protect herself; Bai took out his axe. Six Assassins in a total came riding towards them. Upon approaching, the Assassins pulled out bows and began firing at the Templar-twins. They circled around them, like vultures. Wei Yan were able to dodge them, but her brother were not. He were shot in the back and the legs. Distracted by her brother being hurt, Wei Yan were struck down by an arrow, impaling her fighting arm. Losing her sword, Wei Yan were soon captured by a net. Her brother were also captured by one. The Assassins stopped circling. One of them walked up to Bai, kicking him unconscious. Wei Yan screamed in agony, but was soon silenced by the same Assassin.

When she wake up, Wei were inside a wooden cage – Bai in another cage. They had been captured.

Imprisonment Edit

Two days later, the door to the dungeon were opened. Guiying walked into the room, grabbing Wei Yan by the throat and lifting her up. Bai tried to do something, but he had been placed one cage away, making it impossible to rescue his sister. "I would really like to choke you this second, it is so easy." Wei Yan told him to do it, showing her what a monster was. Guiying pulled her towards him – smashing her head to the iron grating. "If there is something I will never give a Templar the joy to feel, is getting her wish." After being given the key to the cage, Guiying entered. Wei Yan was to weak and too non-present to defend herself. Guiying knelt beside her. "If it was not for that you and your brother were so skilled, I would kill you when you were unconscious. You murdered my sisters in cold blood, give me one good reason not to do the same with your brother, little miss." Wei Yan could not answer, she was too weak. "What's that? No reason? Well, I can't kill him because of orders given to me by Rong – but hurting him wouldn't be so bad." The last thing that Wei Yan heard before fading out was her brother being beaten by Guiying.

Dreaming, Wei Yan saw herself standing down a floor. At the end, an enormous mantis scratched the floor down to him. Wei Yan tried to run, but she could not move herself. When she approached the animal, she landed on her feet: "Please, don't kill me." The mantis turned his head around before jumping back in the dark. Wei Yan stood there for an eternity, only hearing whispers from the shadows. She was unable to follow the mantis. Before she was awaken, Wei Yan saw the silhouette of a man in dark clothing wielding a scythe.

Rong Hsu stood by Wei Yan. In her hand she held a glowing orb. Wei Yan ran up, trying to grab it. Rong took a step back, grining. "Feisty little Templar. Good, then we can talk directly. I know why you're here – you and your brother: to take this from me." She held up the orb. "This was given to me by the Sicilian of Egypt. He tasked me to protect it from people like you, and to discover it's purpose. Tell me, what do you know about this item?" Wei Yan glanced at Rong. "How am I supposed to know? I don't know anything about it. That was my mission: taking it, in order to study and understand it's meaning." Rong answered that it was ridiculous to steal something in order to understand it when no one knew it's purpose. Wei Yan switched subject: "When are you going to let me out?" Rong grinned: "As soon as you've told me where the Templars holding their base." Wei Yan looked a long time on the Assassin before answering: "I guess I'll end my days here then." Rong turned away, walking up to the door out of the prison. The last thing she said before leaving, was: "No one are strong enough with their willpower to resist pressure; at some point they break – giving in to whatever their opponent throwing at them. You will too."

Wei Yan were kept alive, barely.

Execution Edit

Still not getting any information out of neither her or her brother, the twins was kept in the dungeons for some time before being let out one day in January. The people who brought her out were two men dressed in leather, wielding axes on their back. "Not much left of the feisty Templar, hey, Li?" The man named Li laughed before stating: "Far too true, Kang." Wei Yan did not even had the strength to counter with a nifty reply. Seeing the sunshine for the first time in months, Wei Yan felt like her skin was burning a little. She screamed – wether or not it was for the sun's meeting or its burning, she could not tell.

Being brought up to a podium, Wei Yan was reunited with Bai. The two was placed a bit away from the real stage. By this moment, Rong Hsu held a speech for the Assassins and the mercenaries in the camp. It had been refilled since the last time Wei Yan was out in the sun. "Ladies and gentlemen – recruits and veterans – you are to be witnesses to the death of two Templars this day: The Wong-twins!" The Assassins was either cheering for the twins' death, or yelling over what they knew the Templars had done. "These two people have slaughtered several of our brothers and sisters, Jing and Fen in particular – trying to kill our commander Guiying also. This is not their only crime: trying to steal the orb I was given by the Sicilian of Egypt, and an attempt on ending my life." After waiting for the crowd to calm down, she continued: "Trusted with the power given to me by the Council, I have been given the authority to strike down these Assassin-hunters – starting with Ms. Wong."

Fighting against the soldiers, Wei Yan tried to get out of their grip – given the result that her captors, Li and Kang, only empowered their grip. Being forced to kneel, the Templar was facing the crowd – ignoring the executioner. He knelt beside her, whispering in her ear: "May Buddha's helpers find a place for you amongst the dead." She recognized that voice: "Screw you, Guiying." The man spit in her face, raising up again. He took a grip around the sword's hilt. He let the blade going in front of Wei Yan. She could see herself for a short moment: weak, pale, swelling eyes and purple areas around them.

Just as Guiying was going to cut her head off, she heard a scream from behind. She turned. An arrow had just impaled the man's throat, ending his life. Avoiding an arrow, Rong immediately rolled over the podium. Wei Yan could spot them now: green-dressed Templar-archers. Rong pulled out her own sword was going to strike her down when an arrow impaled her hand, making the Assassin lose her sword – rescuing Wei Yan's life. Saving her brother in the nick of time, some archer killed his captors. Li and Kang pulled out their axes, trying to kill Wei Yan and Bai – resulting being shot in the back, bleeding out slowly. As Rong fled the area, she told the Assassins to stop the archers – but she were stopped herself. The Templars had infiltrated their ranks, disguised as mercenaries. Realizing she had to fight her way out of the courtyard, Rong ejected her hidden blade and began to fight. Meanwhile, the Templar-mercenaries pulled out weapons and killed other members of the Assassin Order.

Being approached by an archer, Wei Yan was given a sword, being told to fight her way to freedom. Telling her savior that she was too weak, Wei Yan put down the weapon. "It's an order, Wei Yan Wong." The archer pulled away the mask: Zedong Zan! Still holding the weapon in front of her, Wei Yan took the sword and rose from the floor. "Take this," Zedong said, giving Wei Yan a shiny object. Before she could ask what it was, Zedong left Wei Yan. Taking the object around her neck, the Templar felt new strength rushing through her veins. Turning to see her brother was being given the same object around her neck, Wei Yan jumped down from the podium – pursuing Rong Hsu, who at this moment had managed to get to her chambers.

Killing everyone in her way before getting to Rong, Wei Yan felt she was being brought more and more alive killing the Assassins, one by one. Catching the Master Assassin in the act as she held the orb in her hand, ready to flee the fortress, Wei Yan locked the door behind her. "Leaving so soon?" Rong did not care to answer, only throwing a knife in her direction. Dodging it, Wei Yan held her sword towards the woman who had held her at the brink of death. "You think you got me, Wong?" Wei Yan answered that she didn't thought she had her, she knew it. "Very well, let's make this quick." Finding it most safe to keep the orb on her person, Rong placed it in a pocket. Grabbing a pair of katanas, she swung them around before pointing them on Wei Yan. "Your move."

Wei Yan ran up to Rong, swinging her sword from the right. The Assassin blocked, the swords quivering. With a harsh movement, the Assassin threw Wei Yan's weapon out of the latter's hands. Falling backwards because of the movement, Rong tried to stab Wei Yan through her throat – with the Templar falling on her back, avoiding the blow. From the floor, she catched the Assassin. Falling, Wei Yan grabbed her sword and swung it towards Rong – rolling away, getting back on her feet. Trying to attack her from under, the Assassin moved quick and smooth. Hitting it away from her, Wei Yan kicked the Assassin in the chest. Now trying from the top, Wei Yan blocked – making the swords giving a high-pitched clatter. Falling backwards, Wei Yan kicked Rong in the jaw with her knee. Screaming in pain, she turned around just in time to block the Templar's next move – using the hidden blade to stab Wei Yan in the abdomen. Up close, Wei Yan hit the Assassin the head using the hilt, forcing herself out of Rong's grip. Delivering the deathblow, Wei Yan pushed her katana through her target's chest. Falling to the ground, Wei Yan knelt beside her, exchanging the last rites with Rong Hsu.

  • Wei Yan: "So the tales of the legendary Assassin Rong Hsu dies."
  • Rong: "I'm finding it hard to believe that the reputation of mine will accompany me to the afterlife, despite the fact that you have tried to ruin everything I have built here."
  • Wei Yan: "As we have, I think. The Assassins' loss are far greater than ours. You killed my parents, ended the life of our allies within the imperial court, and put me at the death's door. What have become of your ideals and plans, Assassin? Your acolytes and followers are all dead, the orb are in the Order's possession, and the fortress – like you – are finished in the forests of the Empire."
  • Rong: "I just don't get it. Every time we're trying to achieve something on behalf of the people of this land, your allies come in our way! We're spending months – years! – on trying to recruit and help these poor citizens. I served the Brotherhood proudly – you cannot take that away from me – and I did the duty that was expected from me. I. Saved. Lives. Hundreds of them; and I would've saved far more!"
  • Wei Yan: "Enough of your prattle: hand me the orb."
  • Rong: "Here then, take it; try to see if your scientist can figure it out. (Coughing) May you choke on your honor and revenge."

(Rong succumbed to her wounds.)

  • Wei Yan: "The only thing that will be choking me, is the stinking smell of your burning corpse."
Memory corridor - Rong Hsu

Memory corridor - Rong Hsu

The Nexus Edit

Ending the battle out in the courtyard, Wei Yan ordered the Templar-mercenaries to get Rong's body and get it to the execution-spot; Bai was instructed to get some firewood, taking more mercenaries along with him. Zedong Zan instructed the archers to execute the remaining Assassins. The mercenaries was either chained or bound to watch the scene the Wongs was going to do.

Putting the body of Rong Hsu on fire, Bai held a speech about what was going to happen to everyone who told about their existence or decided not to follow them as their soldiers. The mercenaries who decided to join the Templars took a few steps forward, with the remaining immediately being stabbed in the back by the Order's mercenaries. "Now that we have your fully attention, know that we from this moment oversee your every step. Tell about us to anyone outside of the Order, you die; spill the beans about our workings and general doings, you die; reveal our society to the publicity for coins, you die. Do we understand each other? You work for us, you live for us, you die for us."

Whilst her brother threatened the mercenaries, Wei Yan studied the orb. Covered with white-glowing knobs, Wei Yan began pushing on them, trying it out. Hearing a click, she began turning around on what seemed to be plates and cogwheels. At last solving it, a white light enveloped and clouded her vision.

Wei Yan found herself in a dark room, only lighted by the yellow-shimmering floor. Wandering around, she noticed it to be the same place she had been sent into a few months earlier. Suddenly she saw something giving away light in the distance. Afraid for knowing what it was, Wei Yan stood at her place. She refused to move any further, but some sort of force pulled her to the light. Soon, Wei Yan found herself facing an enormous three-headed dog. Observing it from a safe distant, the dog still sensed her. He turned over to her, sniffing. He oversaw her, walking away. The same force made Wei Yan follow, now hearing stroke of wings from a bird. Turning her head, she saw a glowing eagle coming from the dark, grabbing the dog and flew out in the dark again. "Wait! Who are you?!" After waiting for a time, she repeated the question. After still not receiving an answer, Wei Yan screamed: "Answer me, fool!" Still not giving an answer, Wei Yan suddenly heard something else: crawling? Small animals? Cockroaches! They crawled towards her. The powers that had forced her to stay, was now gone. They began crawling towards her, but she ran off – tramping other down. However, as she smashed one, three new emerged. Soon, the insects began flying. Overwhelming her, the cockroaches began crawling over her entire body. Entering her mouth, they soon began choking her. She fell to the ground, feeling the cockroaches beginning biting her. They ate her alive.

"Wei Yan! Wake up!" Opening her eyes, Wei Yan saw into the looks of her brother. "You are pale, sister." Hearing the voice of Zedong Zan beside her, Wei Yan turned her head: "This aren't a toy, Wong. I thought you would understand to let Gang Yu study it. We'll talk about this with The Warrior."

Punishment Edit

Returning to Fuyang, the Templar-siblings met with the Grand Master. She was angry, not surprisingly, and told Zedong to let her handle the Wongs on her own – to which he nodded. Leaving them, Lin awaited for the siblings to defend themselves. Bai started: "Grand Master, we deeply apologize for our failed mission. We were caught off guard, it won't happen again." Wei Yan filled in: "We know we don't deserve our titles as Templars, but please, give us one more chance, Grand Master." The Warrior looked on them, coldness covering her dead smile. "I'm finding it amusing that you think me simply forgiving you will be enough to justify the fact that you exposed yourself to the Brotherhood." Wei Yan looked down on her shoes. "I have taken care of you since you came to Fuyang, and I'm gravely despondent knowing of your carelessness. I saw great potential in you two – and you've shown me what you can do. Yet, now it seems that you both have the need to go back to the bootcamp. I'm sorry, but I won't tolerate any more mistakes. Am I understood, Wongs?" The siblings nodded. The Grand Master told them to leave. On their way out, Wei Yan asked what would happen with the orb, to which Lin answered that Gang Yu would examine it.

Walking to the bailey, the siblings met with Zedong. Men and women executed diverse fighting movements. As if he could read their mind, he told his fellow-Templars – men who already were by his side – to continue training the Templars under learning. Zedong himself brought the siblings out of the bailey and into a more private place. Highly skilled Templars trained here for polishing their skills under the supervision of Zedong; these did not need his supervision entirely however, since they could handle their training almost by themselves – therefore only being supervised by the Fuyang Fortress' captain, Ah-Ju-Tao Hai. Entering a fighting circle, Wei Yan was given a sword by Captain Hai. "I have my own blades, captain." Hai replied that he knew that, but the Grand Master had ordered so. It soon came to her, that the The Warrior had taken this decision even before she returned to the Fuyang Fortress. All of this was staged. "I don't see how this is going to help, Master Zan." Zedong took lifted his katana, pointing it on her: "If you were skilled enough, you wouldn't have been captured. When I'm done playing with you, I'll send you to the doctors. Thereafter, Lei Kwan will sharpen the Templar doctrines – to make sure you don't forget the Order's purpose."

Wei Yan and Zedong circled around one another before Wei Yan attacked. Zedong swiftly blocked her attack before giving her a kick in the back. "Again," Zedong said. Wei Yan lifted her sword for an attack, but the result was the same. "As I told the Grand Master: your technique is sloppy. Your many kills have gone to your head, Wei Yan – you are still not up for a real challange." Ending with the same result after a new attack-attempt, Wei Yan cooled down: She would not be able to defeat him this way. Waiting for an opening, Wei Yan swung her sword to Zedong's side. The man slightly avoided it, claiming it was just a lucky shot – which seemed to be true. After trying again, Zedong disarmed her – pointing the end of his blade at her heart. "Your dead." Thinking fast, Wei Yan used her left arm to hit the sword out of Zedong's hand, disarming him. Quickly grabbing her own weapon from the ground, she held it towards Zedong. "Not bad," he commented. Letting her guard down, Wei Yan forgot about Zedong's past as an Assassin: he wielded a Hidden Blade. He disarmed her again, getting behind her and placed the blade on her throat. "Dead for a second time." Putting the blade back into his wrist, he gave Wei Yan a head to the temple – making her dizzy for a few seconds. "We are finished here, Wei Yan; go to Lei." Thinking to grab the sand beneath her and try again, she found it best to leave it that way. She did what she were told, and went for the library. Behind her, she could her her brother initiating a battle with Zedong.

Meeting the small, yet older, Lei Kwan in the library, Wei Yan were told to find herself a seat. Finding a group of scrolls, Lei began tutoring Wei Yan. "Our founder, Yating Ming, was a great man – born for over more than 300 years ago. He was the son of a man with visions – but without resources. Kang would therefore seek out a work in the Emperor's army in order to obtain them. Through hard work and labor, he established a royal-supported organization that would later turn into the Order of the Knight Templars. Later, his successor disowned the ties with the Emperor – but still maintaining the connection with the Emperor's advisor, thus not being exploit by the royal family. As the years went on, we disappeared to the shadows – operating as the secret forces of society. This is what the Order are based upon: achieving hidden power to create a functional nation, benefitting those in power – thus making the world a better place for all living beings." Lei turned to Wei Yan, asking what she had done wrong on her mission to the outskirts of Shanghai. Wei Yan sighed and stated that she knew she had acted badly, but it would not help that every one rubbed it in her face. Lei laughed it off: "On the contrary, tángguǒ. I need you to analyze your ways-of-acting in order to learn from them – just as in history, one have to learn what others did wrong in order to not repeat the past's mistakes. So, what did you do wrong?"

Looking back, Wei Yan understood what she had done wrong. Templars were supposed to stick together, acting alone was a dangerous risk. This was the first premise: "Make a solid core, even how small your group is." She should've stayed with her brother, finding the information swiftly. The second one was to crush your enemies by "relying on to the shadows". The twins was to wait patiently, let the target do your dirty-work. The Order's third rule sounded as following: "Never risk the Order's position." By letting themselves being captured, the Templars' position was at risk – they could never know if their agent would fall to the pressure. Wei Yan told this to Lei, who smiled approving. "Good, now here are some scrolls of the Templars' actions throughout the history. Read it, learn it."

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  1. Wei Yan Wong may be translated to Small Beautiful Monarch or Fern Cliff Monarch
    • Wei come from Chinese 微 (wēi) meaning "small" or 薇 (wēi) meaning "fern".
    • Yan come from Chinese 艳 (yàn) meaning "beautiful, gorgeous" (which is usually only feminine) or 岩 (yán) meaning "cliff, rocks".
    • Wong is a Cantonese romanization of 王 (wáng) meaning "king, monarch".
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