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"We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins."
―Niccolò Machiavelli
West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins
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Organizational information
Leader's title



Tulum (formerly)
Great Inagua (formerly)
Kingston (currently)


Caribbean sea

Related organizations

Maroon Rebellion
Pirate Republic



Historical information
Date formed

Early 16th century

Date collapsed


Date reorganized


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Notable members

The West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins were the Caribbean Brotherhood located in the West Indies, founded in the early 16th century after the Assassins' spread to the New World in 1503. As of the 18th century, the Caribbean Assassins mirrored the organizational structure of the Levantine Assassins, with their headquarters located in Tulum and bureaus placed all across the West Indies.

History []

Early history[]

In 1503, Ezio Auditore da Firenze sent a group of Assassins to Constantinople, where they managed to retrieve maps of the New World from a cartographer's workshop. Realizing that the Templars were already expanding their influence to the new-found lands, the Assassins swiftly followed suit. After these Assassin immigrants from Europe made contact with the indigenous peoples in the Caribbean, many natives joined the Order, finding similarities between their own way of living and the Assassin ideology. From 1503 onwards the Assassins in the Caribbean were led by Dilham Tazim, the younger brother of Yusuf Tazim.

Golden Age of Piracy []

During the Golden Age of Piracy, the Assassin Order was lead by Mentor Ah Tabai and his right-hand woman: Mary Read. They had hunted the Templar Order for years, but the luck was turned when Edward Kenway was interrupting their actions – and the Templars was now leading. Later, Kenway – along with Andrés François – started to hunt down the Templars. In their search of the Sage, Bartholomew Roberts, Kenway and the Assassins started a hunt for the Observatory. It ended with the Templars being eliminated, and the room being protected by the Guardians of the Observatory.

Caribbean Purge []

During the Caribbean Purge, the Brotherhood of Assassins was attacked on all sides by the Templar Order. During their golden age, the Assassin Brotherhood flourished. During the Purge, the Brotherhood was reduced with great amounts of members and influence. At some point in the purge, the Templars Eleonora Concord and Eric Rackham chose to leave the Order and join forces with the Assassins. By doing this, the Brotherhood was saved from extinction, thus uniting the Taínos and the Brotherhood against the Templars. The Order was not stopped because of this little setback, however, and the Conservative and Radical branch united to eliminate their common enemy – using an ally from the Colonies, Callum Kerr. This resulted in the Brotherhood's ruin in 1776.

Comeback []

At some point after the Purge of the Assassins, the Templar-turncoat named Erick Rackham chose to reestablish the Brotherhood. He established himseld at the island of Ocracoke. After bringing down several Templars – such as the Master Templar of Great Inagua, Shalin Yangming, Franscesco Malfetti, Eric Johnson and Augustin Rouen – with the help of his lieutenants, the Order's presence and influence was massively reduced in the West Indies.

With the breakout of the War of 1812, the Caribbean Mentor sent troops to support the American Brotherhood and their Mentor: Connor. In 1816, the Brits Hunter Porter and the Frye-brothers arrived in Caribbean to aid the reestablished Brotherhood in purging the West Indies anew, this time hunting for the Templar Order.

Present day[]

Today, the Assassins are trying to make the Brotherhood grow. During the Great Purge, the Brotherhood was nearly demolished. The only one still standing, was apprentices, a few Master Assassins and the Mentor: Dipper Franz. From a bunker in Kingston, the Assassins are hacking into governments of the West Indies. Abstergo Medical are running a project which allows the Abstergo-branches to create their own Pieces of Eden.


Assassins during the Golden Age[]

Assassins that operated in Caribbean on the behalf of the Assassin Order during the Golden Age of Piracy

Assassins during the Purge []

Assassins that acted on behalf of the Assassin Order during the Caribbean Purge.

Assassins today[]

The modern day Assassins. From left to right: male novice, male Master Assassin, female novice

Present day Caribbean Assassins.png

Assassin Councils []

The Assassin Council was based with the Mentor and his or hers lieutenants at their side. Today, the Assassins are so few, only Dipper Franz and some other Assassins is guarding the Caribbean

Old Council Golden Age Council Purge-Council New Caribbean Brothers
Ah Tabai(1713 – c. 1745) Claude Dimanche(1745 – 1772) Lady Concord(1773 – 1776) Eric Rackham

(1776 – ?)

Mary Read

(?– 1721)

Victor Jensen(c. 1760– 1770) Condor Apito(? – 1776) Lucia Rocio

(1777 – ?)


(1720 – 1758)

Josephine Travers(1752 – 1770) Ruby Travers(? – 1776) Frits Jonathan

(1777 – ?)

Songui(? – 1776) Brandan Laurence

(1777 – ?)

Delaware Dinsmore(? – 1776)

Assassin Mentors[]

The recorded Mentors of the Caribbean.

1500s 1600s 1700s 1800/1900s Present
Dilham Tazim(1503 – 1550) Damian Collins(1621 – 1657) Ah Tabai(1713 – c. 1745) Hunter Porter(1829 – 1880) Dipper Franz(2011 – )
Aruhna Louverture(1550 – 1594) Lilla Adams(1657 – c. 1673) Claude Dimanche(c. 1745 – 1772) Rose Hamilton(1880 – 1920)
Unnamed Mentor

(1596 – 1621)


(1673 – c. 1713)

Destroyed Brotherhood'(temporarily) Edmund Carter(1920 – 1976)
Lady Concord(1773 – 1776) Alice Travers

(1976 – 2011)

Eric Rackham(1776 – 1829)