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"Did I believe in their creed? At the time I would believe anything they told me was true, I was a puppet, doing whatever they said and believing everything they told me. These days, I only believe in one part of that creed, nothing is true, at least when it comes to Assassins. The Templars are right, they always were, and I see that now. May the father of understanding be with you friend, for he certainly was with me." -William Stork answering a fellow Templar's Question

William Stork
Biographical information



2015 at 26 yrs

Political information

Modern-Day Assassins (Formerly)

Abstergo Industries Modern-Day Templars

Real-world information

William Stork was a Modern day Assassin turncoat. He was assassinated by Jack Falcon in 2015. When he left the Assassins he brought Abstergo Animus Data that led them to the journal of Noboru Kato.