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William de Saint-Prix
Biographical information

7 May 1761
Saint-Prix, France


20 August 1814 (aged 53)
Boston, United States

Political information

Hermeticists (formerly)

Real-world information

William de Saint-Prix (1761 - 1814) was a French scientist, author and member of the Assassin Order.


Early life[]

Guillaume Pierre de Saint-Prix was born on May 7 1761 to French parents Robert de Saint-Prix (1734 - 1800) and Arianne Blanchett (1739 - 1807). His parents were both aristocrats and, in secret, members of the Assassin Order. William was one of eight children.

Like many other children of Assassins, William was trained from a very young age skills that would become useful later in his life. His father was a very smart man, and by the age of twelve William had very advanced knowledge of science and reading.

In the Thirteen Colonies[]

Being the smart child that he was, William understood what the Assassins actually were at a very young age. On June 24, 1778 Robert sent William to the colonies to fight the British, specifically the British Templars for the Assassins.

William arrived in New York City, which was still occupied by notorious Templars. Amongst them was Major Charles Eden. After John Pitcairn's death in 1775, Eden was the man in charge of his soldiers in New York.

Upon arriving, William found the Assassin headquarters he was told to look for. It was a bar, and he found the man he was looking for at the counter. Stephane Chapheau, a fellow Assassin. Chapheau introduced him to the other Assassins stationed in New York City, including Clipper Wilkinson, Deborah Carter, Jacob Zenger, Jamie Colley and Duncan Little.

William was initially met with distrust because of his noble upbringing, but he earned their respect after displaying his talents in freerunning, combat and weapon crafting.

First contract[]

To ultimately prove his loyalty, William was given his first Templar to kill on January 7, 1779. A Lieutenant in the British Army, Louis Pendleton, was a Templar and he needed to be killed.

Pendleton was at the now abandoned Fort Stanwix with a small regiment of troops. William arrived at the fort on January 14, and planned it out. He decided to get in at night. At midnight on January 14, William climbed one of the fort's walls and snuck in. Pendleton was sleeping in one of the small houses smack in the middle of the fort, but most soldiers were either sleeping in the houses or in tents scattered around. William stuck to the rooftops, and entered from a window in Pendleton's house. The Lieutenant was sleeping, and William didn't hesitate. He approached the large, fit man and sunk his hidden blade into his throat. Pendleton never took another breath.

Missing memories (?)[]

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In late 1813, William contracted tuberculosis while living in Boston. He retired from the order, and lived in lower Boston for the remainder of his life. On August 21, William's maid found him motionless in his bed. He hadn't died from sickness, someone had murdered him with a gun. His murderer was never found.

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