"Serving the Crown in an honorable cause; serving the military is a patriotic cause; serving the Assassins is a believing cause. I have lived long enough to be agree that the last is the best alternative. "
―William du Môtiers' journal, 1772
William Louis François Josèphe du Môtiers was a French-Swiss LGBT Assassin and explorer that operated in Caribbean during The Purge of Assassins. He was the second-in-command of lady Concord's lieutenant Ruby Travers, and served as Travers' close friend and associate in many years until his sudden death sometime between June and July 1776.

In 2022 his genetic memories was used in Abstergo Entertainment's videogame: Cleansing (codenamed Assassin's Creed: Purge). His memories was used to the Animi Avatar The Surveyor.

William du Môtiers
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2 December 1730


June–July 1776 (aged 45)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

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Marcel Jeannin

Biography Edit

Early life – Young man Edit

Born in a noble family to Swiss Gilbert and French Suzanne Josèphe du Môtiers. He was the second son of these two, and the younger brother of Philippe du Môtiers. The brothers was a sibling-couple one was to look long for: They were both fascinated of geography, history and parkour. They were both interested in language and therefore learned English, Spanish and German on short time. The brothers had a relationship that was only divided when it came to the interest in girls. At the age of 21, William was out in the city almost every night; Philippe sat home with a good book, and his girlfriend taking care of him. Whilst Philippe stayed to his one girlfriend, William had many shorts relationships and one night stands. The watchmen that patrolled the streets at night, did often had to return William to his family – one time whilst William were naked.

In order to give William more discipline, Gilbert and Suzanne decided that William was to serve in the same regiment as his brother. They thought that this would firstly make William more of a real man, and secondly: help the brothers teaching each other how to live – the parents felt Philippe was a bit too steady. This worked the other way around, however. During his time in the regiment, William served as his own brother's soldier. Philippe was irritated over that his brother could not stay on the path of the Army. Years passed, and the once so good relationship between the two brothers was destroyed by William flee the regiment. He took job as a surveyor for men that could pay the best.

Seven Years' war Edit

In 1753, William traveled to Marseilles, where he took a ship to the Colonies in America. He settled down in Pennsylvania alone, breaking all ties with his noble family in Europe. In 1756, William accompanied George Washington to deliver a message to the French forces, demanding that they leave the Ohio County, sparking the French and Indian War. During the war, William continued to fight at Washington's side, as both men became involved in the Braddock Expedition.

With the ending of the Seven Years' war 1763, George Washington granted William a plantation in Caribbean. William thanked for the offer, and traveled to the Bahamas. Here, William became a rich man, and soon he became a target of the Assassins.

The Brotherhood Edit

Ruby Travers

The Assassin that was to murder William was Ruby Travers (here in her regular outfit)

When William one night was sleeping in his bedroom, he was awaken of some strange noises in the room. He silently took the pistol that lay under his pillow. When he heard the steps approaching his bed, he jumped out of it and pointed the pistol at his enemy. The woman in white robes stood there: perplex. William wanted to know who she was and what she was doing here. The woman answered that she had come to kill William on the background that he made profit on other humans. William laughed for a bit and lowered his gun. He told that if the Assassin went out and talked to the slaves, they would answer that they had a good life here – unlike the life on other plantations. The woman ejected her hidden blade and told that they should investigate it immediately. William lay his gun on the table, following the woman. Outside of the house, William and the woman made their way to the cabins in the backyard.

Unlocking the door, William told the Assassin to go into the room and talk to them. He followed her, and they talked to everyone. The most of them was terrified over the woman, but they told that William never did them anything wrong. They got paid, had free three days in the week, they even could travel to the mainland for maximum one month before they needed to return. They actually lived happy here, and William even helped them with the work a few times – when he had nothing else to do. The woman turned to William, asking him why he had chose to go into the slave-business if not was hard to them. William answered that if he did not bought them, some other cruel masters would. With him, they at least had free will. When the woman asked for the children, William answered that he had hired a scholar for them. When they turned 20, they was going to either serve as workers or use the knowledge to become someone.

The next day, the Assassin was still at the plantation. At the breakfast table outside, they presented themselves. The Assassin woman was named Ruby Travers. The woman had to be something like 10 years young than him, and they talked for a long time. Through the conversation, Ruby asked if William wanted to join forces with the Assassins. After Ruby had told about what the Assassins stood for, and what the Templars intented to do, William said that he would gladly aid the Assassins. And with the money he earned with the trading of suger and tobacco, he could support the Brotherhood financially, too.

William du Môtiers joined forces with the Assassins in 1766

The Attack on the Old Fort Edit

Working with Ruby, the two Assassins soon pointed out a target that was well-hidden Templar: Margarida Estanyol and her brother: El Cazador. They were both Templars – of which one of whom was a turncoat of the Assassin Order – and was accompanied by a man named Eric Johnson. Eric was a Templar that had control of Nassau, Ruby's hometown. Margarida was a Templar that controlled every ship that was under Templar influence, and then all of the trading in the West Indies. El Cazador was her puppet, and was sent all around in the West Indies to kill enemies of the Templar Order. Eric Johnson was her lieutenant, and had five other Templars serving them. These worked in the search of a Staff of Eden the Mayans had used in their time. With the Staff, the Templars would eliminate the remaining Assassins. Tracking down the helpers of Margarida and killing them, William and Ruby soon managed to locate Margarida's lieutenant Eric Johnson. He was a Master Templar that had got control of Nassau when the Assassins lost it to the Templar Order in 1770. Now it was time to reclaim the city in the name of the Assassin Order. Awaiting the new soon-to-be Mentor of the Caribbean Brotherhood lady Concord – on the orders of Songui – William became known with a Frenchman named Louis-Robert. The two developed a close relationship. William developed feelings for his new friend: he mentioned it to Ruby, and she told him that she did not blame him. "Even the Italian scientist da Vinci was attracted to men – shall we trust Mentor Auditore's memoirs." William thanked Ruby for the trust.

Meeting lady Concord and Condor Apito in a provisional camp in the swamps of Nassau, William was happy to meet them. They met in Ruby's tent. Inside the tent, Ruby presented William to Concord and Apito. After the usual presentations, it was time to lay plans. Whilst the mercenaries Ruby had hired would attack the gates of the fort, the Assassins – except William – would crawl up towards the northern tower. From here, Ruby and Condor was to locate and kill Margarida's brother, El Cazador. Meanwhile, lady Concord would get down to the barracks in the central part of the fort: There she would kill Eric Johnson. William interrupted by saying that after James Puckle had invenvted the Puckle gun, the fort in Nassau had four of these: two at the gates, one in the northern tower, and one in the southern part of the fort. This meant that in order that the soldiers was not to use these guns on the mercenaries, Ruby and Condor needed to destroy these. Meanwhile, Concord would take out the one on the southside. When this was done, Condor would hide while Ruby would go back to the tower and use the Puckle gun. When she gave the sginal – lifting her hand, signalizing she was ready – Condor would use a grenade to destroy the gates. In this way, the mercenaries would get inside – led by William. Condor would fight off snipers while Ruby would use the Puckle gun to shoot on El Cazador, Margarida's brother. When Condor was done with the snipers, he would help the forces on the ground, aiding William.

The following day, the Assassins made their way to the fort. They parted with William and began to sneak aside of the wall, killing each soldier that was patrolling with their hidden blades. Killing the snipers at the northern tower, Ruby loaded the Puckle gun and made herself ready to fire. Meanwhile, William and the hired mercenaries hide in some bushes, waiting for their time to strike. The minutes went on. They waited. Waited. Waited. Waited! How much longer? Then! Condor threw a grenade. The gates to the Old Fort of Nassau exploded. The alarm began to ring almost momentarily. The mercenaries ran from their hiding spots. Into the light!

William and his men ran into the courtyard. The first soldiers was murdered with no difficulties. Afterwards it became drastically more challenging. The mercenaries was busy fighting different men when William was shot by a British captain. He was accompanied by two grenadiers. The captain reloaded his pistol whilst the grenadiers lifted their axes and attacked William. The Assassin ejected his hidden blades, ready for the attack. The first one he stabbed in the chest, wounding him and threw him behind. The second one lifted his axe and swung it. William dodged. He rose quickly and stabbed the grenadier in his right shoulder; he gored into the soldier's head, break the man's nose; then William sliced the victim's throat with his right hand. The grenadier fell to the ground. The first attacker rose from the ground and tried to attack William. The Assassin used his hidden blades to stab the soldier in the stomach and slicing the chest of him, before stabbing the man in the neck. The captain had managed to reload the pistol and fired again at William. William dodged the bullet and ran up to him. He jumped and landed on the captain's chest. He had stabbed him in the shoulder with his left blade. Then he stabbed him in the throat by using the right blade.

William discovered the Templar neckless wrapped around the man's throat.

  • William: "I imagined the fight would be harder, Mr. Johnson."
  • British Officer: "Johnson? My name's Lynch! Harold Lynch!"
  • William: "Then were is Johnson?"
  • British Officer: "If you are talking about the Templar Eric Johnson, I can tell you he has been sent away on Templar-business."
  • William: "Tell me where he is, so your last deed will be a good one, Templar."
  • British Officer: "Hahaha! I have always done good deeds!"

The British officer succumbed to his wound.

  • William: "If that is so, then not telling me what I wanted to know was not a good deed. Repose en paix (Rest in peace.)"

William closed the eyes on the officer.

Returning to the battlefield, Ruby joined forces with Condor and William. The two men was covered all in blood. The British military was outnumbered and the commander of the fort ran to the flag pole to raise the white flag. His troops surrendered, and the mercenaries yelled in joy. With the battle over, the commander came down to the Assassins. William could not see any trace that he belonged to the Templar Order when he gave his goodbyes to lady Concord – whom had much blood on her arm with the hidden blade. The commander and his soldiers left the fort, leaving for the harbor. They all left with a brig, never to return. Ruby told the mercenaries to celebrate. Lady Concord summoned Condor, William and Ruby. All four went into the barracks. The body of a man lay outside, and Concord never wanted to mention someone to get rid of the body – Ruby did that.

Inside the building, lady Concord told the Assassins that she was responsible for the death of several Assassins and their allies during the Purge. She had chose to leave the Templars for the reason that they wanted peace through control, and the Assassins wanted freedom through guarding the humanity. Now, as a Templar-turncoat, Concord wanted to be accepted by the other Assassins, and wanted to know if they trusted her enough to have a part of the Assassin Order.

  • Condor: "Aye."
  • William: "Aye."
  • Ruby: "Aye."

At some point later, William traveled to Great Inagua to swear his allegiance to Concord as the new Assassin Mentor, so did the rest of the Caribbean Assassins.

Death Edit

In 1776, a little bird told the Templar Order that lady Concord was a part of the Assassin Order. The Grand Master Madeleine de Bullion. Ruby was afraid of that the Templars would destroy the little the Assassins had managed to rebuild. The Templars had almost full control of Caribbean already, but not entirely. Ruby and her associates knew it was only a matter of time before the Templars would make Concord pay for her crimes. Under a meeting between Ruby, Condor, lady Concord, Dinsmore, Songui and Eric Rackham – the last-mentioned had joined in 1773 – there was discussed what to do. It was a fact that Madeleine needed acolytes to bring the Assassins to their knees. The Assassins needed to stay a low profile if they wanted to keep what they had built. So, Dinsmore was to keep the Templars occupied in Havana; Songui was to make the different Taíno-tribes to stay their blade from the high-ranked Templars; Condor needed to recollect the Apple of Eden that was lost to Jeanne de Orpheus in 1774, and bring it to Ruby; Ruby was to escort people and objects out of the Caribbean – important allies or puppets needed to stay alive. Ruby was tasked to bring the Apple of Eden to Mentor Claudette de la Vérendrye of the Canadian Brotherhood – the Templars had still not get foothold up there.

Still operating from the bureau on the island of Mariguana Island Ruby Travers was soon informed of the death of her friend and bookkeeper: Josiah Cockram. He had been on his way to a meeting when some new-established Templars had beaten him to his death. William du Môtiers was unaware of the Templars, and immediately began a hunt after them. William had told this in person to Ruby – and this was the last time they saw each other. 

William had returned to Nassau, only to be approached by Eric Johnson. He had returned from the Colonies for a few weeks. He had a large number of British Templar-affiliated mercenaries waiting with him. William was already at the beach when he saw Johnson – dressed as a merchant – approaching him. William was about to stab the Templar in the stomach when Johnson enlightened William with the fact of the mercenaries that pointed their rifles at him. William – knowing an Assassins was to better use alive than dead – stayed his blade, waiting for the right moment to strike. Eric gave a signal for the mercenaries to escort them. And so they did. Walking through the city, Eric and William discussed the terms of the Assassins' surrender. Every offer Eric gave was rejected by William. Passing the Old Avery, Eric had already grew tired, knowing that they would get nowhere. They therefore entered the inn. The mercenaries guarded William whilst Eric went to get some drinks to the two. William had already a plan how to kill Eric and flee Nassau when the Templar came back with the drinks. They toasted before they both drank from the mugs. Eric said nothing more when they had drinken. Nothing more than: "Sleep well, Assassin."  

The body of William was dumped in the swamps of Nassau.  

Relationships Edit

Assassins Edit

Assassins that stood close to William

Templars Edit

William's Templar-targets

Co-workers Edit

The men who worked with Ruby Travers during the Caribbean Purge

Others Edit

Other relationships


Louis-Robert (lover)

Trivia Edit

  1. William was actually gay, but he first embraced this whilst he lived in Caribbean. His times with the women in Europe was never filled with complete joy. The guard that had brought William home to his parents that night when he was found naked, never told the parents that William had been caught in company with a man.
    • What happened further with William and Robert-Louis is unknown.
    • If Louis-Robert was the one William met in Europe, they were both too drunk to remember the other one.
    • The only documentation of Louis-Robert after the Templars regained power in Nassau 1776, was that it was opened a brothel for men in Nassau – which was quickly closed by the new Templar that was in charge. The owner was named Louis-Robert. What happened to him after that is unsure.
  2. William's assassination on Harold Lynch have a reference to Syndicate's conversation between Jacob Frye and Herbert.
    • Harold was however indeed a Templar, but only a mere soldier.
    • Harold's name is in itself a reference to Syndicate's Templars Harold Drake and Victor Lynch
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