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Winsel Chandak
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Winsel Chandak (1750-1790) was a Nepalese Assassin living in Nepal during the latter half of the 18th century. Winsel is also a descendent of Akash Advani.


Early Life[]

Winsel was orphaned from birth by his parents and raised in an orphange in a small village made up of sheep herders in the outskirts of Nepal. When Winsel turned thirteen he made a grand escape from the orphanage with a thirteen year old Chinese girl,Ino Yakara. They had befreinded each other in the orphanage when they had turned five, both being in the orphanage from birth. They ran away to central Nepal to live the life of street urchins. They lived on the street and woods for a month, begging, hunting, gathering. They did what they had to to find food and in the meantime they also gathered scraps, a plank of wood here and a sheet of tin roofing there. Eventually they had worked out an efficient lifestyle and had built themselves an effective home in the woods. It was high in the treetops, two hovels in seperate trees, an open platform with a covering in anothr tree and all of them connected by rope bridges. The only way to get to it was to climb, a skill which they had become quite good at. They lived there for three years, until they were sixteen. Living together and hunting together brought them closer and closer until they fell in love when they were eighteen.

Joining the Assassins[]

One day in the winter when the two were out hunting they found a man on the brink of unconsciousness, who had been torn to shreads by a pack of wolves. They took him to their treetop house where they nursed him back to health. They learned his name was Sacrif and that he was an Italian man from Firenze. In the next few days they were visited by a group of Chinease and Nepali people. The Chinease wore white masks shaped like animal faces with red markings on them and katanas on their backs. They all wore white robes with heavy fur lining. They came in silence to take back their 'teammate', Sacrif. While there they offered a position in their 'Brotherhood' to Winsel and Ino who both greatfully accepted. They explained that they were Assassins and then asked if they could move their HQ to the oversized treehouse, which Winsel and Ino also accepted. The small group left to get all their gear while the two street urchins rejoiced in their new birth into Assassins.

New Assassin HQ[]

The Assassins worked hard day and night, building up the treehouse and improving it until it was a small Assassin ctiy. They recruited new members and grew with ther new headquarters.

Later Life[]

In his later years Winsel quit the Assassins, married Ino and had two children. When Templar influence spread to Nepal they were kidnapped in a purge of Assassin influence along with their oldest child at the age of fifteen. They were bound and gagged before they were dragged to the center of the town were they were executed. Their youngest child, saved from death by Sacrif who deid for the child, was hidden in the treetops with the guild and raised into the life of an Assassin, to avenge his family and to carry on the bloodline.

Personality and Traits[]

Winsel was a serious man with a sense of humor. When he meant business though, he meant it. He was a loving father and husband as well as a good friend. He was known for his skill in marksmanship and fighting as well as his common remarks of wise insight.

Skills and Equipment[]

Winsel was skilled at freerunning from a young age, able to move through natural terrain just as fluidly as urban terrain. He wore a white hooded dress uniform with black lining and a thick fur trim, a grey sash fastened with an Assassin Insignia, and fur boots that rose to the knee.

Winsel was equipped and capable with two kukri, ice axes, a katara, a bow and a hidden blade. Winsel was skilled with these weapons and could also dual-wield various combinations of them.


  • Instead of being modled around an eagle like Altaïr or Ezio, Winsel is modeled around a wolf- much like Connor.
  • Sacrif's name is derived from the Latin word 'sacrificium', meaning sacrifice