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Xui-Chiyoko (徐-千代子) was a Japanese Assassin. Xui was a member of The Japanese Assassin Order. He has been a member since a very young age and from a young age was seen as a very promising assassin, His skills were seen by his mentor. The fight of the Japanese Assassin's was against the Templar's within the Samurai Order and the Japanese Government. His Armour was given to him by his uncle. This armor was previously worn Xui's father and originally owned by one of Xui's ancestor's. The Armour was passed down through generations.


From a very Young age, Xui became an orphan, at the age of 9. Xui was an only child and through birth, his mother Megu (めぐ) died. As he grew up his father raised him alone to the best of his ability. His Father Kaede was within the Japanese Assassin Order, but this was not known to Xui. Kaede was away for a lot of the time, fighting for the cause and being this Xui had to look after himself for most of the time. Xui lived in a medium-sized settlement. The streets were cluttered with market stools and people buying good's and so he learned free-running to be able to travel fast on rooftops.

How Xui Became An Orphan[]

During the prime of the Templar rule in Japan, Kaede (楓) was sent on a mission to follow and assassinate Jiajing, A Government leader in China. On the trail, he got captured. He was imprisoned and tortured until he would tell of his family, where his home is and of those within the Assassin Order. He withheld for a couple of days until another Assassin form the order broke and let out the names of the village's containing Assassins members, their homes, friends, and families. Many villages were destroyed and many families also innocents were killed with their village being burnt down. These killings were carried out by Templar samurai. Kaede was taken by escort to his village with many Templars present. He was executed in front of the villagers and in the viewing of Xui who was watching, unknowing of what to do, on a nearby rooftop. The rest of the villagers where all killed and the village was being set alight. This was the start of Xui having the feeling for revenge for his father and the hatred for Samurai. (He did not Know who the Templars were until he joined the Assassins.) Xui ran out of hiding towards his Fathers executers, before he was seen Xui's uncle Hajime grabbed him and pulled him inside a nearby house. After Xui's uncle told him about what his father does, Who the Assassins are and who the Templar's They both fled to the Assassins. As Xui was leaving he looked over and saw his village destroyed and all villagers killed, the only thing he felt was vengeance and hatred.