"I told my sons to make sure you did not intervened. I did not wanted more murders than was necessary. However, I now understand that I should've ordered them to kill you both. I guess that the war we fought would end quite different with your death half a year ago. Foolish of me."
―Yijun Tang on his deathbed
Yijun Tang
Yijun Tang
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112 BCE


60 BCE

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Assassin's Creed: Civilization

Yijun Tang was a Chinese Assassin who operated in the outskirts of Lianyugang as a Templar-hunter. His most notable kills is Jia and Ming Wong.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Yijun were born to a noble family who had goals that would align of the Templar Order, if not for Yijun had been saved by his uncle – who had somehow found out about the family's bad economy. Instead of helping his brother out of the situation, Yijun's uncle travelled to the outskirts of Lianyugang. Not long after was Yijun's parents killed by mercenaries sent by an other noble family.

An Assassin's work Edit

Living with his uncle, Yijun was trained in freerunning and fighting. At the age of 21, Yijun was inducted to the Assassin Order – overseen by his uncle, the Mentor, Qiang Zhan and Mu Pan. Later, Yijun was tasked to kill a Templar – which he did, and obtained the Templar's land. After doing so, his lifetime went to locate and kill Templars.

At some point he adopted two boys to let his legacy live on – also, he had orphaned them by killing their biological father. Living a cold and feelingless life with the boys, Yijun Tang trained them to become loyal servants of the Creed. The boys – Zhou and Tu Chao – took the training to them, being initiated to the Brotherhood at the age of 23. As Zhou were the older brother of Tu Chao, he was initiated first – the latter following turning 25.

Yijun were now stationed at the Royal Palace, where he served as a spymaster and the Emperor's personal guard. While living amongst the court of the Palace, Yijun's sons, Zhou and Tu Chao, investigated the Emperor's actions – watching his every move. With orders of their Mentor, the brothers also advised the Emperor when it came of questions of military actions.

The Wongs Edit

In the year of 60 BCE, Yijun and his sons were sent by the Emperor to investigate some strange events in the city of Lianyugang. Traveling to back their land, the Tangs did not take much time before they found the local Master Templar: Ming Wong. They arrived at the Wong-estate near a river, and decided to enter with the purpose of raping the children and Ming. Yijun tasked his sons to make the children stay out of his work, to which they obeyed. Walking into the home of the Master Templar, Yijun soon found Ming Wong – working on locating a Piece of Eden. Killing her by slicing her throat without noticing Yijun, the Master Templar fell to the ground; soon after, Yijun were surprised of being seen by Ming's husband: Jia. After using a throwing knife on the man, Yijun crushed Jia's head by smashing it to the wall. Yijun walked over to Ming's works and took them to himself: he would send them to the Mentor. He left the estate and the Wong-twins: Bai and Wei Yan.

A half year later, the Tangs were sailing down a river – accompanied by lovers, not their wives. Four soldiers protected them. The boat was long, and were steered by using a stick to navigate. The men and women laughed while they partied – but it stopped when two persons jumped from a tree and down on the boat. All of the people screamed, but the lovers fled by jumping into the river and swimming to the riverbank. The Tangs ordered their soldiers to kill the attackers – while they personally followed their lovers, jumping into the river after them.

Being followed by the attackers, Yijun pushed away branches and stepped over sticks. When they followed up on the Tangs, each of the attackers fought and killed Yijun's sons. However, not allowing him to escape, the female attacker threw a dagger Zhou Tang used to defend himself – throwing it into Yijun's back. Before he managed to crawl away, he was accompanied by Zhou, who told him that everything would be good. Yijun thanked Zhou for his kind words, but this one were soon killed by having a dagger thrown into his neck – killing him instantly.

Yijun tried to get up on his feet, but the aggressors were faster and pushed him over on the back, pressing the dagger deeper into his body. While one of them pulled out one of her newly obtained swords, the other one used his to threaten the Assassin. Standing over the man, the aggressors impaled the man.

Last words Edit

Yijun: "Curse you! Killing me for only a taste of revenge!"

Wei Yan: "No, not revenge – justice."

Yijun: "Don't make laugh! It's simpler than that: you wanted to end my life because of something I did."

Bai: "Why did you do it?"

Yijun: "What? Eliminating the Emperor's concubine? Sending ships the Emperor didn't know about, to destinations he was never going to know about? Obtaining artifacts for my master? … Or killing your parents?"

Bai and Wei Yan: "The murder of our parents, obviously!"

Yijun: "Oh, your mother was a high-ranking member of your fold, and your father their supplier. They were nothing more but fishers, but your mother began searching for something she were not supposed to meddle with. An artifact, a Source. She were not supposed to get it – no one should get their hands on that artifact, not even my brothers-and-sisters-in-combat. So I stopped her before she could locate the Source. Your father was a supporter of her cause, supplying her and her allies with fish and were a weapon-smuggler when he had time for it."

Wei Yan: "So, you and they were natural enemies – "

Bai: "Yet, the question stands: why did you rape us?"

Yijun: "I told my sons to make sure you did not intervened. I did not wanted more murders than was necessary. However, I now understand that I should've ordered them to kill you both. I guess that the war we fight, would end quite different with your death half-a-year ago. Foolish of me."

(Yijun succumbed to his wounds.)

Wei Yan: "You should've killed us a long time ago."

Bai: "But now, we will hunt down your brothers and sisters – with ours' at our side."

Kneeling by the corpse, Wei Yan picked up a necklace with a V-formed insignia.

Assassin's Order
Memory corridor - Yijun Tang

Memory corridor - Yijun Tang

Trivia Edit

  • Yijun from Chinese 怡 (yí) meaning "joy, harmony" combined with 君 (jūn) meaning "king, ruler".
  • Tang from Chinese 唐 (táng) referring to the Tang dynasty, which ruled China from 618 to 907.
  • Among the members of the Brotherhood, Yijun were known as The Toad
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