"If we fight to gain control, we are Templars; if we fight for free will, we are Assassins. What are we if we only seek justice?"
―Zachariah Oneco in an audiofile found in the Assassins' cloud servers.
Zachariah "One" Oneco
Zachariah Oneco
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17 September 1996

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge (modern day)
Assassin's Creed: Changes (modern day)

Born in Boston to Veronica and Robert Oneco, Zachariah "One" Oneco was a boy of his kind. Not only was One a paralytic person, he was skilled in swimming and a tactic in his own class. He is a descendant of lady Concord on the paternal line – an Assassin whom operated in the Caribbean during the Purge of Assassins. On the maternal line, he is a descendant of the French Assassin Marie Anne Étienne d’Le Louroux, whom operated during the French Revolution.

Oneco was a part of the Project Omega, that was arranged by Angelica Concord. He escaped the facility where this was going on, however, and Oneco joined the Assassin forces with his lover, Ethan Homecome, and their gang. He operated as a hacker for the group, and later framing Abstergo Medical as a terrible place. The Governments needed to shut it down!

Oneco disappeared after a Templar ambush that was lead by Master Templar Kendrick Godwine and a member of the Sigma Team in 2017.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

One was born in Boston at 17th September 1996. He had a twin sister, Elara. Their parents was Jewish, making One and his sister victims of bullying when the time came for school. They always stood side by side. So, when they both ended up in a car accident – whereas every one of the family, except him, died – One was sent to Abstergo Medical in Tulum. Here he was to be rehabilitated. It was a wonder that he had not died from the car accident.

The Medical Edit

Arriving at Abstergo Medical in 2010 as a 14-year-old, One was approached by a man named Ali Thespian and his assistant Mark Danes. Ali told One that he was happy to help him. One felt that Ali had some kind of haughtiness, and that Ali felt he was over One in every occasion. Mark told One that they would get him back on his feet in a hurry. One looked on Mark with a look that told him: "Seriously?" Ali told Mark to roll One to the cafeteria – Ali had a meeting with Dr. Verdict. Mark obeyed.

Mark Danes

Mark Danes

In the cafeteria, One was surprised to see that the room was so big. He had seen the building from outside, and asked Ali how it could be that the Medical could be so huge. The facility looked nothing alike from the outside. Mark laughed kindly before he told One that the Medical covered three decare. The facility ran down a hill, where it ended in a lagoon before it went into a mountain. "Furthermore," Mark said, "the lagoon is able to swim in. We have swimming lessons every Wednesday and weekends – with three weeks break." Mark rolled One down a ramp that lead to the floor. Now One saw the floor had glass that went down to other rooms: gym, library, massage, workshops and even more rooms. Mark and One went to the cafeteria's food selection. There was everything from British toast to chocolate-and-vanilla pudding. Mark took his time by presenting everything of the food for him. After choosing what he wanted, Mark took a plate and gave it to One, so that Mark could give the food for him. One let Mark do it only of mere civility: he could do it himself. After getting the food and drink – scrambled eggs, toast, hot dogs, and milk – One was rolled to a table. At the table, three others persons sat and ate their lunch. But they seemed to expect Mark. "Zachariah, this is Beatrice, Yusuf and Meryl. They will be your companions and – I hope – friends of you." Each one of the other youths took One's hand and shake it. Mark told that he would soon return, but he needed to do something, then he disappeared from the scene. One said: "Well, I am Zachariah Oneco – but people call me One. Some few call me Neon." Beatrice asked why they called him Neon. One answered that he had very colorful shoes, like neon.

During the whole lunch, the young people talked together. Beatrice had come to Medical because she had been in a car accident and lost all of her memories. Medical helped her to find herself again. Yusuf had come to Medical on the reason that he had been in a car accident and lost his sight. Now, Medical helped him in their training program for the blind. Meryl had been in a car accident too. She had been paralyzed from her waist to her toes. Now, Medical had got her up on her feet, but it happened she had some setbacks. When this happened, Ali or another doctor helped her to get back on her feet. At some point, a fifth person find his seat with the rest of the gang. "Hi, gang." Meryl said: "Hi, Ethan. This is Zachariah Oneco – call him One or Neon." Ethan seemed surprised on a good way, and rose from his seat. He walked up to One and took his hand: "Ethan Homecome." One presented himself. After the presentation, One asked why Ethan was there. Ethan answered he had been in a car accident, and had some physical problems that Medical was to fix. One followed Ethan with his looks when Ethan returned to his seat.

At the end of the lunch, noise of a horn was signalizing that it was time to return to the classrooms. One was rolled by Ali, who had returned with some books. He gave them to One, then Mark rolled One behind Ethan. Mark told One that the Medical was not only a rehabilitation place, but also a school. "Have you ever read Harry Potter, Zachariah?" One answered that he had. "Well," Mark continued, "that's good, because right now – while we will help you – you will also go on school here. You will live here entirely, but we send our students to a holiday camp when that time arrive." Mark told One what was going to happen right now: after the lunch, his classmates was to have religion. After that, they were going to have homemaking: make food. When they were done with this, One and his classmates was going to have math. Mark continued like this: telling the subjects for the day. One had lost focus, his eyes lay on Ethan – and his thoughts went to dark and forbidden areas.

The school day Edit

The shower Edit


The logo of Abstergo Medical as it displays on screens throughout the facility

The following day, One was waken by his roommates, Ethan and Yusuf. One had a normal bed, with his wheelchair beside him. Yusuf was in the shower, Ethan sat on One's bed when he was wakening him. He had just showered himself – this could be told by the wet hair. Ethan sat there in boxershorts and a t-shirt. One felt himself a bit uncomfortable, and when Ethan saw it he blushed a little. "I forgot you are new here. I am usually walking around like this in the morning here in our room." Ethan went over to a little pile of cloths and bowed down. One looked on Ethan. Ethan found himself some shorts and took them on him. When he turned around to One, he took him on glancing on him. Ethan said nothing but: "Do you need help getting out of the bed?" One pulled himself together and got out of it. "No," he said. He grabbed a dressing gown that carried the logo of the Medical. Ethan walked over to his own bed and took up his mobile. "No notifications." He lay the phone in his pocket. "I will show you the way to the baths." He walked behind One and rolled him out in the hallway and down to a wardrobe for male wheelchair-users. One was rolled inside the room by Ethan. There was no one else in the wardrobe. Ethan asked: "Do you need any more help?" One answered that he did not. Ethan looked on the mobile-clock: 08:00 AM. "The breakfast will start a quarter of an hour from now. I'll wait outside, escorting you around." Ethan walked out of the wardrobe. "I don't – " One did not even bothered to say it. He took of his dressing gown and boxershorts, rolled into the showers. He saw the soap on the wall and started the shower. The water was not cold. He did not needed to wait for it to be warm. One took the soap and smeared it on his body. The water was running down his body. A fantastic feeling. Warm drops falling down his body. The soap, smelling of daisy, glide down his body – cleaning it for all the dirt he had got from the passing day. After being in the shower for a time, One felt clean, turned off the shower and grabbed the towel he had taken with him into the shower. He dried up and rolled out in the wardrobe again. He pulled on his clothes with no problems and rolled out in the hallway. Ethan had waited for him all that time. "Why were you waiting?" Ethan answered: "I would like to escort you as I said. I would very much like to be a man of my word."

Arriving the cafeteria, the gang was sitting at a table. They were all wearing their own clothes. The more important in the student-society – trusted employees and students – was wearing a sort of uniform with white and blue clothes and the Abstergo Medical logo on their heart side. One and Ethan got some food, while the gang was talking about the swimming lesson later that day. When the two had got their food and drink, they sat down with the rest of the gang. The passing day, they had – strangely enough, felt One – introduced One as one of their own gang. When the school-clock was ringing to the next lesson half an hour later, One followed his friends to the history-class. Ethan offered to roll One to the classroom, and this time One accepted. It was difficult enough to roll with the books in an easy tempo if he was not to stay right behind the rest of the gang. The history lesson was to take place three floors over them, but Ethan rolled One to the elevator right by the stairs. One entered the elevator, and Ethan took the chance to go with him: "I don't like to take the stairs," he said. One pushed the button to the floor they were going to. The elevator was closing the doors, and began on its way up. When the doors opened anew, Ethan took the wheelchair and backed out of the elevator. Then he rolled to the classroom where the history was going to take place.

The History lesson Edit

ACR Laetitia England 2

Ms. Fauna

Inside the classroom, One saw the teacher was a woman dressed in a black suit, and carried a necklace of pearls. On the table in front of her, it was placed a plate with her name written on it: Ms. Isobel Fauna. When the class settled down, One was opening the bag. He took out his notepad and his pen-case. Ethan placed himself beside One. Isobel had been writing something on the whiteboard, and when she turned, One knew that he would not like Ms. Fauna. The woman had a smile around her mouth, but it said nothing good. It felt like the smile was telling the students that they were only mere individuals that she did not care for – and that they themselves did not mean anything to her (or the world, even). When Ms. Fauna saw Ethan sitting with One, she looked down on the seating plan. She said: "Mr. Homecome, your place is not there, but three rows back – with Ms. Baxter." Ethan replied: "Ms. Fauna, this is One, and I feel he will have some better lessons if he sits with someone he knows." Ms. Fauna saw on Ethan with empty eyes: like the eyes of a corpse. She placed down her felt pen, strict and straight, and walked up to Ethan's place. When she was standing in front of him, Ms. Fauna said: "Your place is three rows back, with Ms. Baxter." The silence that followed seemed like an eternity. "Your place is three rows back, with Ms. Baxter." Ethan opened his mouth, trying to protest. Ms. Fauna raised her hand and smashed it into the table. "Your place, Mr. Homecome, is where?" Ethan was silence, not looking into Ms. Fauna's eyes. "Look at me!" Ethan lifted his look. "Where. Is. Your. Place." Ethan rose from the seat. "At Ms. Baxter." Ms. Fauna smiled at Ethan: "Indeed. It is." Then Ms. Fauna seemed to suddenly become aware of One. "And who are you?" One trembled. The dark figure of a woman flow over to One, staring on him. "I – I –" The woman looked on him: demanding an answer: "I am Zachariah Oneco. I am new." Ms. Fauna seemed satisfied with the answer, walking back to her place by the whiteboard. "So, you are new here. Well then," Ms. Fauna saw over the seating plan, "we have to place you with someone who can tell you how to act here at the Medical. Kurt, place yourself with Zachariah." A boy dressed in white clothing – meaning he was an important student – sat down with One. Just the looks of Kurt gave One the chills.

Kurt Grant

Kurt Grant

Ms. Fauna now went into her role as teacher. She said: "Well, class, now as we have settled down and everything is in its place, let's start. Firstly," Ms. Fauna turned to the whiteboard and wrote finicky The Crusades, "in today's lesson we are going to talk about the Templar Order during the Crusades. We are also going to discuss how and why the Levantine Assassin Order brought them to their knees." One, who had never heard about the Assassins – only the Templars (from when he had history in elementary school) – wrote down whole three pages. The history was complex, and Ms. Fauna spoke in such a passionate way that one would think she had been a Crusader in her early life. The clock ent from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. During the lesson, One had filled out whole five pages with the Crusaders. He had discussed the possible fall of the Order in the late 10th century with Kurt. That boy was just as fascinated by the Templars as Ms. Fauna.

After the history lesson, One felt exhausted. He packed his stuff down in his bag. He knew that he would take some time, and he waited for the classroom to be emptied. The students in white clothes was out of the room first. The other ones waited that he was done, and then they let him go first. Ms. Fauna stopped him however. "Mr. Oneco," she said, "I want to talk to you. You other can leave. Now!" The last was yelled when many decided to stay, waiting for One. The gang One was a part of waited outside the classroom however. One sat by his table. After Ms. Fauna had written done some notes she looked up on One. "Come here, boy." After some efforts, he was by her table. Ms. Fauna's fingers was drumming of impatience. "Finally," she said when One arrived. "You are the new one here?" One answered: "Yes, Ms. Fauna. I told you so in the start of the lesson." Ms. Fauna was looking into One's eyes. It was uncomfortable. "I saw you took notes during the lesson. Is that right?" One swallowed, afraid for having done something wrong: "Yes, Ms. Fauna. I did." Ms. Fauna lay back in her chair, scrutinize One from top to bottom. "That's good, boy. If you are that enthusiastic and passionate throughout the year, you most certainly will become a high-ranked student. Then we will grant you much comfort – in every way that pleases you. I hope you will take these words of wisdom. Do not cross path with me unless it is for the greater good. Just see on how it ended up for poor Ethan at the start of the lesson. You can leave now. As I have understood by your journal, you like swimming?" One confirmed this: "Yes, Ms. Fauna, I was even the swimming captain for handicapped individuals on the local indoor swimming pool." Ms. Fauna seemed to be uninterested in the last fact, since she was seeing in some notes. One understood the conversation was over, and left the room.

Out in the hallway, the gang wondered why he needed to stay. "Ms. Fauna told me that she was happy to see me so enthusiastic during the lesson. If I continued on that rate, I would be given privileges like the those white-dressed students." Beatrice turned to One, saying loud: "Don't accept the offer if you are given it! It's not worth become one of the Medics." One looked questioning: "The Medics? You mean the white-dressed students?" Meryl confirmed it: "Yes. Those Medics are just tools for the Director and his staff. Everyone of these adults do not care for us. There is something that's going on here, and being one of the Medics would not be a good thing – quite the opposite."

The swimming lesson Edit

Brian Carini

Brian Carini

11:50 AM, the swimming lesson was to start. Just as Mark had told One yesterday, the swimming lesson was to be held in the lagoon. The teacher was an old man that carried the name Brian Carini, who was being watched over by a woman. The woman had not presented herself, but one of the Medics had told another Medic that it was Pamela Marin – an employer of the Abstergo Industries. Why she was here was a mystery. They were all placed in two teams, whereas One was placed with Kurt. One did not liked this, and asked Brian for a new partner – Ethan for example. Brian wrote something on a note before he said that 'everyone was to follow his orders, with no contradiction.' Yusuf tried to mention that One was new and that Brian did not need to be so rued. Brian told Yusuf to shut up, explaining that even if One was the new student, he did not deserved special treatment. One and Kurt was to swim in team across the lagoon. Since One could not use his feet to swim, he used his arms to cross, but he could not swim that fast – and not as fast as Kurt.
Pamela Marin

Pamela Marin

Usually One loved the water. He loved the way it enclosed him when he went out in it. He enjoyed swimming up and down, and holding the breath for minutes. His record in holding his breath under water was whole 4 minutes. But this day, One could not wait until he could get out of the water. He felt Mr. Carini watching over him like a crow. And Kurt was not the best partner either. Kurt did not think on One's handicap, he yelled at One to get him swim faster. One just wanted to sink to the bottom of the lake. Escape from all the eyes. Brian, Pamela, Kurt. Everyone's eyes were on him. The minutes passed, and the clock was ringing anew. It was time to go the showers before the next lesson: math. "Well, fellows, it is time to leave." One had never been more glad to get out of the water and into the shower. He was the only one inside the wardrobe for boys in wheelchairs. Students had offered their help, but One refused. He did not need other to take care of himself.

While he was in the shower, One thought about Pamela. She had been sitting in her wheelchair: observing every one of the students. What was her part? Who was she? The Medics had told him that she cam from the Abstergo Industries. He did not care during the session, but now he wondered why she was there. If Beatrice and Meryl were right, there was a deeper meaning of Pamela's visit. The girls had said: It's not worth become one of the Medics. Those Medics are just tools for the Director and his staff. Every one of these adults do not care for us. There is something that's going on here, and being one of the Medics would not be a good thing – quite the opposite. So, what was Pamela doing here? He would get the answer later that day.

The Cafeteria Edit

Betty Clark

Betty Clark

The math-lesson was lead by a woman named Betty Clark, and it went quite quick. 80 minutes? One could not belive it had went that quick. His feelings for Ms. Clark, he could not tell. She had for the most time spoke about math he knew all about and told them to solve some tasks. After the lesson, Betty told everyone to meet her in the basements to relive their memories after the break. During the break – which was to last 40 minutes – One and his friends went down to the cafeteria to get some snacks. One rolled for himself, picking out two sandwiches and a bottle of water. Whilst around the table of his gang, One pointed out that Ethan was not there. "Oh, Ethan have been taken to the Director," a Medic said. One turned around. Kurt Grant. "What did you say?" Kurt – standing with two girls behind him, both Medics – repeated: "Your little Ethan-boy have been taken up to the Director." "Why?" One asked, partly panicky. "Why do you care, Oneco? Are you a queer or something?" One was stunned by the question. "Yes, do you have any problems with that." "Oh no, I'm just going to tell Mr. Carini that I don't want to be put with you again in the swimming lessons. Also, why do you care for a boy you just met? Have you kissed already?" One took one hand at the juice. "No. Not yet." The girls behind Kurt was giggling while Kurt was sneering. "Tell me, Kurt, do you like that hoodie?" Kurt was still smiling when he answered that he definitely did. One lifted the hand that held the drink, and he pointed it on Kurt. He squeezed. The orange juice was making Kurt's hoodie orange, and the girls screamed. When the juice was empty, the white hoodie Kurt had got as a Medic, was ruined by the refreshing drink. Kurt, paralyzed by what just happened, stood there for some time. His eyes could have shot lightnings. One understood he had done something horrible. Kurt threw the food to the ground and went on One. The girls was just as angry as Kurt and defended their friend when One's gang tried to help him.

Kurt grabbed One by the shoulders and lifted him up from the wheelchair. One could not do anything, and Kurt threw him on the white floor. One took his hand to the head. Kurt was kicking One several times before he sat down on the latter's stomach and began to punch him in the face. The gang tried to reach One, but the girls handled Meryl and Beatrice. Two other Medics – who most likely was friends of Kurt and the girls – was holding Yusuf back. A hit. Another hit. Then it stopped. One was surprised to see his own hand holding back the hand of Kurt. Kurt was just as surprised, but not for long. One took three hits more before One delivered another hit on the attacker. "You broke my nose you little –" "Okay, that's enough boys." Two men in white and blue uniforms was pulling Kurt away from One. Mark, Ali and Betty had arrived. "What is going on here?" Ali yelled. One explained: "Kurt harassed me for my sexual orientation!" "You started it, you little brat! You spilt juice on my hoodie." Ali held up a hand, as to force Kurt to be silence: "Which you could get changed fast. Mark, bring Kurt to the cells." "As you wish, Mr. Thespian." Kurt was bristling. "I don't want to go! Don't bring me back to the cells!" Ali told Betty to get One down to the basements for 'further examination' as he called it. Betty approached One silently, wishing no harm to him. She got him back in the wheelchair and lead him out of the cafeteria. Ali followed, but not before having told those who were going to have a lesson with Betty, was going to meet Brian Carini instead.

The Machine Edit


One was waken by a slap to the cheek. A reflex made him to hit for where the one person was. Ali dodged the hit and looked at him. "I –" One began. "You are sorry, I know. Anyone would be if they got caught like that: fighting a highly accepted student of Abstergo Medical." "A Medic." Ali was looking intense on him: "So that is the nickname you have given them? That does not matter now." First now One noticed the room he was in. It was naked: nothing but shiny metal plates. They covered the whole room, and ended up with a "bed" in the centre of it. Betty was standing by the bed, with a tablet in her hands – which carried the Abstergo Medical logo at the back. "All systems are up and ready, dr. Thespian." "Very good, Miss Clark. Mr. Oneco, would you please come here and enter the Animus." "Enter the what-now?" Ali's face did not opened for further discussion and repeated for One that he wanted him to enter the Animus. One rolled gently over to it. "What is an Animus, dr. Thespian?" Ali explained that an Animus was a virtual reality machine rediscovered, developed, and sold by Abstergo Industries. It allowed the user to read a subject's genetic memory, and project it onto an external screen in three dimensions. One's following question was: "What is genetic memories?" Betty answered that genetic memories were the collection of memories of one's ancestors that are passed down into subsequent generations through DNA. It enables instinctive skills in animals, and acts as an archive of history in humans. One stared at the two persons: "I do not follow you." Ali looked on his wristwatch before saying: "I have a tight schedule, Miss Clark, and I would not spend too much time on explaining things you can express far more better than I; explain everything that Mr. Oneco needs to know about the Animus. Goodbye." "Farewell, Mr. Thespian." Betty told furthermore that she was impressed over the moves One had executed in the cafeteria. "It seemed just natural of some sort," he explained. "Yes, it did, didn't it?" "Does that mean anything to you?" Betty was peered on One: "There is a reason for everything: what's your story? Why does those defense-moves seem natural to you? Enter the Animus, and we can start out seek for finding an answer to that question." One pulled himself out of the chair. "I don't need any help," One said when he was getting out of the wheelchair. "I didn't have plans to give you help either," Betty replied. One was placing himself in the bed. Betty was placing a catheter in One's arm. "Ouch." "I didn't want to warn you, because then it hurts more." Betty was doing some calibrations from her tablet, and a glass panel was soon rolling over One's head, on which the genetic memories being accessed were projected.

One felt like drifting all around, being pulled from place to place. His body was rebuilding itself. He got feelings in his legs. He entered a white emptiness. It was nothing but the light coming from everywhere. One suddenly felt his body changing. His male parts was changing into female. His hair and skin was changing color to darker: his short red hair to long and curly black; his light skin tone to chocolate-brown – with a hint of vanilla. His clothes was even changing. From normal modern day clothing to a long, green dress. He even got a huge, green hat. When the white light was changing, One was standing in a study by night.

The ancestor Edit

Templar Concord

Lady Concord

Lady Eleonora Victoria Concord stood in the study, watching over the nighty Nouvelle Orléans. Her adoptive mother, July Concord, had been out for business since this afternoon. Lady Concord was not worried or something, but she was bored to death. She had been the ward of July since 1764, and had been introduced to the Order of Knights Templars in 1767. She served as a diplomat, and for the time being, she waited for a visit from Felicia Moreno's daughter: Silvia. Silvia was a Spanish Templar, and had just arrived in the West Indies only to find it run completely by the Assassins and their allies. She wanted to do something with that. She had asked for meeting Templar leader Madeleine de L'Isle, but she had given the task to the Concords – see if Silvia only was after glory, or actually wanted to destroy the Assassins' presence.

Siliva Moreno

Silvia Moreno

A cart stopped outside the house of the Concords, and a middle-aged woman walked out of it. She was dressed in a red and black dress, wearing a Templar cross along the edge of it – and on the petticoat, too. In one hand she held a cane. The coachman opened the garden gate for his employer before taking the cart to the stable. When Silvia knocked on the door, she did it with the cane. Concord opened the door herself, she did not wanted the servants to get their hands on the Templars' business – this was also the reason she had ordered them to make ready some food and coffee a time before. Silvia was surprised to see the young Concord. "I am sorry, señorita. I was looking for lady Concord. Are you her daughter?" Victoria asked which Concord she was looking for, and Silvia answered she was looking for lady Eleonora Victoria Concord. When Concord told that she was the one Silvia was looking for, the latter was surprised even more. "You are here to discuss the Templars' position in Caribbean, aren't you?" Silvia answered that she was. Concord let her in and then began to walk to the study. "Madame de L'Isle tasked me to come to an agreement between the Louisiana Rite of the Templar Order and the Spanish one." Silvia commented of Concord's young age, and she replied that she had been introduced to the Templar cause as a 15-year-old, and would be a Master Templar in no time. Silvia had her doubts, but she did not tell them out loud.

Inside the study, Concord asked Silvia if she wanted some coffee, and the woman thanked. The two women then sat down at the dinner table. The servants had made smoked loin of pork and vegetables – which the latter was hold warm in a bowl over a tea lamp. The women talked loosely about the food and their family and each others past. Concord did this to get to know Silvia better, and in this way manipulate her if necessary. From Silvia's past, Concord learned that Felicia had been taken away from her by Assassins; after recently removing her mother's murderer, she felt pure – and now she wanted to end the Caribbean Brotherhood.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

The Oneco-family

Members on the Medical Edit

The staff-members on the Medical were all Templars.

Assassins Edit

The Caribbean Assassins.

Neon-gang Edit

Zachariah and his friends was named the Neon-gang by the Assassins – since they were always operating together on missions for the Order. The gang had taken the name after One told them he was sometime nicknamed Neon.

Trivia Edit

  1. Zachariah Oneco carries the nickname One
  2. One loved chocolate-and-vanilla pudding
  3. One had come out of the closet before his family died in the car accident, so he had already embraced his sexual orientation as gay.
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