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Zel de Grangier
Biographical information

October 1, 1697
Saint-Domingue, Haiti


September 22, 1762
Alexandria, Egypt

Political information

Caribbean Assassins

Zel de Grangier (1697-1762) was a Haitian assassin in the times of piracy. He lived in the same period as Edward Kenway and Adéwalé but never came in contact with either of them. He was mentored by an old assassin, Matalino Isa, in the Carribean. In his adult life, in 1725, he journeyed to Egypt and France. He and his master went with the intention of visiting, but it turned into more of an extended stay. Zel was greeted into the branch of Egyptian Assassins, until they sailed to France. There, Zel fought alongside French Assassins, against the Templar menace, was present for the signing of the Treaty of Seville, and killed King Phillip V; in an attempt to free France from Spain. Isa left for Nassau leaving Zel, who stayed in France until later in the 17th century, not leaving until 1746. Zel arrived back in Nassau, and soon after Matalino Isa became very ill. The young man lived with Isa in Nassau for three years, while there, meeting a young woman two years his junior. They had become married and with child by the time the old woman eventually succumbed to her old age and passed away, leaving everything to Zel. In 1749 he discovered a small journal; a recording of Isa's last wishes, for him to return to Egypt. In it was a letter directly to Zel, telling him to leave Nassau; that it wasn't the place for a just and fair man like Zel to live. Zel packed up he and his wife's belongings, leaving the house barren, and sailed to Egypt the very next morning, at dawn. Zel sold the house, using the money to start their new lives in Egypt; where he was again welcomed into the Egyptian assassins, and eventually, even became the Mentor. Zel de Grangier was a good Mentor. He protected the assassins and helped to diminish much of the Templar influence in Alexandria and Cairo. In the year 1762 on September 22nd Zel de Grangier gave his own life up, defending the Cairo den. Using everything, he had he fought beside two of his best assassins; but once the first assassin fell the other did also. Zel was fatally wounded and retreated to the Alexandria den. He held onto life long enough to see the den be taken back by his top assassins. In 1762, at the age of 65, Zel de Grangier passed, leaving his 23 year old son and his wife with the assassins to carry on his legacy.


Early Life[]

Zel was born in Saint-Domingue to a free Haitian mother and father in 1697. His mother died in childbirth and the doctors said it was a miracle that he lived. He was brought to Havana when he was ten years old, where he and his father settled down. His father became a merchant that sold the pelts and meat of animals he hunted and supplied the assassins with his surplus. Before being captured into slavery, Zel's father taught Zel to hunt. Zel went to a Colonial Assassin in New Orleans known as Allegre LaCriox whom he consulted for training. LaCroix refused to train him for unknown reasons and took him to an assassin that resided in Nassau. The Carribean woman, called Matalino Isa taught him how to use rope darts. She supplied him with a hidden blade with a strange adaption that allowed the blade to not only come out at the wrist but also the back of the gauntlet, allowing him to elbow someone and stab them at the same time. She also taught him how to fight in unarmed combat and also with knives.

Time in Nassau[]

Zel spent four years in training with Matalino Isa, being part of the Caribbean Assassins. She taught him how to use rope darts, adopted from the Chinese. Isa taught Zel how to fight in unarmed combat and how to fight with a short blade. Towards the end of those four years, a small tyrant of sorts rose up, calling himself the King of Nassau. He was by no means a king, just a thug with some gold, but nonetheless a Templar. Isa gifted Zel with his dual hidden blades, both having an attachment called, the backblade. using these same tools that Matalino Isa had given him, Zel stalked the tyrant within his own fort. Zel had the Templar right where he wanted him, with only two guards anywhere near. Eliminating the two guards, Zel used his rope darts to hang the King of Nassau from a flagpole near a popular bar. On August 2nd 1725 Isa revealed that she wished to journey to Egypt and then on to France, to see the world and the assassin branches. She requested that Zel accompany her, in her old age. The two boarded a ship set for Egypt the next morning. On the long trip, Zel learned a bit about sailing, not enough to captain a ship, but maybe to be its quartermaster. After the five month voyage, Zel and Isa stepped off the ship at the Alexandria port.

The Egyptian Assassins[]

As the ship pulled into port Zel spotted two men, back to back, encircled by guards. One used a spear to impale guards, while the other used two khopesh to slash through the guards. Zel dashed off the ship, leaving Isa, to aid the assassins. Zel killed four of the guards, while the other two assassins killed the others. The assassins took Zel and Isa to their headquarters. Zel and Isa became guests at the Alexandria den, until 1727, when the den was attacked by guards, led by a Templar by the name of Paki Zahuk. The assassins who stayed to fight were pushed to the top of the tower, where they were forced to jump into a lake below. The assassins were forced into hiding, some living with the gypsies and others in safehouses. Two years later, after preparing and training Zel accompanied a Master Assassin,and together they fought up the tower, finding Paki, waiting for them at the top. A battle ensued, in which the Master Assassin, named Akil Rashaad was injured and Zel was forced to fight, on his own. By a stroke of sheer luck, Paki slipped off the edge of the tower, only to be caught and held above the edge by Zel. Paki revealed that the Templars planned to murder Ebubekir Pasha, the Ottoman governor of Egypt. Knowing this, Zel dropped Paki, who plummeted to his death.

  • Paki: "Hahaha. You stupid assassins think you can stop us. Our numbers our great."
  • Zel: "As are ours. Now, tell us what you know! Now!"
  • Paki: "You cannot stop it. The plan to kill Abu Bakr(Ebubekir Pasha) is already in motion. You better hurry!"
  • Zel: "Rest in peace tanpliye kras(Templar scum)!

-Zel drops Paki

Akil and Zel immediately set off, running across the rooftops of Alexandria, to reach the city gates...they were headed to Cairo. They rode on horseback to the city within two days, with glad news that the governor was still alive. They rode through the city to the palace, insisting to see Abu Bakr, but they were denied entrance. So, the two assassins had not choice but to sneak into the palace. Under the cover of night, the two climbed the wall, surrounding the palace and snuck into the governor's bed chambers. They alerted him that an 'unknown threat' was going to attempt an assassination on him within the next few days. Abu Bakr, being a wise man, asked the assassins to look after him and his palace for the next week or so, to defend it if necessary. Two days after, three cars full of mercenaries were brought in through the gate and wheeled up to the castle gates. the shot down the men on the wall with portable arbalests and busted through the gate with a battering ram. Chaos ensued; and the two assassins stayed in the throne room, guarding against any threat that should find its way inside. With battle raging outside the windows, a British man in a white powdered wig and a red colonel's coat, burst through the doors, shooting the two guards by the door with flintlock pistols as he walked in. He was George Caville, a british man and Templar, there to carry out the assassination. He pulled out a rapier and clashed swords with Akil, while Zel killed Caville's men that rushed through the doors. Once all Caville's men were all dead, Zel ran up behind Caville and struck the finishing blow, catching him off guard, while fighting Akil. Once the man was finally dead. The two assassins left the palace, after being promised that the bureau in Cairo would be getting a large place to stay. The two rode back to Alexandria, where Zel and Isa stayed until 1728, when they left Egypt and headed to France.

  • Caville: "How could you have defeated me? They assured me I was prepared."
  • Zel: "May you find peace."
  • Caville: "How could you do this to me? I was supposed to be strong enough!"
  • Zel: "Rès nan lapè, Templar."

The Treaty of Seville[]

Their ship docked in France, in 1729, where they were met by a charming, assassin contact named Ignacio de la Fleur. Zel told Ignacio, he would help their cause however he could while he was there. Ignacio immediately asked him if he could accompany him on an important errand.

  • Ignacio: "Bonjour, les amis!(Hello, my friends!)"
  • Zel: "Bonjour."
  • Ignacio: "My name is Ignacio! Ignacio de la Fleur! Bèl al kontre ou!(Nice to meet you!)"
  • Zel: "I am Zel. And this is My teacher, Matalino Isa. If..there is anything I can do to help the cause around here just say the word."
  • Ignacio: "Well mon ami(my friend), there is something that you can do...right now. Accompany me to the construction de parliament(building of parliament). They are signing a treaty to hand over France to Espagne(Spain)! We must learn what this new change will hold for our country."

They left the more-than-capable Isa to find the assassins bureau, and Ignacio led Zel to the local building of parliment, where the Treaty of Seville was signed. The two assassins eavesdropped on the conversation from the outside balcony, learning that King Pillip V of Spain, would soon be seizing control of both Spain and France. The two were spotted by a roof guard, who alerted the rest of the guards. Ignacio quickly shot him with one of his flintlock pistols, before the two quickly ran to the city docks, losing the guards. They made their way back to the bureau, where they shared the information. Within the span of two years Spain had taken complete control of the French monarchy and the assassins were on the run from the watchful eye of the Spanish guard, that patrolled almost every street and alleyway. In 1732, a man named Henry Thatcher entered the picture. He was a Welsh smuggler and Templar, importing illegal and dangerous goods from the British Isles. With a supply of weapons nearly always beside him, there was seemingly no way to end his shipment supplying, when Zel tailed the man to his home, learning he had a wife. In the night, the assassins kidnapped Thatcher's wife, leaving a note saying: 'Come to the docks, alone. Or else...' The next day Thatcher appeared on the bustling docks where he was quickly swept up in the crowd, before being pulled into an abandoned fishery. His wife was tied up and he soon followed suit. Thatcher begged for them to let his wife go, and they did; for the plan was never for Henry's wife. The assassins released her, before Ignacio cut his throat, with his sabre.

  • Henry Thatcher: "Oh god! Please! Let my wife go you son of a-" *Ignacio slaps Henry*
  • Ignacio: "This plan was never for her in the first place. It was always for you Thatcher."
  • Ignacio *to assassins*: "Cut her loose! And get her out of here. She wont want to see this."
  • Henry Thatcher: "You bastard! how could you!'
  • Mary Thatcher *as assassins drag her out*: "Henry! Oh God, don't hurt him!"
  • Henry Thatcher: "It'll be okay Mary just go! Leave Mary! Now! Go get the gau-"

-Ignacio slits Henry's throat

  • Ignacio: "Repose en paix, bâtard. (Rest in peace, bastard)"

The assassins quickly dispersed from the abandoned fishery and met back at the bureau, leaving the body to be found by guards. Back at the bureau, Zel and Ignacio talked about the differences and similarities between their assassin branches. Zel showed Ignacio his backblade adaption, created by Isa's mentor. It was an sdaption to the gauntlet itself, that allowed the blade extend at the wrist and from the back of the gauntlet; just under the elbow. Zel gave a backblade to Ignacio, trading it for a French hidden blade, bearing the resemblance of the Fleur de Lys. One Templar was gone, but the threat was not: and in the year 1738 Zel and Ignacio were walking around town, getting something to eat, when a woman rushed past them, with two assassins running after her. Zel and Ignacio began tailing the woman also. When they caught her, they realized she was actually the one behind the whole operations in France, that had helped Spain to take over France, at the signing of the Treaty of Seville.

Equipment and Skills[]

Zel had some experience with sailing, picked up from voyaging from the Caribbean to Egypt .

Zel was a natural freerunner as well as an efficient hunter. He was able to move fluidly through natural and urban environments easily. He was skilled in hand to hand combat as well as combat with a blowpipe, a whip, rope darts, two hidden blades; one of them having an attachment allowing the blade to come out the back, and his short blade.